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   D    hello again !!!!!  we are back with our greatful soundsplash 2 and we hope you have much fun with the different sounds on this disk.  this time all sounds are Carranged by our soundman Bblacklash. coding by don and quaterback. C text by don and quaterback !!!?!! (wuerg) ok guys , quaterback is on the keyboard now. sgmpfethempffnvcn....  hey !!! not on the keyboard !!!!    hehehe    right place now ! question to geronimo : whats about your special effects in your new intro ( new intro ???    small intro !!!!! heheheh ) which routine in this intro is selfmade ???  oh i know:   jsr end ... end: rts ....  guru-meditation !! when will you pay our routines ??? send money to our psk konto nr 0123 4711 0815 !!!!   and now some hipp-hopps to our friends all over the world :Bthe special hipp-hopps are going to :        piranhas  (great party !!!).       scoopex         subway and dream team         cascade .       the goonies         threat         setrox  (whats about the grafiks for our game ???)         tsk and acc         level 4 C         our normal hopplas ... aaeeehh hupplas ... ueeh ... hippies ( hey , what now ?? ) hoppis to :        spreadpoint    tag-inxs    the rebels C   and all other good partners and friends        ohhh, i have forgotten !!!!!!    our members all over the world:    energy-germany    energy-uganda    energy-honduras    energy-sibirsk  D  uaaaaaaah .. peng .. pufffff .. noooooo .. wuerg ..     ok. Cdon is on keyboard again !!!! hey quaterback , i hate neverending stories !! finish this sin(los) scroll .... hey quaterback , say something !! mmmmmpfmmmpfpfpfuaaaeeehhh .....  ehem huestel ... pleeeease finish it now !!!!  attention !!! quaterback has destroyed his rubber jacket and is back to the     D uaaaaaaah .. peng .. pufffff .. noooooo .. wuerg ..    C this is now the end of the text and i hope you enjoy our  great ....(whats great???) ... ok ... our great sound.  look out for soundsplash 3. you can  get it in some weeks.   contact us for swapping.  write to:      Benergy-austria 60    8027 graz.         bye!!!