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. energy brings you another trainer. this time its done by greili. Maybe i will do more trainers in the future. and watch out for our soon coming animation-disk called mina1 (couse its the first one of maybe a sieries)    many thanx to antibyte for his great menus and the help                   

if you want to contact us write to the following adress:    greili  postlagernd  a-8490   (in austria of course)      or torture your modem and call   sign o times  :    --49 2306 18637          

my personal greetings (in order of my adressbook) go to:   derrel,kerium,sergej (xerox) ,  df0:(k.o.t.) ,  wild rage(grace) ,  floyd(tension) ,  steff(shining8) ,  duke(apex) ,  tom(d-light) ,  raider(awesome) ,  frantic(defcon1) ,  pinhead(anarchy) ,  patrick(prologic) ,  agentx(argon) ,  cobburn (analog) ,  bytman ,  paranoiak(eoc1999) ,  chris(iris) ,  quason(brainwave) ,  skywalker(the specials(quartex)) ,  bozo(rebels) ,  jean(cerberos) ,  zozo(majic12) ,  charlie(acme) ,  woofer(them) ,  grimjack(utopia) ,  punisher(cycron) ,  inzane(megastyle) ,  firecode(?) ,  tom(complex) ,  zice(legend)    and of course to all members of energy !

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            energy presents             
       s h a d o w   d a n c e r        
       trained by greili of energy      
          cracked by : dont know        
    great menu by antibyte of energy    
      thanx for that and your help      
unlimited lives                      off
unlimited time                       off
unlimited credits                    off
unlimited smartbombs                 off
start at level                       01 
amount of lives                      01 
           start the action             
 sorry for few options. i just started  
 doing trainers. next time you will see 
             better quality             
    watch out for our soon coming       
     made in coproduction with xerox    

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the amiga is a... 
    secret    .... 
    energy    ... 
 is a mystery