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Hi - this is SMT / Haujobb writing... The module you're just listening to was composed for the music competition at the Nexus 95 in Dueren (Germany) on May 20th, 1995... It's called: "ETERNITY II - DEEP IN YOUR EYES" and has a playtime of exactly 15(!) minutes... Before I continue with my text, I'd first like to speak out a big thank you to these two guys: Kid Frost / Haujobb (for the fantastic picture) and TouchStone / Essence (for putting everything together)... Friendship rulez - thanx!!! The idea to compose a 2nd part of the first ETERNITY module came to me when many people asked me to do so... Here it is - I hope you're happy now, dudes!!! :-) Smile... It took me about 3 months to finish this module, because I added part for part with pausing some days everytime... I hope it was worth it and you like it!!! Well, now I think it's time for some special greetings (in no order) to: All Haujobbers, TouchStone / Essence, Angela Toepper, Holli & Typhoon from the (great!) ChatLine BBS Hannover, Charlie & Mirage / Krypton Force, DR.DRE / Strato Impact, Pink & Neurodancer / Abyss, Virgill / Essence, Chromag / Polka Bros., Turbo & Marley / Infect, Gryzor, Peachy / Masque, Ram, Lorian, She, Sunflowers, Bomico, Frank Fester, Martin Kokkelink, Frank Weidner and to all I forgot here (shame on me, but it's really hard to remember everyone)... If you want to contact me for scene- / commercial music projects, here comes my adress: Sascha Theel, Hans-Boeckler-Str. 49, D-30890 Barsinghausen, Germany... Or call: +49-(0)5105/63139... Hm... Now I'm running out of ideas what to write else, so I think I'll quit this scroller right after my last words for today: STOP ALL THESE SENSELESS WARS AND GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!! Love, SMT...                                                              

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