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Finally it is alive !!  The latest demo achieved by hard cooperating work between  hqc and mcp . And we welcome you to a deep  journey into infinite imagination.
By the way we recommend you dear reader to relax  in your most comfortable chair  as this this message will not beat all records concerning the extent of the text but nevertheless it is not the shortest one.
And somehow it would be a wise decision to read on  as  there  might  follow  quite interesting statements  inserted to please  all you avid fans of ours and at least to give you some information about  future productions.
Furthermore  we would  like to publish  some acknowledgements and  the well known  ranking list including  our contacts in  alphabetical order .
In the first place there might be some people quarelling about our work in  particular the  non working first version  of our cruncher  and the   lack of demos  in recent time  after our successful start with plenty of intros about 12 month ago.
My only excuse for this could be  the hard work for school.
Indeed this is the only new demo since a period of about 4 months and   it will also be the last from me for a longer time  as some games have to be written.
By the way a special thanxx to all the  groups  and  single   persons who wrote to our postbox recently and did not get an answer yet.
I will try to respond all those letters but i have to  announce  that from now on i will not reply any incoming letters  as this  is outgrowing my spare time.
So try to contact us only for some of the following purposes.
Feel free to write if you are  a rather fast group   either or  a even better graphic artist .
Moreover we always welcome cool  offers for  cheap hardware.
But we hate letters like  this one of a person asking  to send  him some stuff for christmas as he does not have  enough games.
We certainly do not have the time  to be  a software shop .
Contrary to some common beliefs we refect  all offers of guys who want to  buy software from us .
We only trade with  decent groups  but never for  money.
To tell you some facts about the creators of this demo   i suppose i should firstly introduce myself as the one trying to entertain you  with stunning effects.
My name is  --??--  and if you cannot  stand the feeling of putting me in  your greeting list  then interpret this as hqc.
By the way i was the one responsible for  all ideas   this charset and  the tricky timing  and  compilation of routines. The groovy picture  winding itself into deepest confusion  was drawn by my friends in  the master control program  who  also arranged  this stunning song using our musicplay routine.
At this place i would like to acknowledge the efforts of   tristar   the star frontiers and  antitrax  for providing me  the most stunning demos of the recent months.
Before we continue with the  compulsory greetings  i think i have to  give  some statements concerning the growing amount of demos in recent time.
Some of them are quite good work  but i  noticed some contents i did not like at all.
The three things i really hate are 1. Slow scrolls     2. Claiming to be the best and  3. Stealing other routines  in a rather obvious way.
So please try to avoid this.
To cease your sad emotions about my retirement here comes  the greeting list  ranked in alphabetical order.
Special yohoos to:  1001 crew    acs denmark    acs germany    alpha flight    amigo    antitrax    bamiga sector 1    beastie boys    bfbs    bitkillersoft    bitstoppers    blizzard    crm crew    danish gold    def jam    eca    executer    explorer    fcs    hotline    ici    irata    jaggerboy    kent team    light circle    megaforce    micro mix    movers    phr    powerstation    powerslaves    prophets ag    radwar    rbb    sca    shut berlin    skyline    spreadpoint    ssi    star frontiers    the 3rd wave    the champs    the new age    the wizards    tristar    twilight    unit a    usi    usr    vision    visitors    yeti factories ......
Ehh i nearly  missed the opportunity to invite all you  cool composers  and arrangers  in the outside world to  contact  us as we need  musixx  for  games.
No matter if you work  with  sonix  or even better the  soundtracker  feel  free to contact us immediately.
Finally some enlightenment after  these advertisements.
In  contrast  to some rumors we  are  not  going to found  a new group in cooperation  with other people  and moreover we have  not been  dissolved yet.
By the way i hope you like this really  f l i c k e r f r e e   s c r o l l e r   a s   i   a m   g o i n g   t o   conclude  this  message right now  no  hard feelings pleez but thats the very end.
So see you perhaps in future demos .