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Preview seems that you have found the hidden part...V yeaaN right now, OaxelN is on the keyboard to fill the blank memory with those usual messages... first i would like to say a CmegaV hipO-Vhop OhelloN to those Ofukin' aliens sexual obssedesN of da Vdeluxe paintN : titan-CanarchyN, dyce-CnihondreamersN, alex-CdrdN, trion-CenergyN, orcus-ChmdN, spock-ChmdN, nighthawk-Cmajic 12N, cenobit-...., and sigfrid.    Nafter this ValienN hello let's deal withs sume messy :   Cshun Nand CkookaiN (OliquidN) : alors les zoulous vous dormez ou quoi, c'est pas sport de pas repondre a tonton axel    CsteffenO'alex'Cking N (OdrdN) : i'll soon be back in your post  box pour te prendre la tete avec mes news gfxs de la mortV...N   CscottieN (OamnesiaN) : yo dude hope you could build our german sectionV...N    CorcusN (OhmdN) yo my friend hope life is not to horrible in germanyV....N  CstrangerN (OhmdN) : yo bros, ya are a cool guy, and you'r doin the best letter i have hever red.   Cxann N(OtslN) : yoyoyaaa fabien 220022044554801 thanks for your mega ripper as always, only Cxann Nmake it possible. but please, please made a new intro with some awesome gfxs from NhOoVfN...   CkyleN and CgunN (OmentasmN) : very happy to meet you in Vaars Nthe bus organistion was huge and the organiser quit cool.   Creverse Nand Cgengis N(OdtlN) : ca va les p'tit gremlins bon, faites chier les mecs, je vais devoir me payer un Va1200N pour pouvoir regarder votre prochaine prod.  also  Cchmurz houlaN to my sister, 14-15, compton, krystel (Ooh oui au ouiN), catherine, solide, ghost-p, orcus, sam, nam (Ocool CoopsO demo exept the melon like design, i'm still waiting my registered version of your track...N), bross (Ocool co-op swap in aars...hope we could do it again in the nova partyN) uzgrot, snagrot, the ace, zeugma, judd, 7th eye, bigm, plus all i meet in aars and all my friends from lille, paris, moscou, irak (Oi saddamN), and finally  greetings to those group i love (but didn't know) for there cool productions lately : OjetsetN (Coverload 2 is mega fun : awesome tags and musicN), Ofunky buddhasN (Cplane is da coolest demo released after aarsN), OandromedaN (Cperfect code and designN) and all the other group who dare releasing something when it's not party time....... Oaxel siging offN           let's continue this myopathe scroll with spock greetings: Cgengis(dtl): Nhow do you do myopathe brother!!! many thanks you for the original disk of your last demo!!! kisss your awesome sister for me ... and reverse !!! Vreverse(dtl): Nthe zikmu for the chartmyop is very very kool! Oalex(drd): Nxcuse me for the delay but but it's hard to boot a deluxepaint! Cspoky(analog): Nhe vi he vi i will write you soon but it's difficult to go to the post office!!! Vbarbouze(symbiosis): Nyou're dead? or perhaps you found a lovely fucking blond creature! Oshun(liquid): Njoziane,joziane oh oui encore!Vcallisto(hmd-myopathe dezign???) Nso what,you think that's we are trisomic in hmd!!! but you have the mental level to join us !!! i hope myopathe-dezign will become a reality soon! Cxann(silents fr): Nxann when 48 faces blenk glenz vectors overscan are not enough!!! Vstc(hmd): Nhello world leader! great secret part, isn't it! Caxel-f(hmd): Ngreat work you make for this dentro!!! Osam(hmd): None two one two !!! army is lameeeee!!! Vbigm(hmd): Nbizzz a toute la famille!!! Cbibi(hmd): Nyouhou bibi! what are you doing??? i hope i will meet you very soon!!! OcVaCtOhVeCrOiVnCe: Ni love you so !!!!!!!!!!!! Nspock of hmd signing off...                  one last message from OaxelN : listen to 'Oronny jordan'N it isfunking cool             scroll restart             

 what about     some      awful (?) fireworks ! well...let s try one... do you like very  boring routines ?     no !?   anyway here  is one...  

