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    This demo contains a timer which will show you how long you are watching!!
    If you are in the TOP 10 of the most loyal watchers,your name will be
    saved to disk. But this will only be done if you have pressed ''ESC' when
    you want to exit this demo!  So, DO NOT reset the demo with the usual keys
    if you want your name to appear in the chart!!

    After pressing 'ESC', the screen will turn white, and if you have a 
    Highscore, you will be told so, and you'll be asked to enter your name.
    After you have pressed 'return', your score will be saved to disk!!
    If you didn't watch the demo long enough to appear in the chart, the
    demo will reset automatically...     

    We hope that you enjoy 'PERFECT 5'!!!

    Click mouse...

                     <<  here's some info on ''perfect 5''...          about one month ago, steroid and magician lord had the idea to form a new dutch group...    first,we asked ''claxon of axis'' if he wanted to join us, if we should continue with the group...      and so he did...    all we needed then was a graphician, and magician lord happened to know one called ''jay one of the lunatics''   so, we called him and asked him if he was interested to join us...    he was! (thank god!)... we also asked ''sane of the lunatics'', but due to reasons only known to us, he didn't join...        after a week, the liberator called magician lord, and he asked us if we were interested in a modem-trader...  ofcourse we were!  so, the liberator joined us,too , because he found that axis was almost dead, because of people leaving axis...  we thought that our first release should be a music-disk, so that claxon would have some fun out of his music... (they were never used when he was in axis...)       so, after about one month, freestyle is born , together with our first release:  a musicdisk called:  ''perfect 5''...         the name of the group was invented by steroid, and he got the name from a cd from ''king bee'', which had a number that was called: ''the freestyle mix''...     (or something like that...)...         the name of the musicdisk was invented by jay one, and he got it from the idea that there were 5 music-pieces on this musicdisk...     also, a lot of ideas for this musicdisk were invented by him (chart, intro,etc...)...      we are also going to open a bbs called ''melancholic thoughts'' (we don't know were the liberator got that from!), and the sysop will be the liberator...  co-sysop will probably be magician lord...                    o.k., that's it for the info-scroll..        read another one now, ok?!!    in the meanwhile,enjoy ''perfect 5''.......                                   

              <<  welcome to ''perfect 5''...  a musicdisk produced by [freestyle]...     [freestyle] is the new crew in holland, and this is our first release and we hope that you like it a bit...     [freestyle] consists of (only) five over-active(?!?!) members...   the members of [freestyle] are (in alphabetical order):    ## claxon ## - musician.                   @@ jay one @@ - graphician and some swapping.                  ## the liberator ## - modemtrader, and very soon he will be the sysop of a bbs that he is going to open for [freestyle].                      @@ magician lord @@ - coder and some friendship mailswapping.                            and last (but not lost (in space(?!?))) #@#@#@ steroid @#@#@# - swapper and pack-maker, and idea-giver (read ''jay one's scroll'' for more info about this (kuch kuch...))...      [freestyle], we still don't have a slogan...                [freestyle], ole' mora kipsate!!           ik denk dat als wij hier in het nederlands gaan staan te lullen, dat al die buitenluimers er geen reet van begrijpen.  sullekes!!!! moet je maar leren om nederlands te praten!  (just kiddin' for all the foreign people who can read dutch after all. you must be pretty intelligent!)      wij weten eigenlijk niet wat we moeten typen, maar we willen deze scrolltext een beetje rekken...      ok,  time for a few messages from [freestyle] to some other dudes in the scene...                    rave of [the silents] - thanx for all that candy!  my dentist really appreciated it!    keep up the cool packs and those nice letters!   we hope that you like this one!  (sorry, you can't put it on one of your packs!)             origin -  yo krush and supreme!   ik hoop dat je blij bent dat ik jullie (zo goed als) in het begin noem!   hey krush and supreme, i hope to see your releases at the prime'92 as well...  remember: if you want me to help you, don't be afraid to ask!      hey d.c.g., zie je wel dat [freestyle] langer bestaat dan 4 dagen?     i hope that all of you in origin like this first [freestyle] release!!    remember: holland is o.k.!!               cyber pirate - cytax!   hi there dear maltese friend! i hope that you like this first demo from us!!  i also hope that you still enjoy all my junk-sendings!! by the way, we love your tape with house-music on it! steroid will make one for you too someday with some real mean rave-stuff!!  keep up your cool letters and stuff!!!                        lowlife of sewersoft - yo angelo!   ik hoop dat je dit ook een beetje goed vind!    keep up the good gfx and thanx for all those discounts and stuff!   ik hoop trouwens dat die opdracht voor ''line-up'' een beetje gaaf is!!              cone of noxious - ook al vond je die bbs-intro lame (wat verwacht je anders van een mini-intro!!), we hopen dat je dit wel cool vind... by the way, send some things from noxious holland soon,omdat we daar nog niets van gezien hebben...                    o.k., enough for some of the messages...   if you want to read more bullshit, then you have to read the other scrollers as well...       bye from us for now!!        @#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                    

