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 S2hi, this is still one of our first productions ! there is not much trouble yet, but we are still improving our ability in coding this machine with S2all its difficulties. S4          but whats this  ? W2 @ S2it is not much, but we have done our best ! you know the little number of hardware sprites avaible !!! but with some tricks we pushed S2it up ! >we tried harder and harder and we reached .....>      S4        100       W3  S2 and we now think that we are able to say that this >piece of coding is quite well done, isnt it ? so if you agree with >us you may contact us under :     plk 132802 c    W3 > d-2350 neumuenster W3  only master coders -> archimedes contacts - winners and empty disk suppliers (>scandinavian discs prefered) some special regards to all other members> of hurricane. credits to this demo must go to coding : mat, graphics> : mentula, music : mad max of tex (thanks) S2>personal greetings to unknown of d.o.c : not bad this time, eh ?   tip of the prophets : 142 bobs without a tune, normal screen> and scroll ? is this a base for a new demo ?   tracer of d.o.c : thanks for the coordinates !    h.q.c. : dees loab i miaar !  > traitors : nice jokes, blitter splitter !!!    vision factory : hi arnd, where is space pilot ?   jack colton of piranhas : lets party, hansi >! (still waiting for the intro ? dont worry-coming soon !)   we now want to give an excuse for the lame or non-sendings in the near past : we searched for> a swapper found one and got lame ! its not our fault and we promise to be back with another powerful production ! >  greetings to (not updated) : S3agents - alpha flight - amigalords - >attrium - bamiga sector 1 - beastie boys -> darkside - deathstar - d.o.c - >destiny - dexion - digilogic -> dualis - freedom force - genesis - hi tech/ydex - hqc - >ipec elite - it - level 1 - lost boys - mindwarp - >no name team - phalanx - piranhas - prophets - sanxion - savory - sex inc. - triad - >the supply team - vision factory - world of wonders - >x-men.S1   go to your shop and buy >some warm clothes for the next hurricane !     >