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h y p e r i o n  presents: giganimationR
that&s right, hyperion is a brand newR
group. the group has been formed out ofR
T* extremeR
T* new orderR
T* tfa           R

hyperion could use some more members +R
contacts, so write to:R
Tbrahmsstr. 19 R
T1817 hd alkmaarR
T(send your own productions)

Tdate: september+october 1990R

      main coding: wolcR
additional coding: nomadR
             text: nomad + wolcR
    moral support: mazzelboyR
            musix: universe         R

ok, enough talk, let&s get intoR
the real action:R
Tthis is a journeyR
Tinto the 4th dimension.

well, that worked out nicely,R
Tbut is that all ???R
nooooo ofcourse not !!!!!R
there are still 1 million bits forR
more of that fabulouso codinx !!!

do you know a guy named mandelbrot ???R
T no: you silly lamerR
T     go buy an atari !!!R
Tyes: maybe you&ll like myR
T     mandelbrotanimation-R
T     creation:...........

that&s a nice fractal !!!!R
xn+1 = xn^2 - yn^2 + a       a = xnR
yn+1 = 2*xn*yn + b           b = ynR
calculate until xn*xn+yn*yn is gr/eq 16R
you can calc further. 16 is fine though

we hope you understood that,it&s ratherR
hard to explain it all in threeR
lines !R
there are more effects on their way toR
your screen, but first:.........

aaaaaaah that&s a relieve, we have aR
terrible hang over (sounds familiar ??)R
well take it from us: don&t drink andR
code (and no housemusic all night long)

Twhat ??R
 you wanna see the fractal again?R
T allright 
T ?? again ?? R
(you can&t get enough can you ?!)

ok, that&s enough !!!R
the animation contained 15 pictures.R
calculationtime:  23 hours (!!!)R

just to show that 3d is easy, here areR
some more 3d-inspirations:.......

yeah, well that&s 3d (we love 3d)R
by the way,we also like the 3d-stuff ofR
promax / kefrens (megademo-8)

we have to stop now,the source isR
already about 3100 lines long (70kb)R
but we&re gonna leave you with wolc&sR
little analyser.    cul8tr...............