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hope to see you again next time

 hi! welcome to lions vectordemo. i hope you will like it! the scroller was codedby antibyte and the music is from cfs.  i am a member of energy austria and     responsible for the vectorroutines  and i want to send special greets in the    
name of all members to the now mentionedgroups:                                 
subway  scoopex   vision factory  savageparadox  defjam and accumulators  thrilltarkus team  spreadpoint  alpha flight  immortal  ibb and piranhas  thyrone     triumph   horizon   adept   red sector  ecstasy   soc. brigade                  
normal greets go to: silents  kefrens   system 5  broken bones  wizzcat  rangerscybernethic crew  cfr projekt  complex  vision  spirit  no limits  rebels  assixdatastorm  pure metal coders  dual crew sun connection   the special brothers   
triangle  animators  exterminators  acl brainwave  prologic   b.b.b.   phaze 101onyx  amaze  iris  gate  abakus  abandomaofcf  doom  thr   and to all the othersi forgot .........   if you think this  vectorroutine is slow please note that  
it combines filled vectors with stencil and rasterlines   and vectorbobs! this  demo was coded in 1990 by lion of energy
energy consists of the following members: quaterback  don  jason  floyd  daryll antibyte  cfs  backlash  larry  hazard  magic sector  clint  genesis  and  me.  if you wanna contact us please write to:jason   postfach   8330 feldbach        
we are looking forward hearing from you!............... bye bye ................