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                                                                                        a mintro    arranged at the 3rd intern conference of our nasty crew! if you want to read a very funny story of this party  you should stay in front of your machine for a while! dont hesitate!!!!       the people who worked on this mini-intro are      bros of alcatraz for the keyboard work     fineline of equinox was keyboard assistent     zendo and duke worked with a drunken mouse on the graphics      and digital expression is responsible for the sound   the rest of the guys who dont were drunken or sleeping helped us with food  drink and moral support!!!!!     ok   thats all with the creds! now some words from the BBS owner -the fineline-                                                  dont know what to say                      ok ok        so-here-we-go       i dlike to thank bros for his nice work    duke for his swiss-schoggi    freezi for being the fastest trader around    zendo for his nice graphics - arranged by duke -     and and and    the sun for shining    the world for turning    the saddam for bombing    the saddam virus for bombing my bytes    the purgold for giving new strenght   the sound for playing    the other dudes for having a nice time here    the dj duke for mixing only shit    the thc -saufbirne- for nice ex-drinking   rapid angel for calling me at 5 in the morning    -paska-    my computer for working    the weihere for great smoking and swimming    the hard rock pub at ayia napa -zyprus- for meeting drunken swiss guys    and all members of the green leaf    yes yes     i can tell you     ok now ithrow the keyboard to duke      --- yep im back  first  i d wanna thank some people   caroline  olivia  nathy  for these crazy ninights   hehe we could make a -parthouse- next time      -- hi insane  sorry for the latem hey skifahrer du bisch an archloch   warum bisch net mit de andere cho?????  geile phonesex anyway- send my cd back --- hi rapid angel  sorry but i was sleeping  hehe --- hi octon of eqx  ig van an oel  -not an raevoel  -- hi sauron of eqx   ig wanna ficka  so send my disks back  --  hy tee jay of eqx  thanks for the sleeping place  when are you coming in switzerland ??  --  hi rioter so what about your so what? we are waiting for it  ---  warlord of eqx  salut ma puce tu vas bien? espece de tablar!  ---  to procyon   hi little -sika-  no  its only a jojoke  ---   now  we wanna tell you the story of the party here in wettswil -switzerland        5    4    3    2    1    0                attention attention now thc is trying to smash the keyboard! he just awake from sleep !uaaaa these motherfuckers just pulled me outta my sweetest dreams for write some stupid text in this damned scroll sooo i try to manage it ina case coz i am nearly falling asleep again!!!! well well thc is going to get some more sleepuaaa get another stupid idiot to write bloody bullshit!!! some short greetinx flying out to rapid angel in equinox sweden and carina!!! vi ringa i carina jochum???? thc is finally signing off!!! good night dudes!!!! yep here is master freez writing now ! thc is now in his dream-world heheheh ! gaehhnn i am also very tired ! pretty sucking girls flying to - all my contacts - all sysops - and a mega girl is flying to insane ! thanx for your very funny phonecalls late in the night - knulla rules - hehehehehe ! ok thats all from me bye bye ! hey folx, the whole team is going to spray 2 - 3 words now its tgr i hope you know, one of the greatest things on this poor earth is the telephone    people around the world are making  o v e r d o s  of it   isnt it insane   a goldenregard to all all all alla la la al  my contacts spirit of anorexia zendo master freez andof course the little the mega little the gnome thc    last words for your health  dont let the stress overtake you !!! yo guys ! ! here is     z e n d o  ! ! some mega greetings flyto all my contacts worldwide ! this time my amiga is defect     sorry guys !!!! bye ! hello outa here, here is Helioth of Vega taking the keyboard to type some bullshit ! The meeting place here in wettswil is pretty nice and some nice guys showed up So my meeting greetings are flying to - TGR of Equinox - Ipsos of Equinox - Bros of Alcatraz and the rest of the guys present at this meeting ! Master Freeze wants me to write some scrolly so I do ! My mega handshakes are flying to - Blacky of Vega - Hope you like my 310 kilobytes letter ! - - Bacteria of Vega - Bros of Alcatraz - Coronal of Exit - Ipsos of Equinox - Mac of Abject - Filippetto of Vega - Sledge of Zeus  - Spirit of Classic - TGR of Equinox - The Dog of Eremation - Wooper of Profecy -  That is all freaks ! My text is over ! ---- Now the Demo is over --- the Show has to end ---  It is Time to say goodbye --- Bros says saluti a tuti --- salut a tout le monde --- asta la vista --- tschouzaemae --- Auf Wiedersehen ihr Flaschen --- scroong --- dovidenja --- tinjoi --- guru meditation in your brain-storm- ---       your masterblurk, Bros and helioth