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this is NO virus, but the bootloader for our new musicdisk called DIGITAL CONCERT 3    


signed  -->  YAMATO / FLASH PRODUCTION     in 1990

    now loading                          digital concert 3 !                            from          flash production       and once again we hit you with digital concert 3 !PPPPP         this time it lasts for 12-25 !!!!       this perfect mega-long music disk was released by   flash production  PPP  at the dexion-kefrens copy-party on the 17-02-90      - - - -       important !!   if you havent already hooked up your stereo-amplifier, then you must do it now !!!      what now       ah, ill send out the credits for this ---  ofcourse first of all the perfect 12-25 long music was done by commando        this superb piccy was drawn by our new graphic-artist called a no. one    and since we are talking about gfx, this charset was funked together by the pride    and i am yamato and i am the coder of this masterpiece in music-disks      this   play-while-loading player-routine  is an invention of flash production, and it works superbly, dont you think so                oh, by the way, i have promised commando to say this, so pay attention      some have said, that the samples on digital concert 2 were taken from d-mob, but that is a fat lie !!   all samples on digital concert 2 and 3 were sampled by us, so we havent stolen anything !!       some other guys have said, that they thought the music was boring and monotonous, but to them i simply say     fuck ya !! its greatPPPP          also you should check out our new megademo called  danish know-how  which is also released at this party, and its great, let me tell ya !!              well, since this text hasnt got unlimitted space, i think its about time to stop it, but before doing so, i just wanna tell ya this    spread and be cool PPP              wrap da text  ...........