   << to get in touch with [freestyle], you can write to the following addresses... (use the right mouse-button to stop the text...)      for swapping, write to:                 steroid of [freestyle]              S       langedam 14                    S      5262 ph  vught                  Sthe netherlands ofcourse!!                     if you want to get in touch with the coder of this demo (he likes to get long letters and junk!!), you can write to:            magician lord of [freestyle]           S       eerste donk 101                 S    5233  hk   den bosch               S  also in the netherlands!                  or if you are interested to get in touch with the graphician of this new dutch crew, you can write to:                   jay one of [freestyle]              S         kweekwal 13                   S     1602 ed   enkhuizen               S    and again, in the netherlands!!                   maybe you are more eager to contact the musician of this musicdisk, for music-swapping...  if so, here's his address:                 claxon of [freestyle]               S       de sparren 62                   S      5427 sh  boekel                  S  in this wonderful country: the netherlands!!!           ok! that were all the addresses (except for the liberator's, but he doesn't swap by mail anymore...)                    this scroller restarts, but remember that you can also select another scroll!  (magician lord's is the one to look for, hehehe!).                                                   

       hey guys,welcome in claxon's scroller. first of all did you realise there is a brand new group on earth named .... freestyle .... i hope you like it, if not we don't care !    ok, now i'm going to say something about the tunes...   the first tune i will discuss is ...hurry-upper... is made very fast,because of a demo crackerjack (ex-axis) would release. the tune is 137 kb long and all the samples are sampled by me.  i hope you like this one, it's a tune with some funky background with some fast strings over it. when the first part is ended there's coming a slow one.....further i can't say more about this tune. listen to it and give your own comments on it.     the second tune is ... small suggestion ... this tune is made with a nice soul to soul-drumeffect and some warm-strings. the song is 187 kb long and all the samples are sampled by me. the samples i made by myself are from the yamaha sy77 and the ronald d-20.the third song is ...last minute... this tune is made especially for my girlfriend and starts with some lovely strings with an exotic-atmosphere after this intro the main tune starts.  the tune is 253 kb long and the tune-timing 4:10     the samples credit must go to: claxon -tip -moby -heatbeat.    the samples from myself are coming from the yamaha sy77 and the ronald d-20.the fourth tune i will discuss is ...chanti de la bomert... this is also a lover song,but it's an older one. in first instance i didn't want to put this one in the demo, because i had used the conga-toms of reflex. (thanx buddy !!) but when i started to make new music i realised that i hadn't enough time to make brandnew tunes, so we used this one..... some information,the tune is 200 kb long and starts with some lovely strings with after a while some very nice congatoms from reflex/rebels.    samples credit must go to claxon -reflex -nhp -bkh -tip.       the last tune is ... game intro ...   this is quite an old song (over 2 years old), but i (and we) still like it, so that's the reason why we have put it in the musicdisk after all...  it was made for a game that we were supposed to do, but, as always, it was never released...          ok, i hope you liked the tunes, if you want to contact me write to        claxon / freestyle       de sparren 62         5427 s.h.             boekel (nbr)          holland      or call +31(0)4922-2428    personal greetings must go to: mark/rebels ( hey lelijkerd, hoe gaat ie, ik call nog wel.) - mike and wouter/gothic (hey jongetjes,jully have to stay on the amiga and not on the pc, do you understand !!! wel doen dan he) -magician lord/freestyle (hey makker, toffe coding and cooly telephone-calls, sorry that i hadn't called you last time, maar je weet in de vakantie there are a lot of other things you have to do. keep on going the cool work... by the way,  hoe gaat het met je girlfriend, doe de groeten van mij maar aan haar, don't forget this.) -steroid/freestyle (hey karate-kind! , ik hoop dat je nederlands kampioen kung-fu-kippen-stampen wordt! (just kiddin'!) keep up the great swapping-work (kuch kuch!!)) -jay one (hallo tekenknakker, keep on going the great painting works) -liberator/freestyle (dag ronald, don't be sick when i'm coming to anthony, that's an hele erge zielige smoes.oh zo !!  hey tof van je dat je toch naar freestyle bent gekomen, wel hard werken, he?!?! maybe i will see you in august with the prime '92.) -groulie/ (hey schatje,see you tonight, keep on kissing so lovely.) -neok (heyoa, keep on mixing and soon we will make another house-tune on the pc ,all right..)  -ronald/tip tap top (go on with the babyfoot and we will win...)     ok the rest will come next time.         bye...                                 

