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   howdy fans !!        once again its me (yamato) with a fabulous screen for our megademo ........   already, some of you might have guessed that this is a sine-creator-screen, and ofcourse you can edit the whole lot with your very own hands --- all you have to do is to grab your joystick and  move !!!  ......................  by now you have probably destroied it, so i suggest you move down to -examps- and check out some of the examples i have already made for you ........... cool eh ?                     if anybody should say, that they can plot more dots than this, then i simply dont care, coz this isnt a-bob-demo-with-dots   ---  it is not -not- simply an attempt to make the most dots in world nomatter what    ----     this is ment as a-pretty-screen-with-coool-examples ..............      what the fuck can i write now ???       ah, i know -- another party-report     i am now getting more and more used to this new seka and in fact its quite cool  .......   at the moment my clock shows 18:50 so quite many people are currently awake  ......   luckily there are quite many amigas at this party, but there are too many 64s (has this opinion of mine got anything to do with the fact that this is an amiga-product ?!?!? ...)    - - -    oh by the way, i have always been wondering why that many guys keep coding on the shitty c64, when they could easily switch to amiga  ???  i do not understand this, so someone explain it to me or even better : buy yourself an amiga !!