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 Hi here is AntiByte of ENERGY. This is NOT a virus !!! It is only the loader of our Sound-Splash 3. So do not destroy it ! 

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     energy presents sound-splash 3     
the violent woman                  (cfs)
spacebattle-victory           (backlash)
stealin notes                      (cfs)
junky                         (backlash)
sad echo                           (cfs)
holidays at gaensehaeufel          (cfs)
my best friend                     (cfs)
echology                      (backlash)
spaceport                     (backlash)

++ Other text

sounds like violence, break the silence...    energy is proud to present sound.splash 3 - music for the masses...           Xenergy sends special greetings to:          Xsubway (mark, george, george 2), scoopex (ranger, anty), vision factory (kevin), paradox (dooley), defjam + ccs + accumulators (neale), red sector (traitor, irata, sir mighty), spreadpoint (christopher, mathew nad tilt), horizon (rebel), alpha flight (vision 1), immortal (red bull, ray jackson), ibb + piranhas (franz), conqueror + zike, triumph (osiris, tor, falch), thrill (starcrasher), adept (stranger), ecstasy (big al) and to: silents, kefrens, system 5, broken bones, wizzcat, savage,  ...and to the rest of the best...     now something different: arathon is no longer a member of energy. i do not know if the other members agree with me, but in my opinion he is really an unreliable and extremly lazy person. arathon, you will see your problems multiplied, if you continually decide to make your work as you used to do it.  you may be a good spreader, but you are not a good swapper.  so arathon improve your work or fuck off and die twice. enough bullshit about arathon (he is not even worth those words.[words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm.])       now some wise words by wutz (he is an ex-member of energy.): did you know that riding tussis is more fun than riding horses ??? antibyte: oh, i did not know that, coz i have never ridden a horse...  (i also have never ridden a tussi, but never mind.)  in this case i (wutz) hope you (antibyte) get your satisfaction in other ways like sleeping with your amiga.            hey wutz i (antibyte) do not need to get physical satisfaction. i am on a higher level with my amiga. it gives me mental satisfaction. wutz hopes that antibyte will become lucky with his amiga. (antibyte: i surely will.) before i give antibyte the control over the keyboard i want to say that i will soon found a energy division on the pc.            if you have enough of these terrible cfs sounds, you can either load a backlash sound or turn off your machine and...  enjoy the silence.   the creditz:   all coding by           Xantibyte ...   muzax by cfs and backlash.   logo by stranger. all of them are members of energy.    ...end of text                         

++ Other text

energy is proud to present: -  sound-splash 3 - !!! yeah! here is the music-disk you all have been waiting for. so press the left one and enjoy it!!      no greetz here, look in the main part for it.          all coding by: antibyte of energy.              -bye-