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once again... energy presents the pack 8-90 done by jason. message: we are searching for 2 members. if you want to join us, write to: jason, postfach, 8330 feldbach, austria. also for swapping. but remember: you must be good. members of energy are: jason, antibyte, backlash, lion, genesis, magic sector, clint, larry, cfs, floyd, daryll, don and quaterback.   special greets to: savage (saigon, sterling), subway (all in subway), scoopex (ranger, anty), vision factory (tsh, kevin), paradox (dooley), red sector (irata, sir mighty, traitor), tarkus team (fox), spreadpoint (christophe), horizon (rebel), alpha flight (frankie), immortal (red bull, ray jackson), ibb + piranhas (franz), thrill (starcrasher), triumph (osiris, tor, falch), ecstasy (big al), adept (stranger) and to: silents, kefrens, system 5, broken bones, wizzcat, vison, teutonics, acl, fraxion, complex, spirit, no limits, rebels, gfr-projekt, datastorm, cult, pure metal coders, sun connection, the special brothers,  dual crew, triangle, assix, animators, brainwave, prologic, exterminators, thyrone, B.B.B., Phaze 101, onyx, amaze, iris, gate, abakus, abandon, aofcf, thr, doom,... and to all we have forgotten.  you can contact us under:     jason, postfach, 8330 feldbach, austria.     or:     larry, postfach 30, 8082 kirchbach, austria.     if you want to contact our german member genesis, then write to:     plk 056 812d, 46 dortmund 1, germany. credits for this intro: coding...antibyte, sound by backlash of energy, logo by iluvatar  of fraxion.  signed: jason of energy.