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$2exage       $0attention   attention    we had to change our plk number so do not write any longer to plk 046555 d     now write to     plk 046630 d   $0  4500 osnabrueck  west germany      and now the credits for this little fucking intro   all coding done by  mission      logo and font drawn by  amok        greetinx to our members  mission  amok  tomcat  stranger  reverse  and  bad taste  greetinx to our contacts ...$3  thrax   active line   d tect   untouchables   vision factory   2 life crew   de lorean   pussy   panic   m   flashpoint  antares   possessed   tsb   andy and sharkey   adept german   esa   1000 volt   minkillers   action   celtic   warhead   aeon   annex  bubu   denon   tarkus team   brainstorm   savage   dr mad lord of the darkness   animators   and all i forgot $2 fuckinx to dirk sieverding  chucks      remember   exage are the best