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 energy is back...  stronger than ever with two new members here in austria. - clint and magic sector -    this menu was coded and created by: antibyte and lion of energy...  

special greetings go to: subway (mark, george, george 2), scoopex (ranger, anty), vision factory (kevin), paradox (dooley), defjam and accumulators (neale), red sector (traitor, irata, sir mighty), spreadpoint (christopher, mathew and tilt), horizon (rebel), alpha flight (vision 1), immortal (red bull, ray jackson), ibb and piranhas (franz), conqueror and zike, triumph (osiris, tor, falch), thrill (starcrasher), adept (stranger), ecsatsy (big al), tarkus team (fox), savage (saigon, sterling) and to the rest of the best !!        
normal greets in a-z order go to: acl, acme factories, addicts, alive, alpha connection, abakus, abandon, doom, alpha flight, arcadia, assix, brainstorm, broken bones, bounty, cave, complex, deadzone, ecstasy, flash prod., fraxion, humanoids, italian bad boys, jungle command, kefrens, neutron dance, no limits, northstar, paradox, phaze 101, piranhas, pure metal coders, rebels, scream, silents, special brothers, supplex, suxxess, system 5, team-x, titanics, vision, visual arts, wizzcat and all we have forgotten.               

   energy presents a crappy game !!!!   
intro by antibyte and lion of energy !!!
unlimited lives:                     off
unlimited energy:                    off
unlimited bombs:                     off
unlimited torpedos:                  off
enjoy the silence:                   off
i love depeche mode:                 off
...and front 242:                    off
...and of course jean michel jarre:  off
unlimited ammo:                      off
unlimited money:                     off
immortality:                         off
start at level:                      01 
amount of lives:                     03 
amount of bombs:                     50 
amount of torpedos:                  25 
autofire:                            off
high speed game mode:                off
no enemies:                          off
keine ahnung:                        off
was weisz denn ich:                  off
energy is lame:                      off
in austria energy is the number..... 01 
              push it !!!               
  note:   fuck you mouse !!!!