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                                    Future Visions Slideshow by FRAXION. Coding: Big RED  Graphics: Hoaxer  Music: KEO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    the saga continues !  fraxion presents another slideshow... press 'help' key for preferences-screen.......  some technical briefing coming up :    sorry for some of the pictures' lousy quality, this slideshow was supposed to run in 'interlace'.  but we had too many pictures for one disk and to few for two disks.  okay, let's  get started with some serious info and wait with the usual bullshit.  unfortunetly there has been a misunderstanding that fraxion have had problems with bj and the cops... that's wrong!  i just can't understand why those rumours appeared.  and when it comes to the rumours saying that we lost some vcrs at drammen...  bull! the only thing (except for some disks and films) we lost was dreadstars remote control (jesus!!).  there has, as you all know, been quite a long time since the last production from fraxion.  so i suppose you expected something more fancy than an ordinary slideshow, but all in fraxion are now hard working on different projects.  our goal is to produce original and quality demos, so what's the point with a slideshow?  this slideshow is made just to use some digitized pics we had stockpiled somewhere, and ofcourse to write some inspirating scrolltext.  future designs are now working on the ultimate topview car-racing game ever (2 players, ofcourse).  highway 1930 ii is also under production, with more action'n'shooting violence than ever.  imagine 1mb filled with gore, carsplatting, mayhem and not  to forget...... the heroes!! yeah, they're back again, kickin' arse in the 1930's. okay, as you all learned at school, god created earth, humans, the amiga, etc. but i don't think you know who created god??? anybody??? yep, that's right, future designs in fraxion, the allround designers from the land of vikings. okay i've allready noticed the symptoms for a never ending shitscroller so i'll stop right here.. keo fading away.........   ( never to be seen again )    hoaxer is logging on to this terminal...... contact established ! hoaxer, always full of swell ideas... allright human, who dear read the sacret words of the documentation...thy hast courage, earthling... let us test thine bravery, doest thy dare to read on ?.................... aah, thy maketh great impressions, it seems that you have no thoughts of your spiritual sanety, you amuse me, tiny creature, i believe i will let you keep your current physical form (fat'n ugly, that is)...or maybe i will snap off a few of those matchstick limbs of yours, we will see (no stupid, sit down, you don't need your mother to hold your hand), let us be dazzled by the visions of the future......, you tired of that too did you, well, since you're back, let's keep on typing this crap...wanna get more insults thrown at you, do you ? nope, i don't think so...hoaxer says i've got to get back to reality (the crowd goes:booooo,throw him out!!!!!)so i guess i'll have to leave you, bend over'n suck my royal droppings..bye       dette skriver jeg paa norsk bare for aa vaere jaevli med alle utenlandske lesere !!!!!  some cool sayings coming up :   - good mercenaries never die, they just meet in hell to regroup !   - experience is what causes a person to make new mistakes instead of old ones !   - you cannot achive the impossible without attempting the absurd !   - democracy is too good to be shared with others !   - winning is not everything, it is the only thing !.......some greetings :       rebels, cryptoburners, istari, terra vision, level 4, razor 1911, abakus, eas, no limits, spreadpoint, red sector, vision factory, celtic, factor four, mac, fusion and prophecy and the rest who deserve it !                power is wealth, and wealth is power..        dreadstar just entered the room.  the first thing he did, was to correct my(!) spelign, huh - spelling........hate it!    then let's open up the hate-booth : hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehetahtaetaehhate...etc.        don't take life too serious, ya'll never get out of it alive !  - any kid can fly, but few can land(splat!)        -again : winning is'nt everything, but loosing is despicable !   - mouse : an elephant built by the japanese !          famous last words :       - oh, don't bother to unplug it.  it will just take a moment to fix.        - what happens if you put these two wires together.....      - we won't need reservations.       - don't worry, it's not loaded.      - hey ronald, what's this red button for?     - mommy, may i feed the aliens?       - backups, they're for chickens!        - don't worry, i do this all the time.         enough sayings, slogans etc......      hoaxer is still on the line..... we are sitting at big red's and giving this slideshow it's final touch.   i wonder if we ever gets this damn thing finished. ( but since you are reading this, i guess we did ! )   there is actually 4 machines here....mine, keo's, big red's and tornado's ( not frx membah ).  it sounds like a goddamn party.... keo wants to write some text, so........juba nerds, i'm back! as i told you before we don't have any problems with thy coppers, it's them having trouble with us!! hahhh, that sounded mean (rather a lie).  maybe i could write something in a bloodsuckers-style:   yeah' n'fucking boozsuck'n roll, tear that pussymotherfucking in hell, and that'n'ng  no dick.    that sounds ridicolous.  let's try some blackstar-style:    arrghhh their crawling everywhere, stop! help! vectorman, put away that gun, jesus! aaaahhhh etc. etc. okay, this is getting nowhere, just one red:   can't you understand, keo, no more raster, no more diskspace, too many bitplanes, no everything!... that's my and hoaxers mainproblem in life, rastertime......did you know that whenever big red is facing some problems, it's the rastertime.  when he don't have any money, it's the rastertime.  ok, enough raster-talk, big red interupts ....... well keo pointed out one of the coders standard excuses, i will list up the others :  not enough chip mem, not enough disk space, it's not possible ( this one is the most effective ).     interupt end: rte   what? he forced me away, jesus!, that's unfair.  big red sounds stupid in norwegian.....den store roede....keo is much cooler....( but hoaxer beats everything !!! -hoaxer ) you  know what keo stands for?    kjeks er orginalt .  or was is (in english) kill every otherbody or was it kick encyclopedia often.   oh my god, here comes madwand.  he's not a fraxion member.   madwand says: cchheecckk yyoouurr ppaarriittyy..  and now: the each person-makes-up-one-word-in-a-lot-of-sentences-game:  hoaxer starts, then followed by keo, madwand, quark and finally (as always) big red.  here we go:        one day! keo went home with nooo! dick between his legs.  stop! no, dick amiga. rambo help! took keo's head and nooo! threw it down, madwand die!!!! noooo!!!! autoconfiguration system shutdown interfered never again........   let's stop this conspiracy now. do you wanna hear a story?    ( the crowd goes wild, screaming, crying, dying, shooting, laughing, running, raping (noooo!)).  once upon a time there was a man (wow!).  he was a human man (shit!)...........(faen!) this story allready have turned rather boring so i think i will stop with that failure. okay, what about some messages?          nope?         ok! this is getting boooooriiing! i'll just throw the keyboard to hoaxer, he seems to have fallen asleep.      (wonder why!)       hoaxer!         hoaxer!       wake up!      just kidding! fooled you! he ain't sleeping. haha! that was funny, agree?      yeahhh!      (oh my god!, here he comes: hoaxer, the flop!)        hey little boy, watch your mouth.  you could get killed !     poor viewers in the u.s and japan.  they will never read these bytes of ascii-code.  we have now reached 8793 bytes of scrolltext and big red is getting furious....... so i guess he wants to say some last words before we shut down this terminal.  goodbye and god bless, the hoaxer leaves you with a feeling of delight !!!!!!   i am suprised that they let me write some bytes on a slideshow coded by me.  well those of you who didn't get an address before in the scroller : here is mine ( set down scroll speed, jerk!)     big red       nygaardsvoldsgt. 24    8600 mo.  this address has nothing to do with illegal swapping, if you want to swap write to me and i will give it to a swapper. (of course i take no reponsibility for the disks!!( he, he )). but of course serious letters will be given to a person who might trade with you ! now it is time to end the scroller and enjoy the pictures.                                                               haa! keo's still here, slowly sliding away..........fading...........dying.............beep.........beep...........beep.......beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!