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this is a new menu by antibyte of energy
hi everbody !!! i hope ya like it....   
this menu was coded by the incredible...
        antibyte of energy !!!          
greetings to all friends and contacts.  
unlimited lives:                     off
unlimited time:                      off
unlimited ammo:                      off
unlimited bombs:                     off
unlimited money:                     off
unlimited fucks (?):                 off
no enemies:                          off
atari st mode:                       off
unlimited was-weisz-ich:             off
start at level:                      01 
auto-fire:                           off
              push it!                  
note: use mouse to control !!!!    bye! 

B      energy       is back in business.Z–              Acoded and created by: antibyte of energy ZÈ...   ---------------------------     B   coming soon...      new trainers, crax, demos, intros and our sound-splash 3 .....   A- energy -    we make training possible...     the origin of all real crackings...             stay cool and see us rule...         enough bullshit      -bye-