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   hi friends this is  D      Z      of   energy W    W austria W    W       Z        with the poison demo          M     the personal greets go to     all members of ea  especially to quaterback   floyd and jason      jugger and louis cypheer of red scorpions    mark and george ii of subway     ranger   anty and joe of scoopex    saigon of savage     chuck of fairlight         M the specials of quartex     tilt of spreadpoint             U             the credits go to S daryllB for codingB    iluvator forB the gfx   backlashB for the sound    to contact energy write to    jason  postfach  8330B feldbach  austria   or to  B energy  poste restante  80710 lehmo  Bfinland   or to   geili  postlagernd   8490 badB radkersburg L austria   or call sign o times  0049 02306 18637