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                     EXTENSORS PRESENT                            ANOTHER            HISTORICAL         BREAKTROUGH...                                                                                                      HYPNAUTIC HAMMER II                                                                                  PROGRAMING DONE BY         ZYX           ATHMOSPHERIC AND  MINDTRIP CONCEPTS BY  TRAUMA PROJECTS     AGGREPPO BY ZYX       GRAPHICS BY      TRAUMA PROJECTS...                             NOW            OUR POWER HAS         REACHED A         REVOLUTIONARY           LEVEL...                                                                 EXTENSORS STANDS FOR   TECHNICAL AND          MUSICAL       INNOVATION, EXTREME     AND UNUSUAL        EXPERIMENTS...                                                               WE CLAIM TO DEVELOP   ELECTRONIC MAGIC   TROUGH COMBINATING  DIFFERENT STYLES...                                                                                  OUR RELEASES HAD  BEEN INNOVATIVE CUTS    ON OUR GLOBE          SO FAR...                                                                  EUPHORIC REACTIONS  FROM ALL OVER THE  WORLD CONFIRM US IN  HOLDING ON TO THIS     PHILOSOPHY...                                                                                        EXTENSORS             BEAT             EVERYTHING...                                                                                                                           ENJOY YOUR MINDTRIP.