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      yo fanz  !  this is gonzo of flash production writing to you from the bamiga party in nederland !!firzt i wanna fire of the credits !! all the coding and music was done by !!! gonzo !!!  credits for the graphics must go to these fine dudes   !!! denon !!! for the logo   !!! the pride !!! for the big charset   !!! freagle !!! for this charset   they are all dudes from !! flash production !!         now some personal messages coming up for    nosah of dcs  !  mach ii of flash production  !  parson of supreme  !  zuuni  !  bom         yo nosah   it was nice to hear from you   sorry not to meet ya at this party   i will make an intro for you in the near future and good luck with your new magazine  ! ! !    hello mach ii    thanx for ur postcard which we have been waiting for aprox four months !!! you can expect to hear from us soon  !!!   yo parson  looking forward to meet ya at the bamiga pardie in nederland  and  looking forward to show you thiz      kisses and hugs for your girlie  !!!   hey zuuni     glad to hear from you again       we will wait for your first code at this cool machine   !!!  yo bom     no greets for ya ! coz you and all your mafia friends in the north are so fucking lameheads ! ! ! ! !           this was all for now and gonzo of flash production are now signing of !!!!!                  all tunes are copyrights of gonzo of flash production ! ! !                ΓΏ   this is the greetings scroll    we send our special regards to the following dudes    acme factories  !  bounty  !  byterapers  !  complex  !  crusaders  !  digitech  !  druids  !  horizon  !  supreme  !  visison factory  !        and here is our normal greetings      alive ! amiga enterprises of cyborg power systems ! anarchy uk ! andromeda ! apex ! apace ! arcane ! avenger ! avoid ! beyond force ! black monks ! browbeat ! cosa nostra ! cult ! defcon one ! disknet ! d mob ! dominators ! dual crew ! europe ! exec ! exodus ! exos ! fraxion ! gate ! humanoids ! hypnoosis ! ipec elite ! john ! kul ! mastercrew ! micro wave ! mr thompson ! mutants ! plexus ! phaze one o one ! phoenix ! powerlords ! quartex ! random ! software of sweden ! squadron ! tarkus team ! the digital force ! the fearless team ! the real triangle ! the supply team and tartan army and kefrens ! tvt of genesis project ! top swap ! unique ! visual arts ! vortex fourtytwo ! x!men !    ok thats all for the greetinx    im sorry if we have forgotten anyone     i have to feeling that this greetinx list is not complete so if you are missing then let us know !!!!!!!!!                      

  welcome to digital concert produced       by ! gonzo of flash production !      use stick in port ii and press fire     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               !!! live inside paula !!!        this is my latest musicpiece and i have  chosen this one for my favorite piece  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             !!!! tequila sunrise !!!!         this musique was composed some months   ago ! but still one of my best ever !   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                 !!!! pissed off !!!!           i have used this tune on my new flash   intro so check out some ! evolutions !  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              !!! beyond darkness !!!          this tune have also been used for the   new flash intro ! check out my intro !  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              !!!! headbanger zax !!!!         what a funny name ! this was my first   attempt to make some unusual musique    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                !!!! times of dawn !!!!         one of the oldest musicpieces which i   have done in !!! flash production !!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              !!!! terminated extend !!!!      this version is a special edition of a  musix i made during a night at yamatos  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       

   welcome to the first music selector in the history of flash production...  all music composing and coding was properly done by gonzo.....     today it is saturday the 18. of november and i have just finished the last packing on this selector which gave me a lot of problems during the production of it....   but now it is a pleasure to look at the final result and i must give a few credits to my groupmate called   vixen   for some help and also to   yamato   for helping me with a new playroutine....    this music selector was spreaded at the bamiga sector one party in nederland today.... 5 members of flash production are here including me.....   hmmm.....    nothing more to write???!!!  i handle the keys for my groupmate ... the pride ...   go on boy ......           yeah...   this is a cool party...   the time is now 15.53 and there is a lot of noise in this room... there is a lot of different groups here but until now there havent been released much stuff....  too bad...       i want to send some messages to some of my contacts....   hi yamato...  to bad that you could not be here today... its really fun here...   hope to see ya later on another pardie...   hi striper of horizon....  its a shame that you could not come...   im looking forward to meet ya some day....    also hi to mr. turnip of lazer....   it was nice to meet ya....   no more messys this time....   everybody here at the party is playing battle squadron...  ok its a coool game but its too bad of those guys who are coming to a copyparty just to play the latest games....  well gonzo is standing behind me eating all my food and shouting something about that i should stop writing this text....    so i better do that....    see ya in another scroll....   handling the keyboard to another dude..     yo yo yo    this is freagle writing....  this party is just great...  beside me is einstein of the warfalcons     oh shit... what a cool dude    one of the best musicwizards in denmark   a big greeting must go to the girls on this pardie... no more craptext from me....  a last greeting must go to spiderman of xfactor     freagle of flash production signing off...    gonzo is writing again      important note for   mosy of the beastie boys..  sorry dude but i lost your adress at the last bs1 pardie in fredericia denmark  and  i would like ya to contact me again at this adress       tony fonager      egevej 8      7600 struer      denmark        and to all other cool musicians who wanna trade own music productions you can feel free to write for this adress  but  only for trading musix e.t.c. coz i dont wanna swap games and so on .. .. ..                        copyright november 1989