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 energy presents blues brothers...  a shit game cracked by the company...   trained within 3 hours by the unstopable duo: antibyte and g-tronic or g-tronic and antibyte. hmmmm, my brain sucks...  so bye, and wait for our outcoming productions.      creditz: coding by: antibyte, music by: backlash.               
g-tronic and antibyte of energy...     
personal psycho greetings from g-tronic and antibyte to: mcm (ober-psycho), ranger of scoopex (nice chat!), stranger (waiting for a comeback...), coma, sergej and daryl of xerox, edison of cerberos (waiting for your gfx!), mark and george 2 of subway, cruzifix (please write back!), reebok (trsi-pc) and all other psychos and friends of us....        bye...                                  

           -= e n e r g y =-            
           blues brothers +17           
              trained by:               
         antibyte and g-tronic!         
unlimited energy:                    off
unlimited shield:                    off
invisibility:                        off
time of shield:                      50 
atari st mode (joke!):               off
keyfunctions:                        off
no collision:                        off
              push it !!!               
      call energy at these boards       
 sign o@ times (whq): 0049(0)2306-18637 
spiritual healing (ehq): 0049-5251-35067
    road house (fhq): 0032-1437-2763    
    metalimpact (bel): 0032-5038-36     
attack of the killer b-s: 060-7045-8967 
             coming soon:               
           high-energy (ahq)            
        world in a world (ghq)          
energy.... we bring you back to what it 
is all about: quality!!                 

f2 - sound on/off 
f5 - commit suicide
f9 - toggle filter
if you selected @keyfunctions on@ try: 
1  - unlimited energy on
2  - unlimited energy off
3  - refill energy
4  - get shield
5  - invisibility on
6  - invisibility off
7  - atari-st mode on
8  - atari-st mode off
done by antibyte and g-tronic of energy in (c) 1991