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                                             hey yo - i@m yamato   and i@m now proud to present to you the first screen that was completely finished for this fab megademo, called @hit the road@ .......             yyeeeeaaaaahhhhh ..... i@ve just recieved the new seka (v3.2) from promax of kefrens and it turns out to be great !!!!!   specially the new screen-updating-routine using the blitter is very good, so thanx promax, and just keep on devellopping this product     .......      well, back to this demo - - - - i just wanna tell you that this type of scroller is actually an idea of mine - a sine-scroller with 2 tables,   and this scroller was coded aprox 2 months ago, but i couldn@t release it earlier, but still, it@s quite nice, eh ?                oh, by the way, if you are looking for the greetinx, i must disappoint you, coz they are not to be found in this screen, but in another !!              and how about a little party-report ?      the time is now 5-09 and its early thursday morning   ----   just at this moment quite alot of guys are asleep including most of the group, only me (yamato), vixen and commando are awake and we will probably have to stay awake for the rest of the party-time, if this megademo is to be finished (when you read this, the demo is most likely finished and we are sleeping happily in our sleeping-bags, but just this second we are facing aprox 40 hours  of stress and despare   )        ........................................ as you might have guessed, i@m pretty much out of words, so now i@ll advice you press the mouse-button and check out the next screen in this demo         hit the road       hit the road       hit the road       hit the road                                   restart