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                                                     Is that you Tachyon?  Netrunner?  Well i hope not!                                                        

Morning all, it's 3:35pm (clock's five minutes fast), and I bid you welcome to
   @{^{ OOMPAH {^{@   Creditz ... well Zeddy The Teddy - the Environmentally Friendly `Frontier
Bear' did ALL the coding (we just call him Zed).  Apprentice and Screaming Gender Bender did
the music, with a guest appearance by Minor Disaster.  Design by RePo and the gfx
were done by RePo, Skar and Sunrunner.  Greets near the end &   ...
         ### I choose to start - now
###   Well if U hadn't figured it out by now it's RePo typing &  ...  Well I guess I'm
supposed to say something intelligent now ... What ?$?   Okay I'll give U some
advice  ... Design any `demo' properly the first time; or the coder will KILL U ... 
I have now got blood gushing out of gash in my head: made by Zed wielding my old
A500 circuit board <which didn't work anyway> well ...   Sunny an Zed want to go to the
bloody beach with all that sand and foul polluted salt water.  Something mentioned
about an axe and bikini straps!  ^{@{^ WISH U A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR {@
scccratch @{ I CAN'T GET NO ... @}.. BYE @

Yes, its Zed. 
Here I am, its a tremendous, fine WARM day, I don't live too far from the beach,
and I am spending yet another few hours in front of a computer
trying to finish this production.  `I DO NOT believe I am doing this!%!' 
To keep sane, me and Sunrunner are just
about to hit the beach &   Since I'm the coder, and I've spent by far the most time on
this thing so far, I'm not gonna spend any more.  So, Good-bye!%!
Yannis here (Apprentice).  I hate using a handle.... well... what do you think of the
music so far?  Most of the mods I have written started as mistakes yep.... 
never thought you'd hear that from a muso would you?  Well... some of the
mods... (Jamboree, InnerHarmonies) were planned and it even shocked me how
well they turned out!  Anyhow... greetz to all the great musos out there... 
SideWinder, AudioMonster, SGB... oh.. he's in this group... well hi anyhow (since
he couldn't make it here tonight) ... 
umm....  Nuke and all others I have left out.  Well... check out FTP sites for
some of my mods which have escaped into the Ether! -
Hmmm yeap, Sneakers here... If you wish to contact any member of Frontier
write to P.O. Box 608 Semaphore 5019 SA, Australia... If you wish to trade
demos, techno tapes, etc. write to Me, Sneakers at the P.O. box - if you
have internet access you can write us at - `frontier AT'
 -  Some magic greetz to the following peoples - Rodent - Amigaholic - Grug -
All the staff of Hungry Jacks - and all the persons I forgot!
SKAR at the keyboard, here to spin some bollocks to those who are literate
.....  After several hours of deciding which grafix to use, Oompah is now
baked and ready to spread.  Its late and I'm not pissed but I am very very
unconscious - It's late and I am not pissed...  I wonder, have I said that
before?!... Oh it's only my brain... Here are some important messages... Well
that's it.. So yeah, over to Sunrunner ----
Right, well after sleeping for most of today I have been wondering why
nobody has been ringing me for the past few days ??  Hah I realise that I
left my phone on volume zero.. &    HeHe , did I mention that today on the
way to the assembling of this disc, there was this hitch-hiker on the road,
he had his arm out, (big mistake) this car knocked his arm off, poor bastard,
you just had to be there to see it.. &    Right!  Well some Funky Waves
have to go out to --> HOOK, SILVAN, WARLOCK, ALIEN (Diegos &), STRYFE and
CHEK, and my favourite American.. LARA !!   cheers all and Merry Christmas
from SUNRUNNER.. (oh yeah, I've been left to spit out the greets)
Ahhhhhhhhhh, Zed here again, back from the beach, I really needed that &
Well, the guyz seem to think my coding is so weird that I should
give everyone a bit of 'technical info' about this thing. 
For this production, a trackloader was written from scratch in about a week (while
3rd year exams were in progress &) and since I can't live without my BSS hunks, and I
didn't want to worry about how the memory might be configured on the host computer,
I wrote a small operating system.  Complete with hunk-loader, memory allocator, and
PT mod player, routines to recognise disks, and load modules and a bit more too. 
I did say weird.  I wont give you details of the other coding (there isn't any!) except
to say that I was waiting far too long for graphics ...
Oh yeah - I now have a dir on WORK: with over 170 files of pictures and source (over 2 meg)
that have all been generated while producing this musical masterpiece, thanks to some ideas I
didn't use, and lots of different versions of graphics, with bastard filenames ...
 Somewhere else on WORK: there's a
bunch of really C00L ^{@mods^{@ too, I'd say The Apprentice has surely earned
his Wizards cap & ... All the mods, and some of the code was packed with ScrunchPro ...
  So ppls, Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly greets go to -
Militia , ?$? 2000AD ?$? , Epsilon and a special greet to Pearl ... Where is the
friendship on the scene ?$? I think FUCK all differences and
help let EUROland see a REAL AUSTRALIAN DEMO SCENE !!! <Sunrunner>,
  Totally OZONE FREE hello's to all the
other guys we forget right now!%!
Cheers all and MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!

 ps Ciaro, King Cole was a merry old soul, then he just got stoned! <RePo>.
 pps Tachyon how's Pearl ??  &  Looking forward to the trackmo <RePo>.


(Zed:Its finished _at_last_ ...)


  [*DISK 1* Toccata in D-Minor (70K) : A hip Tocatta in D-Minor by our new musician.]      ... 
  [*DISK 1* Work Bitch! (377K) : Not a typo, this is a BIG mod!  A cool house mod, with a small tribute to that great Amiga musician, Moby]      ... 
  [*DISK 1* Ariska (195K) : In the words of The Apprentice - a catchy tune isn't it?]      ... 
  [*DISK 1* Be-de-funk (236K) : Funk funk and more funk, one funky mod!]      ... 
  [*DISK 1* Gadget (179K) : Well, someone had to do it &]      ... 
  [*DISK 2* Acoustic Nork (100K) : Slightly oriental, quite `catchy' little tune.]      ... 
  [*DISK 2* Heavy Mist (155K) : A nice ambient music.  Sit back and relax dudez and dudettez.]      ... 
  [*DISK 2* Inner Harmonies (250K) : The Apprentice's first attempt at acoustic-emotional style.  Not bad eh?  Meant for a demo that never saw the light of day (before Zed joined of course &).]      ... 
  [*DISK 2* Jamboree (320K) : Another fucking HUGE mutha.  Zed (me) typed all these `mod' scrollers U know, 'cause everyone else has left!  SHIT!]      ... 
  [*DISK 2* Nirvana Remix (209K) : Nirvana does house?  Started as a pay-out for a bastard of a lecturer at uni.  A bit of work, and this masterpiece is born ...]      ... 
  [*DISK 2* Bugs Tune (248K) : Cool little toon-ish sound by a once member.]      ...