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Sorry, not enough memory for Errors X-Mas demo...

  merry christmas, everybody!    good evening, and welcome to this little
 'demonstrandum amigicum'.    yes, we are
 proud to stand up with another amiga demo, after being
 away for so long.       this demo was released 18.12.89, nearly four months
 after our last release:  the megademo.         
 now, get seated, while we start with the credits...          
 wait a sec...      before we go on, we would just like to inform you that the speed of the
 scroller can be altered with the  -alt- keys...              you just couldn't
 keep your fingers away, could you?!!          ok, the
 credits:         all the binary juggling and most of the
 graphical layout and design was done by    
 the sentinel           the noisetracking was of course
 done by    * silver *     who in addition did those little
 fellows in the intro...              
#0     ****
 it's time for the big * errors / vision factory * music-competion * 
 in co-operation with the amiga magazine 'stolen data'.     
 *  all music composers should send their contribution to the address above.
  *  the results will be printed in a forthcoming issue of s.d.   
  the best tune will be awarded the first price, which consist of an
 unknown amount of disks, and a lot of fame/glory.    *     
 the deadline is set to the 25.01.90, but if you're reading this too
 late for that, you're free to send anyway.  we always like to hear
 from new, promising artists.                 
 well, today's the 15.12.89, and we ( silver and sentinel ) are sitting here
 at lindaas gymnas.  actually, we are now supposed to learn  edb ( electronic
 data treatment ) on some lame pc's.   but our teacher never dares to come
 into our corner of the classroom, where we and a pc-maniac have settled.    
 as you can see from the date it is now friday, and we have only got two whole-day
 tests and some other tests left before x-mas...                   
 hohoho!    this is santa-claus writing for you ! exclusively in the errors'
 xmas-demo!    what more could you ask for ?    well... i'm not really
 santa...   but, anyway, i look like him!    i'm actually silver and
 sentinel's teacher!  i a stomach about the size of a minimorris, and i have
 a red nose, which i've had since i first tasted my fathers christmasbeer.
   i believe it's about 36 years ago, by now...                 

 well, that was our teacher. as you can hear, he's looking forward to
 christmas...   we just can't break his heart by telling him about the x-mas
 virus we made earlier this year...  he'll discover it soon enough, anyway!
 this is the sentinel. i'm not sure what to write now...   i want to tell you
 what a great coder i am, but i can't write that straight out, can i?     
 bytheway, have you seen the 'seven sins' demo by scoopex finland?   i love
 it!   it's the best demo of the year.   when you think of it, it's quite
 unbelievable that such demos are made out of nothing but zeros and ones...   
    i had some terrible days trying to figure out how they did those
 amazing doublesinus scrollers, but it's quite simple when you come to think
 of it.   no, i'm not going to tell you how.   there'll probably be a demo
 from me soon ( within a year?! ) in which i will include such scrollers.   
if you're not too familiar with the label 'the errors', there's no need
 to be ashamed.   though we've existed on the amiga for over a year now,
 we haven't released out much yet...  about three lame demos...  
 and of course our megademo!  unfortunately, we first released a version
 which didn't work on kickstart 1.3... actually it didn't work to well
 on 1.2 either, but... nevermind.   after some time we released
 a 1.3 version, but... nobody seems to have got it.  so, if your version
 crash after 3 or 4 parts, you should immediately get our 1.3 version...
 yop, silver here, and now i want to send some personal handshakes to :     
 nosah / dcs - hope you like this demo, and that it will reach you in time
 for the big S.D.release...     
 superted / vision factory - hallo, pelle!  no more fucking telephoneterror,
 please!   harfharf!   no hard feelings, freak!  you're cool even if you're
 a bit (!!) slooow...     
 walkman - thanx for your sending!  your **music** will remain the  b e s t !!
 ( at least in norway... )    some quick regards to :  manowar, punisher,
 the end, n.o.p, keeper, skimmer, bish and the rest of the freax.            

 my turn! the sentinel is going to send some hellos to:     bustman / errors:
 our new member. cool graphix you make.             hardcore / errors:
 how are you 'over there'? did you find yourself an amiga?      
 speedy 'the fish' / visual arts: always nice to talk to you. hope to see
 your megademo 2 soon.          i guess that's all. and then some shorties
 to buz, rebel/horizon, superted/vision factory,
 argon/apace and jamcat/phobia...       also i would like to say sorry
 to all my contacts for the slow/lame sendings lately... the last six
 months, actually.    the problem is the usual one: school! 
 before we quit we would like to tell you, just in case you haven't
 noticed, that you're able to enter an editor to design your own sinus
 for the bobs and stix, by pressing *space*!  then you can use arrow keys
, numeric 0 and *del* to edit the sinedata...     that's about it...  now
 it's time to say goodbye.    hope to see you again in the year to come!
         you haven't seen the last from  silver and sentinel  - 
 the creative duo  of  the errors!