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 Yo ! NutheaDZ !!!! HeMoRoiDS -When Preparation H aint enough- Comes back dis time to crunch your bolloxes with dis prod called 'DA WINK-TRO' ...  As usual we start with de credits This awesome Raytrace done by our personnal raytracer-artist:  -WINK- The 'Distroy your ASS' logo was done by the great -SHEAN- ... The 'fuck your mother' muzax composed by (troufion) -SAM- ... the font taken somewhere ... and finaly the fucky-strike Coding was footed by WANN & STC (LAM-RIP prod')   And now we continue with wot spents in our (WaNN & StC) strange brains... 1st, Well i speak about the booz-drink-moment I get (Wann) whith Stc, 2 days ago........ Well we have a burp-contest in Stc's room... ANd we sing all the night MORPIONIBUS.... See the vocals at the end of the scrolly.. Lot of liquid Stuff was spread every where in the whole room and it smelt the boiled SHIT... (He! He!....)....      Well,do ya know Steelers..see their last prod (arfff...), But please don't laught about it (niark!!!)      Now some small messages....  First we kick AIR of AIR Hey, little no-dicked man (car il n'est pas membre said to me STC) before doing an HMD Fuck-tro, learn to boot a disk in the right way...... fuck you ASSHOLE (That's a good fucking no ????) Right now,we continue our distroying with (as always) -Syrion/Intryx- : We fAked you sumtime ago and no answer ???? I'm sure your first reaction was to cry in your mother's dress... (By the way How earn a BITCH in Lyon ????)    Ok we stop talking of TRISOMIC-21 now..     Let continue with some delirium..... I'm sure that you 're impatient to receive the MYOPCHARTS but you can have a lot of wanks because it get my (Wann) dick out to code,son of the bitch... may be in some century.    You see the RAYTRACED anim? It's like a logo HMD sous cellophane contre un mur... Amazing no??? It's not so long but with our amiga we kan't do better... may be with 800 Mo of chip. so enjoy it even....   And finally as promised the vocals of MORPIONIBUS:  Morpionibus    Pom Pom   Pom Pom   Sont dans l'anus   Pom Pom   Pom Pom    Tralalala lalala lalala  (Long time and...)   ZOB!!!   (the couplet:)  La bataille fut gigantesque... Tous les MORPIONS  perirent ou presque....  (d'un coup)  A l'expection du plus trapu qui s'accrocha au poils du cul.... (And loop to the begining)                HMD-30/02/93      ZOB