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2010-08-26 23:07:36
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as you can see this piece was made by celebrandil of fairlight. yes, fairlight, not north star anymore. how are you today, friends? I'm a bit tired myself, because i slept pretty bad last night. Maybe you've already seen this demo. I wanted to release this crap once again, because it hasn't been officially released yet. After it had won the first prize at a copy-party in Karlstad some months ago, someone took this piece and put it on a bloody comp-disk. who copies all these stupid demo disks? on the screen you see a continuesly animating 264-line object rotated around three axes. this demo is dedicated to my current girlie called asa. She's pretty nice, but i hate her friends, because they don't like computerfans and intellectuals. finally i want to send my best wishes to all my friends out their, especially to mr. wiz of fairlight who arranged this tune. .....bye ,bye ,i hope you write me soon.........