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          - Black Raven -;
   presents: Name of the Game +x;
o  Infinite Lives;
o  Infinite Energy;
o  Infinite Money;
o  Infinite Ammo;
o  Infinite Bombs;
k  In Game Cheat-Keys;
  Start At Level;
s          Start The Action;

                      This is just another Trainer done in Black Raven's Laboratory. Credits for this menu... Music by Syn-T-Size, Graphics by Wave, Code by Black Raven.                Now a message to all the Haujobbers: Well, as you can see I did NOT leave the scene and I guess I will never be able to! But don't expect too much from me in the future - there'll only be just a few small intros. Well, if there's anybody in HAUJOBB wanting to do some trainers then contact me at once to get the Sourcecode of this menu ...            Good bye from Black Raven ...   And don't forget to leave me some nice messages on THE PRISON or the MORPHIC FIELDS ...         God bless you!