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          TO BE OR NOT TO BE... WE ARE!!!!                                      
                      H I G H L I G H T                                         
                       TO BE OR NOT TO BE                                       
                             WE ARE!                                            
                       HIGHLIGHT IS BACK!                                       
                       WITH A COOL INTRO!                                       
                      WE HAVE JUST BEEN                                         
                       STARTED SO WATCHOUT                                      
                      FOR ALOT OF COOL                                          
                        CRACKS AND INTROS                                       
                       IF YOU WANNA JOIN                                        
                      THE CREW THEN JUST                                        
                      CONTACT YELLOW WATER                                      
                        MIDNIGHT CALLER!                                        
                      THE ONE AND ONLY HL                                       
                         MEMBERS ARE                                            
                         YELLOW WATER                                           
                       MIDNIGHT CALLER!                                         
                         MINOR THREAT                                           
                          THE RELIC!                                            
                        WOW WOW WOW!...                                         
                         WHAT A NOICE!                                          
                      FUCKING HARDCORE!                                         
                      THAT IS WHAT WE ARE!                                      
                       WHAT? WHAT DO SAY?                                       
                          WE ARE NOT?                                           
                           WELL OK!                                             
                      THEN TRY TO                                               
                            DO IT BETTER!                                       
                       JESUS, I NEED SOME                                       
                      I DONT KNOW ANYTHING                                      
                       TO SAY BAHHHHHHH!                                        
                        I REALY HATE THIS                                       
                      OHYEAH!.. IF YA WANT                                      
                      TO CONTACT US..                                           
                      THEN YOU CAN FIND US                                      
                      ON #AMIELITE                                              
                      I THINK ITS TIME FOR                                      
                      SOME GREETZ                                               
                          GREETZ TO:                                            
                      DC - HOODLUM - SCUM                                       
                         WANTED TEAM                                            
                       FACTION - X-TREK                                         
                      GREETZ FROM Y-WATER                                       
                         GHOST RIDER                                            
                       LA SHAWN - DISQUE                                        
                        NIGHT PROWLER                                           
                      THE MIXER - SAL ONE                                       
                      AND ALL OTHER DUDES                                       
                      OK THAT WAS ALL FOR                                       
                      NOW!.. TEXT WILL                                          
                      THANX FOR WATCHING!                                       
                            DA CREDS!                                           
                       CODING: THE RELIC                                        
                       FONT  : THE RELIC                                        
                       MUSIX : EPIDEMIC                                         
                       TEXT WAS WRITEN BY                                       
                         YELLOW WATER!