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   hyperion presents yet another production.    released at the r.a.f. royal conference 1991!    now grab a pen and write down our addresses:  ultron: middenweg 35, 1703 rb heerhugowaard (only coding!) -  apache(nomad): f.bolplantsoen 18, 1701 nj heerhugowaard (swapping,coding) (all addresses in holland!) or call our bbs at 31-(0)1719-48334   here are some greetz from ultron and apache:  alphatron(ofcourse), drifters, iris, defeat, defcon 1(where are my disks?), lsd, plump refusal, predators, acme, decay, pussy, jetset, extreme , dynax ... now we hand over the keyboard to alphatron for the music-creditz.... all sound samples where sampled from a u-220 roland rs-pcm sound module. digital vocal screaming by alphatron (what a voice eh?). music was processed using the protracker v1.1b (jan'91) best program there is! 4 questions about music coding call me on alpatron, i'd like to greet ultron and apache(nomad) 4 their great speed coding and pixeling (this demo was processed in 2 days time) especcially 4 this party...... koos (watch out 4 this guy, he's as strong as a horse!) and of course his compagnon co, toghether they run capitals board. some force goes right 2 babyface. also a cool greeting 2 tdb (is ure pootje oranje ready?). not last and not least .... the nerd of unlimmited access, he got his ass kicked out of tarkus team.... sysopkiller (he's practicly my neighbour , on the phone that is).... now a quicky.... ashton, sectorcharger, bambam, spread, jaf, endless piracy, tarkusteam, scoopex.... schijt - row  (hehehe ya can't prob understand this, no hard feelings) and 2 all others i forgot sorry.... gotta go.... a 2400 just raided my board... no shit? ...... ok! here's a memberlist of nowadays members: alphatron, ultron, apache(ex nomad!), wolc, double b, dragonsoft, henk , stranger, digital spirit and last but as great as the rest(?): menno ....  you must be crazy if you've survived upto here, but thanx anyway. just wait for our megademo, which will be awesome! bye. .. ....