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68000 or 68010 and NO real FAST RAM. This intro will suck!

LMouse to Continue                          RMouse to Exit

-=> FLASHTRO Presents <=-
Lure of the Temptress
Version 2
Cracked by

Early editions have a bug
which only becomes apparent
when you are near the end
of the game, preventing you
from leaving the gate room

Only use DF0: for save game
Loading/Saving, and only
swap disks when promted
Use a blank disk for
formatting your save disk

** Intro Credits **
Coding(?): Mr.Spiv
Graphics: Musashi9
Music: X-Ceed
Fonts: Reward

LMB to exit

                              presents Lure of the Temptress Version 2 (debugged). This version finally lets you exit the Gate Room and finish the game.  A special thanks to Mr.Spiv for finally finishing and giving us this great intro, after 8 years of asking him for it :D     (Ed: this intro was originally coded in summer 1994 but then there was some delay in the process....)           Greetings go to Mr.Spiv, Wayne Kerr, DLFRSilver, Sim, TCB, Sachy, Loki, Alpha One and his new wife....... Siriax :P, Stu, PMC, Newton, Proton, BlazeB, Lordee, Madj, Don, Icarus, Brainwalker, Wacko, Storm, Annatar, Flasher (you grumpy git say something nice for once) :P, Prime_Evil, ZERO BLue, Dalton, Boot, Phantasm, Jimmy, Wanted Team, Scheisslogin, Rob (bacon eater), RoySac, Plagueis, Bilbs, DOCPatientZer0 and Chris Corti (where r u?). Mr.Spiv greets everyone in Scoopex (Photon, Stinger, Galahad, ...), Wal, Zeg, Flav0r, Britelite, Mithris, RobBrown and Pop. This intro was put together using a real A600 and will soon restart.......................  This release is dedicated to Axis-Cascade (R.I.P).....                                                                                        

I think I ripped this routine in most part from a Hoodlum crack intro. At least the idea of zooming out the logo is there.. sorry.