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thundercatAAAC of the giantsAAAAAC  proudly presents a new cool demo!!!  let's get in a cool logo oWr what???   S         well how do ya like the logo??? it was mixed together by dr.venom in ten minutes!!! this tune called thunder tune was made by me, and is my first song made on the amiga.... the idea to the song was taken from a 64-game,and i think that the result is good enough. this is my fourth demo on the amiga, and i must say that i reallly enjoy making demos for the giants...  the giants was founded in 1988 by me, dr.venom and corax...   after that the group has grown to be one of the ten best in norway (we think!!)....  norway is a country filled with good coders,just let me mention some of'em: jabba - jilsoft - the mechanic - tec - dr. no and sector 9 - and of course some of our coders too...  we'll soon release a great demo called atlantis-demo!! it is coded by mr.pride, and will be one of the best demos released by the giants!! look out for it!!!!   some special greetings goes to: accession - avenger - errors - subway and dream team - amiga industries and freedom force - amitech - dueco enterprises ltd. - thorax - razor 1911 - it - black monks - escape - curity  - new order - acme factories - byterapers - crime - the mechanic - avalanche - odyssey - action force - the flash team - asia....  hope i haven't forgotten anyone special.    mr.gravestone is sitting here beside me and he wants to write some words in this normal demo......  here he comes!!!     hey dudes!!! this is the unfamous mr. gravestone of the giants...  first: if there are anyone who want to swap hot stuff with me,just write to:C   AAAAAC  ,   box 22  AAAAAC  ,    6218   AAAAAC ,  hellesylt AAAAAC  ,   norway  AAAAAC  ,  phone:  071-65141 AAAAAC   ask for petter....  well,well!! this is the first time that i'm writing a scroll-text on the amiga,and i don't like it so much!?!  i wont bore you any longer and let thunder cat write some real text!!!  bye!!!      hi again!! i've returned just to end this text,because i have to crunch it and put it on this collection...   see ya later and stay cool until my next demo is finished!!!  special greetings to all who have read this text,but not if you're a lamer!!     scroll will now be fujiated....  bye,bye!!