welcome to the 1rst scroller of this demo. the dot-sphere you saw before was made of 106 real-time dots,  (note that my intention was not to beat any kind of record !) some coders may laugh but i made it because i'm bored of these 2000 or 3000 precalculated dots (or with 10 mirrors)  we can see in nowadays demos...and i also want to send a message to all the average coders (like me !  and i know there are a lot in france) who do not release any production because they are totally destroyed each time they see the last silents or anarchy uk demo,  so they think  that their production is going to be laame ! hey dudes !  it is time to wake up ! don't hesitate to make small demos ! i recently saw cool demos from new french teams called 'ngc' , 'experience' and 'nihondreamers' (hi stack !) ,  well done guys it is good to see that there are still guys who are doing something with their computer. i also want to greet all the teams who are making Grecord-freeG productions  (hey byron (won) : your demo is great !) . do you remember what the scene was two or three years ago ? there were plenty of small but really cool productions...    well... this demo is compatible with nearly all amigas (i didn't try it on the a3000 and a4000) but it is totally a500 a600 a1200 compatible (with improvements on the a1200 !) the improvements on the a1200 are quite small but i haven't got any 68020 assembler (if someone has one !? send it to me !) ok now to some personnal GmessiesG : xann (tsl) : i just love  the fonts in your demo ! (the nicest i have ever seen !  hof : t'es une teube !)     bigm (hmd) : t'es vaiment un cool dude ! et ce maudit menu  de pack qui m'enerf !!! n'oublie pas d'envoyer les tcps  pendant ma loonnguuee absence... gengis (dtl) : tres tres bien ta derniere demo ! a quoi te  dopes tu ? vodka ? chips ?    julian (firehawks) : alors superfamicom man ca rulez ?  arrete de jouer et fait nous des chip songs monstueuses comme  tu sait si bien les faires !!!    bob (firehawks) : are you dead ???  byron and aldebaran (won) : vive les game-tro !    monty (analog)  :  hello cool dude alors t'as eu ta  superfamicom ?      ys and slaine and stackpointeur (nihondreamers) : do you like  this small demo ? yours was quite nice !!!    special note to ghost penguin and solid snake : eh les gars  arretez de jouer a pinball fantaisies et graphez !!!  (eh solid, quandn est-ce kon ce refait un bombtris ? on va les  reussir ces puzzles ???)  hino-tori (hmd) : alors ton demenagement est fini ? tu vas  les assembler tes sources ? (ta de koi faire une big demo la !) spock (hmd) : when myo-army is not enough !!!  axel (hmd) : t'assures a fond en code !  axel-f (hmd) : tes graphs me tuent completement. t'as  progresse de 500 pour cent en 2 mois la folie !!!  orcus : tes fontes sont fabuleuses !!!  gryzor : les ziks des tcp sont monstrueuses !!! j'adoore !  on en redemande !!! bis bis !!! nam and alex (tsl fr) : well it seems that there was  a biiiig misunderstanding about my first production.  sorry about this guys ! hope to see more gfx from alex soon  (no more melon-like logos pleeaaasseee  !!!)  et pour finir : mega greetings a tous ceux qui font quelque  chose avec leur machine, (sauf du jeu bien sur...koike...)  que ce soient des atari 520st des amstrad 6128 ou 464,  des c64, des msx 1, 2, 2 plus, turbo-r, des mo5 ou des compatibles pc ....  fin du scroll...     5   4   3   2   1   restarts         

      the end       
  coding and music  
    main grafics    
       axel f       
 unicorn and fonts  
    this  fonts     
    solid snake     
  did you find the  
    hidden part ?   
  press left mb to  
   pause scroller   
you can contact the 
 coder of this demo 
krysztofiak patrice 
  1 rue du vermont  
     62720 rety     
answers may be long 
 but i am actually  
  doing my military 
service in villingen
    in germany.     
 for swapping gfxs  
     and demos      
       axel f       
   24 rue d oran    
    59800 lille     
  gfxs freacks can  
also try to contact 
  10 rue de bapaume 
     59000 lille    
    the complete    
   member list of   
axel f...........gfx
ghost penguin....gfx
gryzor......code sfx
hino tori.......code
sam.........code sfx
solid snake......gfx
    in xor order    
    dire wolves     
      majic 12      
    les heretiques 
     da mouvement  
 hemoroids in 1993  

  do you like boring routines ?       well... i guess not ! anyway,          here comes a fractal...                                                        

   finally, you've reached...                  the end part                                                    

        bored of vectors ?               here is a nice picture.              hand-drawn by - orcus -