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 spaceflight one            by backlash 
 silstar                    by backlash 
 digital observer           by backlash 
 the hunt                   by backlash 
 excitation                 by backlash 
 spaceport one   reprise    by backlash 
 ok                         by backlash 
 dreamland                  by backlash 
 nightlife                  by backlash 
 the last fight             by backlash 
 broken heart               by backlash 
 medieval happy song        by backlash 
 xemanoid                   by backlash 

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    It was exactly a year ago, when we have released our last music disk...    
                      Now, ENERGY is proud (?) to present:                      
                             --- SOUND SPLASH IV ---                            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Call one of these fine boards to get all the latest ENERGY releases:      
SIGN O TIMES        (WHQ)  ++49-2306-18637  (Sysop: NCD)                        
SPIRITUAL HEALING   (EHQ)  ++49-5273-21624  (Sysop: SNIFFY, Cosysop: STAGEDIVER)
DARK CENTURY        (GHQ)  ++49-5113-880447 (Sysop: BLACKSTAR)                  
DARK MIRROR       (US-HQ)  +1 404-993-8624  (Sysop: THE ANIMAL)                 
PROJECT D         (US-HQ)  +1 313-952-5624  (Sysop: DUAL CAPSTAN)               
ROAD HOUSE          (BHQ)  ++32-1437-2763   (Sysop: TESLA)                      

                             or call these boards:                              
RED ALERT           (FHQ)  ++35-8027-10784  (Sysop: DR. DEGREZ)                 
UNITY FIELDS        (NHQ)  ++31-2208-96882  (Sysop: OPTIMIZE)                   
Please, do not slay me, if I have typed a number or a name wrong. It was a      
boring work anyway.                                                             

        If you have no modem and you want to contact us, then write to:         
GREILI                         or   MALCOM                or   (STORM)          
POSTLAGERND                         P.O. BOX 38                PLK 028000 E     
8490 BAD RADKERSBURG                4026 LINZ                  7500 KARLSRUHE 21
AUSTRIA                             AUSTRIA                    GERMANY          

I (AntiByte) know very well  that this  demo is not  up to date.  But I must say
that I started coding this demo  one year ago, directly after  Sound Splash III.
In the meantime I was training games  and was  active working on  various  other
projects, as you have maybe seen.  So I had not  very much time to  work on this
music disk.  Finally I decided  not  to finish and release this  lame thing, but
then the  moral support of Jason, Backlash and MC Merlin changed my opinion...  
And now you are looking at the result of it at this very moment.(But who cares?)

                            It is time for the creditz:                         
                          Coding by:  AntiByte of ENERGY                        
                           Musix by:  Backlash of ENERGY                        
                           Logos by:  MC Merlin of ENERGY                       
           Uppercase Hi-Res Font by:  MC Merlin of ENERGY                       
                  16 Colour font by:  Eagle                                     
                          Design by:  AntiByte of ENERGY                        

Now some personal messages from AntiByte to various people...   Hi to: JASON (Hi
guy, I hope  that the  problems will  be solved soon,  and we will  return  even
stronger!!), Stranger (Keep up your fast work!), Backlash (We always speak about
meeting each other, and then we never do !!), Iceman of Orbituary (Thanx for the
nice animation, and how Jason would have said it: You will NEVER join Energy !),
G-tronic and T.S.S. (Welcome to our crew, dudes. Note to Gerd:  still working on
the world record ???), Wutz (on PC; Tussis and lameness rules your world !?!!), 

Cruzifix of The Special Brothers (Cool letters! Sorry for the long delay, but it
is Icemans fault. Changed your group yet again???),  Reebok of TRSI (Till now  I
have no intention to join you. And sorry that TCB of Energy Belgium  had a fight
with you on that party.),  Depredators (C64; Where is my money?),  MC Merlin and
Uschi of Energy (Write articles and find a pseudonym for her!), Greili of Energy
(Thanx for the invitation, but Radkersburg is very close at the Yugo-frontier.),
Mark and George II of Subway  (See you at another  meeting.),  Coma of Orbituary

(Quit the scene ?),  Saigon of Savage (dead?),  SuckSpeed (What is up with  your
mag? It seems that the V.A.P.O. is taking it over!?!)...                        
Also hi to some former members:  Don,  Quaterback,  Daryll,  Lion, Magic Sector,
Clint and Floyd.  I hope to see you all at the Amiga World in Vienna in autumn. 
Fuckings to all people, who spread lies about us, like in Hack-Mag 5.  And thanx
to all who voted for us in the Bad Tongue and F.R.A.U.D. !!!                    
                  Now an important message to the whole world:                  

                              @# STOP COMMUNISM @#                              
                              Rotfront verrecke !!                              
            (Hi to all members of the V.A.P.O. in this connection.)             

As I do not know what to write, I will give you the list of our glorious member:
                                  In AUSTRIA:                                   
                                  In GERMANY:                                   
                                and COMMANDER X.                                

                                  In BELGIUM:                                   
                  TCB, TESLA, JR, THE GRIFTER, BONGO, THE FOX.                  
                                  In HOLLAND:                                   
                                  In  SWEDEN:                                   

                                  In FINLAND:                                   
            VIBRILLION, MAGNUM, RED BARON, DR. DEGREZ and DR. TECHNO.           
                                  In NORWAY:                                    
                                 In the U.S.A.:                                 
                DUAL CAPSTAN, THE ANIMAL, OSCAR, DRAGON SLAYER.                 

Sorry, if I have forgotten someone. Thanx to Jason and Stagediver for making the
Well, I think it is time for some bullshit! Let me tell you a funny fact: As you
all  now  the  FRIENDSHIP-movement  was  founded  by  Spreadpoint.  But I know a
member of them, which is a anti-social. His name is Ucom and he is a punk!!! And
I think that punks, with their anti-social attitude, have now idea what  friend-
ship means! Thank God that Ucom has already stopped his activities on the Amiga.

No more ideas...         Hmmm (thinking, please wait...................)        
I think that there is nobody on this planet, who has read this text anyway, so  
fuck off and die twice.                                                         
Time to end! See you soon in an other production of us (hopefully!).   BYE...   
               Stay cool and see US rule!            signed: ANTIBYTE of ENERGY!

***** *   * ***** ****   **** *   *      ***  *   *  **** ***** ****  ***  ***  
*     **  * *     *   * *      * *      *   * *   * *       *   *   *  *  *   * 
****  * * * ****  ****  *  **   *       ***** *   *  ***    *   ****   *  ***** 
*     *  ** *     *  *  *   *   *       *   * *   *     *   *   *  *   *  *   * 
***** *   * ***** *   *  ****   *       *   *  ***  ****    *   *   * *** *   * 

++ Other text

 hi! it's antibyte writing some stupid, senseless pieces of text, which are meant to entertain you! but who cares...  at first some arrogant words from me:  in the news-corner of hack-mag 5, there stood that energy thinks that they are the best trainer-group. we don't only think that we are the best trainer-group, we are actually the best trainer-group on this planet. just look at our new world-record of 281 plus done by g-tronic.  i must admit that we are not the fastest, but our quality is unbeaten up to now.  o.k. now fuckings go to the greatest lamer in austria: iceman!! no more words about this shithead.  got to go now..   see ya at an other production.           

++ Other text

well... i thought it
was time to put some
unreleased  sounds
together to a music-
now  energy presents

++ Other text

 This is not a virus, it is the loader of Sound-Splash IV.  So do not destroy this boot and get out of it anyway!!!  All coding by AntiByte of ENERGY !!!