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         .......... yo thiz iz   vixen   of flash production typing some text for u        lean back and enjoy it    because it gonna be a long night fellows....  first some personel messages to some of my contacts and friends        crusaders...  yo copper and zuggly how are u   i really love your phonecalls to bad that we dont do that more offen  anyway great letters    hope we meet some day....         iceman of bounty   have u got a new adress lately..  just kidding   well see u in holland      ha..ha.. we are in holland        ftl of black monks i like your trainers very much   keep on going my friend        tsh of vision factory...  hope u get some new films now    anyway thanks for cool stuff as usual       tycoon of cosa nostra    thanks for stickers  i wont write wrong now will i  ..too bad that we dont swap anymore      dr. star of byterapers  lets not hope u loose my adress again. i really like your music disks make some more   bye..      improovers....  fucking fine letters  thats something i like       also a big hello to hawk of black monks          no more personel messys for now...      yo guys...    this is freagle of flash production  writing. right now its two oclock in the afternoon here at the  bamiga sector one copypardie in nederland.  its a great pardie  expect for the missing power.    our computers broke down lots of times  and we have only been here five hours.    see ya all in another demo from flash production.   signed    freagle of flash production.....              oh here i am again....    yes ofcourse its the pride.....    i have just written a scroller in our digital concert so im pretty low of ideas....   at this very moment a disk came flying through the air and almost hit vixen in his face...      that means war....     only kidding....   there havent still been released any really cool stuff at this party....   by the way there is a few girls at this party....   nice eh..   bamiga sector one have installed a big tv screen and at the moment they are showing ghostbusters ii...   on another big screen they are showing their latest stuff...   its a really nice idea but the power supply is not very happy about it....  at the beginning the power went out evry half hour but now its pretty ok....   well now i have to go out to find some stuff if possible...    so bye for now               its a wrap