                <<  jooooop this is steroid / freestyle with a happy scroll for you to love (or hate.....)       well i hope you all like this demo made by our mad coder you know him all under the name of maggi lord!!         well i don't know what to say so here come some greets to :            #@# control of alcatraz #@# : hi dude keep up the long and cool letters... i like them a lot!!!          #@# rave of the silents #@# : yeah stephan many thanx for all the candy and nice letters. hope to meet you one day!!!       #@# trasher of hardline #@# : hey dude don't quit your packs coz i like them!! send soon !!!                #@# dark of cyberactif #@# : sorry but we don't need a german division bcoz it is already hard enough to run one division but still you are a very nice dude... send soon!!!            #@# fresh  of jetset #@# : hi tjer hope you will make something out of jetset (guess you will!!!) by the way, do ya like this!?!?!          well thats all for me.....            greets to all freestyle members                        rene en ronald zijn gek!!!!                               seeeeeee  yaaaa!!!!!!         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                              

    << jep, it's jay one on da keyz...    first of all a big sorry to lunatics for leaving them!! sorry guys.. i hope you will understand!      o.k., it is time for some messies to:    tomcat/complex - yo there tomcat!!! when do you write back again??!      sane/lunatics - hi pieter!!!, will your trackmo be released at the prime'92?? i hope to see it when i am back from my little trip to the u.s.a.!! (hehehe)        magician lord, claxon and steroid/freestyle - thanx for the great work you have all done for this music disk!!! (especially steroid with his great ideas (kuch..kuch!)).. anyway, i hope you also like my lame work on this great demo!!!        red devil/dual crew - thanks for appreciating my fonts!!!         troop and kr'33 - i hope you both like this production!!         hollywood/lunatics - great muzaks dude!!!!!       o.k., i am done with the shitty messages!!       if there is anyone who wants to swap gfx etc. with me then write to me as fast as ya can, but remember: only pure idiots!! (milk is also o.k.!!)     hhhhmmm.. i think you have seen enough of my brilliant scrolltext!!!   so lets get da hell outta here!!      so long kindertjens...                       wrap..!                                                              

             << well, this was supposed to be liberator's scroll, but since he didn't send his scroll in time (what's new...) we decided to write a scrolltext about the liberator... so, for all of you who have sexual fantasies about the liberator, here's a short decription of this dude...   first, how did you think he came up with his name?!   well, he is keeping a viberator under his bed (for the lonely nights...) and he simply thought: '' why don't i change the 'v' into an 'l'?!!?  and so he did...           now something about his looks:    he is veerrryyy tall, looks like 'jeroen van inkel' (he is a dutch dj on the telly), only without glasses...   furthermore, he has a body-builders figure (wish i had it... sigh....)  and he wears some very cool and expensive shoes called ''naaik r hondert tachtig''...  he drives a very cool and expensive.....            bike...   well, it has the name of a car...   peugeot...          now something about his manners...   he is well mannered:  he doesn't pick his nose (like steroid!!) withouth a fork , but he cut's the green ones out with his razor-blade...       he never eats with his hands.....       only with his feet...           now something about the equipment he has on his room...     he has the latest hi-tech stuff from these japanese guys called ''yoko''...   he has over 3 cds and they all are very cool...  (yeah ronald, ''gordon'' en ''rob de nijs'' rule!! )...            well, i guess we have made enough fun about the liberator...   in fact, he is a very nice dude!!!     so, ppplleeeaaaasssseeee don't take all we wrote too serious!!!     hey ronald, niet kwaad zijn!!!  doe de volgende keer maar iets over ons (maggi lord en vooral steroid(hehehehe)...)...          end of scroll...                hey dildo!!! read another scroll!!                                        still reading?!?!                                          ..........................                     

