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        Deprotected by N.O.M.A.D        
    Minitext intro coded by N.O.M.A.D   
Interested in joining Fairlight?, Details coming up in 2 pages

-  F A I R L I G H T  -
Brings You: Dangerous Streets *AGA* from Micromania
Call these FAIRLIGHT bbs around the World or write to us at our Po-Box's
Mirage (WHQ)    [ELITE ONLY]      Trancentral(EHQ) +46-31585560 
The Ghetto      [ELITE ONLY]      The Fuck Shop    +49-PRI-VATE 
Empire          216-394-6184      Hallowed Point   +41-17862242 
Small Hours     305-985-0335      Splatter House   +44-815044217
Chaotic Entity  215-489-5783      A Kind Of Magic  +44-582476923
Dope House      +46-86031041      Offshore         +44-534856292
Sanctuary       +46-31918587      Millennia        +44-912843142
Neurobashing    +46-52274637      Oasis            [ELITE ONLY] 
Hangloose       +33-76547564      Bubble Bobble    +44/213556074
Moonstone       +33-40893407      Plastic Passion  +45-98238413 
Space Station   +39-64182022      Suffocation      +45-49180760 
Total Panic     +47-51575227      Tigers Talon     +49-228252754
FairLight A.D., P.o. Box 2411, Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates, Tel: +971/2662548
Fairlight, BP 95, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium
Press right mouse button to toggle -ECS- PAL/NTSC modes

Fairlight can supply you with all console back-up needs!,to buy one or to
become a reseller yourself,contact us on our World HQ or the Belgium PO Box

Interested in joining Fairlight?
Are you a Trader, CC supplier, Original supplier, BBS owner
or want to support Fairlight via money contributions?
Then contact JBM or Splatt! via these Fairlight Boards
Empire          (USA)      216 394 6184
Splatter House  (UK)       081 504 4217
Dope house      (SWEDEN)   8 603 10 41 
Call the FAIRLIGHT Party line on (USA) 900 288 9155+8803
ALL enquires will receive a reply, anyone considered

FAIRLIGHT - 7 Years of Glory