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    again we bring you a musicdisk   as always the music is composed by commando    first the credits    few bytes of coding by vixen yamato and freagle    graphix by a number one    right now we are at the  silents and red sector conference  in glostrup denmark     lots of freaks has showed up   about 400 people      a special thanks must go to  mikael balle of the silents  for lending us his monitor        first of all the graphics was drawn by denon  but two days ago we got this cool car  which was drawn by our graphicsman   a number one     so we used this picture instead                     yo here is the pride taking over        this seems 2 b a great pardie    lots of people have showed up    here in the flash production hq we are working hard on our new megademo we hope 2 release here at the pardie and we will compete at the democompetition         there will not b any greetings in this scroll       only hi 2   mr turnip of apex     dooley of paradox    morbid of cinefix     hmm  ohh sorry    cinefex design    buck and the rest of static bytes    all in upfront      the gnn of dual crew      copper and zuggly   yeah  ford rules    and bustman of crusaders   and all the other cool m8s i met at this cool pardie      i must go       another cool freak will take over        the pride fades away into the horizon                    yeah freagle is back to burn the dick out of your pants      at this very moment i am very sleepy and most of all i want to go to sleep     but there is no time for sleeping     our newmegademo has to be finished  so we can enter the democompetition         some personal from freagle must go to       maestro and nightlight of kefrens     parson of dcs     liteace and mr megamind of paradox     a little interuption from the pride     depeche mode rules and motor head sucks     mr perfect  mikael balle  crux  and jesper kyd of the silents   nice pardie guys        sorry guys   no more time to write     see you in the soon coming   digital concert 6   or our new megademo     no brain  no pain              r e s t a r t