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     once again      golems     are here presenting to you a demo coded by gateway  and  wampire    artwork was made by triton rex        music was composed by tdl but wasnt ment to be in a demo     but it should have been on a musicdisk that never was released       the font was pixeled by liberty      now lets take the greetings       aasgard    ad music factory    aurora    brutal deluxe   cybertech    death defiers    diabolos    dictators    dreamscape int    empire    flash productions   grace    ingen pant ingen retur    metal    miracle    neutron four    noxious    patriots    st pauls crew    stoneage    tpf    txc    thats em all     this demo was released at the   partymeeting in boras sweden the twentysixth january         our members are     musicians     annihilator and tdl     graphicians     liberty and triton rex      coders      gateway and wampire     sysop      icarus       swapper      liberty        thats all from us folks   bye  bye        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx