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         .....   hey fans  ! ! !              check this out !          its digital concert 2 !           this is the coolest 12-41 min musicdisk ever made      and ofcourse it was done by flash production    .........         as already said it lasts for 12 minutes and 41 seconds so d-mob go home !!!   ha ha          you can at any moment check the time remaining at the bottom   ...     this fab music you are listening to was done by our new musician commando who recently joined us   and   the brandnew soundtracker-replayroutine was coded by yamato .......... this player is an invention af flash production, so dont nobody get no ideas ....                  oh by the way --- we are preparing digital concert 3  ----   so just all you fans stay tuned out there                      hey yo, now a message to the pride, who is not with us here at the upfront-party in randers dk ------ hey pride        very sorry, you were not here to meet us, but what the hell .......  hope you like this music-disk !!            well, nothing much more to say now, so i guess ill be off   - - -   see ya after packing this ....