           << hidehoo dudes!!   this is ofcourse ''magician lord's scroll'' !!!   thank you for selecting it...         well, let me start by saying that i enjoyed it a lot to make this musicdisk, thanx to the help and support from jay one, steroid and claxon...   i think that they've done a great job on this musicdisk!!   i also hope that you like the ''chart-idea''...   it was an idea by jay one, and personally i think that it is a great idea!!      i also hope that the ''chart save part'' still works 100 procent, because the source fucked up two days before this musicdisk should have been finished!! nevertheless, i still had another source from it, though not with all the stuff in it...          by the way, this musicdisk has been packed with all kinds of packers, because i think that powerpacker takes too long to depack... i have my own crunchers/packers...        o.k., now it's time for some personal hellos...      jay one/freestyle: i hope you like this!   did you enjoy your holiday in florida? thanx for your great gfx and ideas!     claxon/freestyle: yo rene!  still enjoying valkenburg?  remember: hermafrodites rule! (you know what i mean...)         steroid/freestyle:  you'll get your pack-menu, as soon as you know what you want!! (i've already made 3 (three!!), but you don't like 'em after all!! stay cool, dude!!           liberator/freestyle: sorry for not having a scrolltext from you!  i needed one,but i couldn't get in touch with you in time!!  (when i go to work, you come home!)          yoo krush/origin:do you like this production!?!? i expect to see your name on top of the chart!!!      d.c.g./origin: hi nico(tine)!  here's our ''surprise''!!  hope ya like it,though!      supreme/origin: have you made anything recently?!?! i hope ya like this, too!            cyber pirate/cytax:  hi godwin!  thanx for all your cool tapes and letters!! i have another tape for you already!        lowlife/sewersoft: hi angelo!  can't you ask paul if i can come along the next time you go to england?!!      cia/galtan six:  long time no hear!  i called you,but you are always away!         cybersonik/alcatraz:  enjoying this?  sorry for always puttng you up with lame sendings and delays!    mace/phenomena: how's the game with color doing?!? send soon!!     fresh/jetset: nice to hear that you are having a good time in jetset!! stay in touch, and let the past be the past,ok?!?                         laxity/kefrens: i hope to hear something from you soon!          king fisher/triad: sorry for this gigantic delay!!  i hope you don't mind!                      o.k., that's it for me!  i stop this text and i start packing!!   by the way: if you want to get in touch with me, look for my address in the ''addy-scroll''...            see ya!!                                         



    #PERFECT 5





   ** JAY ONE **




  #** STEROID **





    # JAY ONE

 #** PERFECT 5 **



here are the greetz 
in almost a-z order:
     2000  ad       
  angels from hell  
    black robes     
  the care bears    
     crack inc.     
     dual crew      
  the flame arrows  
    frank joppe     
     the hidden     
 jetset - hi fresh! 
   mirage - hi cj!  
 origin - be happy! 
 pure metal coders  
    silicon ltd.    
    the silents     
     sync minds     
     the sharks     
sewersoft - keep lo!
tristar - red sector
 and to all we have 
 if you would like  
 to see your name   
 here,decrunch this 
  part and insert   
   your name...     
 or,you can also get
  in touch with our 
 dutch hoofdkwartier
   for any reason.  
write to:           
steroid / freestyle 
langedam 14         
5262 ph   vught     
    or read the     

                     THE 10 MOST LOYAL WATCHERS OF "PERFECT 5"

             The guys listed below prove themselves worthy to be called:

                            -=> PERFECT 5 MANIACS <=-

        (Hey KRUSH/ORIGIN (nice dude), Jij wordt vast en zeker nummer 1!!)

              RANK                  NAME                      TIME

               01         ........FREESTYLE........         01:00:00
               02         ........FREESTYLE........         00:55:00
               03         ........FREESTYLE........         00:50:00
               04         ........FREESTYLE........         00:45:00
               05         ........FREESTYLE........         00:40:00
               06         ........FREESTYLE........         00:35:00
               07         ........FREESTYLE........         00:30:00
               08         ........FREESTYLE........         00:25:00
               09         ........FREESTYLE........         00:20:00
               10         ........FREESTYLE........         00:15:00

                              ---=> WELL DONE!! <=---
                          You have a high watching-time!!

  This means that you may enter your name in the 10 most loyal watchers-chart!


              RANK                  NAME                      TIME

       P L E A S E    R E M O V E    W R I T E - P R O T E C T I O N ! ! ! 

               01         ........FREESTYLE........         01:00:00
               02         ........FREESTYLE........         00:55:00
               03         ........FREESTYLE........         00:50:00
               04         ........FREESTYLE........         00:45:00
               05         ........FREESTYLE........         00:40:00
               06         ........FREESTYLE........         00:35:00
               07         ........FREESTYLE........         00:30:00
               08         ........FREESTYLE........         00:25:00
               09         ........FREESTYLE........         00:20:00
               10         ........FREESTYLE........         00:15:00