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        Deprotected by N.O.M.A.D        
    Minitext intro coded by N.O.M.A.D   
When dreams dreams come true

-  F A I R L I G H T  -
Brings You: Cannon Soccer Xmas special - Supplied by Amiga Format :)
Call these FAIRLIGHT bbs around the World or write to us at our Po-Box's
Mirage (WHQ)    [ELITE ONLY]      Trancentral(EHQ) +46-31585560 
The Ghetto      [ELITE ONLY]      The Fuck Shop    +49-PRI-VATE 
Empire          216-394-6184      Hallowed Point   +41-17862242 
Small Hours     305-985-0335      Splatter House   +44-815044217
Chaotic Entity  215-489-5783      A Kind Of Magic  +44-582476923
Dope House      +46-86031041      Offshore         +44-534856292
Sanctuary       +46-31918587      Millennia        +44-912843142
Neurobashing    +46-52274637      Oasis            [ELITE ONLY] 
Hangloose       +33-76547564      Bubble Bobble    +44/213556074
Moonstone       +33-40893407      Plastic Passion  +45-98238413 
Space Station   +39-64182022      Suffocation      +45-49180760 
Total Panic     +47-51575227      Tigers Talon     +49-228252754
FairLight A.D., P.o. Box 2411, Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates, Tel: +971/2662548
Fairlight, BP 95, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium
Press right mouse button to toggle ECS/AGA Chipset's PAL/NTSC modes

Fairlight can supply you with all console back-up needs!,to buy one or to
become a reseller yourself,contact us on our World HQ or the Belgium PO Box

Call the FAIRLIGHT Party line on (USA) 900 288 9155+8803

FAIRLIGHT - 7 Years of Glory