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           pain and anguish.
         we absolutely feel it.

       after a lot of encouraging
          we now release this.

      we officially tell you that
   the honey demo-division is alive,
           and we'll be here
         for a while from now.


      so, here we sit, once again.
   a couple of years ago we released
       some intros in the name of
 solitude. now we're back and drooling
      big time at all our honeys.

             a memberlist:

        beverage        Coder
        hence           Coder
        tito            Coder
        laz             Graphics
        oaf             Graphics
        pulse           Graphics
        flea            Musician
        nivek           Musician
        qen             Musician

        - honey demo division! -



   we need more members, contact us.

                honey -

   how many years old do you have ??

           fast greetings to
 oxygen, parallax, balance, fairlight,
    limited edition, trsi, supplex,
          amiga technologies.


                          [ -  honey in pain  - ]

                             code        hence
                             gphx          oaf
                             music         qen

                   we want coders. we want graphicians.


                               ken berglund
                              brantstigen 14
                              14171 huddinge

                      . our pretty dear honey's law .

             "if you spit in the sky, it'll come in your eye"