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 decton megatrainer 
unlimited time:  off
unlimited lives: off
starting time:   90 
starting lives:  09 
start at level:  01
       push it !     

++ other text

another brick in the wall...decton megatrainer was done in one hour as usual by stranger of cracked by tma...this trainer was also done for friendship, the federation against business...some people still believe it is cool to train with cartridges, we can only hope they will die soon...ok, and now we would like to welcome our newest member      genesis     we all hope you like it here !!!         as you maybe heard already, energy and chaos are making a party for amiga and c-64 in weiz, austria from 23.6 to 24.6 1990!!!    to get an invitation, write to the following address, also if you want to swap with us !    write to :     stranger of energy      postlagernd       8160 weiz     austria......our special regards are going to :    subway , scoopex , paradox , tarkus team , accumulators , conqueror and zike , vision factory , ecstasy , rebels , afl , ibb , wizzcat , broken bones , the silents , triumph , system five , megadeth , apex , immortal , saigon , robotech......if you were not mentioned then contact me !      the game itself is one of the worst games ever made, but i was so bored, so i trained it.....hope you like it anyway......bye and see you all at our party and one week later at the silents and red sector party in denmark !!!!       signed : stranger in june 1990.......