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  H E L L F I R E   
  Harry`s Balloons  
  Supplied by iGGY  
 Cracked by Nobody! 
 If you like this   
 game then please   
 consider buying    
 the  original!     
  *Call our boards* 
Boondocks ...... WHQ
Sky Tower ...... EHQ
Temple of Dreams UHQ
Acid Slam ...... GHQ
Freedom Within . UKQ
Electric Warrior UKQ
Cement City .... EHQ
On The Run ..... GHQ
Extreme Terror . DIS
 *Call our boards*  
 Coding: Icarus/hF! 
 Music: DSX/TRSi US 
     Greets to:     
 Classic + Quartex  
FairLight + Sunflex 
TRSi + LSD + Anthrox
 Prestige + Delight 
    and Corrupt     
  *The Newcomers*