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              Welcome to                
           Another Dimension            
     Created by Death Row and GiGA      
  Code:  Have / DR  --  Sparky / GiGA   
  GFX :  Dr Zulu / GiGA                 
  SFX :  Zoomoprh / DR                  
  FONT:  Have / DR                      
      BattleField - BattleField         
     Try to call our supportboard       
       Telephone : 45 - MADSHEEP        
       D E A T H   R O W   HQ           
 Hey we have reached to the credits:    
 From me (Have) to:  (no order)         
 Presence - Melody - Menace - Linex     
 Hexagon - and the people i have forgot 
 Impact DK - Focus D - OPQ-net members  
 the rest of Death Row - Dragnet - TLL  
          D E A T H   R O W             
      Produktions wihtout style         
     But maybe that is our style        
    greetings to the Ninja Turtles      
   greetings to all intel outsiders     
     and greetings to all in love       
        greetings to my mother          
     greetings to my grand parents      
        greetings to my friends         
    and greetings to Uffe Ellemand      
        greetings to Luke Perry         
            greetings to Alf            
          greetings to Bamse            
 some tek infos about the intro:        
  - Created in 3o hours                 
  - Musik  44 Kb                        
  - Gfx   12o Kb                        
  - Code   8o Kb with comments and      
                 music player.          
  - Created to teach Sparky to code asm 
  - Bench Replayer is used              
  - Can run on ECS with OS/2 and up     
  - only tested on a stock A12oo        
   Bare for at genere har jeg fjernet   
   vaersgo at se billedet igen          
                 venlig hilsen HAVE