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2011-05-09 23:03:09
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   presents tbird    
unlimited lives: off
unlimited energy:off
no enemies:      off
unl. mega-shoots:off
amount of shoots:03 
      push it !     

 tbird was trained by antibyte of energy! it was cracked by mr.e of oracle.   intro coded by antibyte.  i send a personal greet to backlash (thanx for the depeche more tape!)...       energy sends special greetings to: subway (mark, george, george 2), scoopex (ranger, anty), vision factory (kevin), paradox (dooley), defjam + ccs + accumulators (neale), red sector (traitor, irata, sir mighty), spreadpoint (christopher, mathew nad tilt), horizon (rebel), alpha flight (vision 1), immortal (red bull, ray jackson), ibb + piranhas (franz), conqueror + zike, triumph (osiris, tor, falch), thrill (starcrasher), adept (stranger), ecstasy (big al) and to: silents, kefrens, system 5, broken bones, wizzcat, savage,  ...and to the rest of the best...       bye...