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yo vip, lets kick it!   energy presents  -- push it! + qattro -- by silverbyte creative software on one disk! original and released by jason of energy. call our german board     sign o times     at: ++49/(0)2306/18637     or write to: jason, postfach, 8330 feldbach     or     greili, postlagernd, 8490 bad radkersburg     or     malcom, p. o. box 38, 4026 linz.  all of coz in austria! and now some greetings to our best contacts and friends worldwide:          triangle     subway     scoopex     horizon     angels & defjam     skid row     spreadpoint     savage     red sector     complex     vision     northstar     silents     bloodsuckers     alpha flight     italian bad boys     rebels     cult     gfr project     exult     untouchables     dynamix     pure metal coders     analog     flash production     ecstasy     kefrens     brainstorm     front 242     no limits     dual crew     front     animators     brainwave     miracle     prologic     exterminators     united forces     odissey     special brothers     euphoria     acl     trinomic     royal amiga force     system 5     liquid gold     broken bones     abakus     end of century 1999     justice     wizzcat     thrill     grace     ensignia     sixpack     zenith     amaze     iris     soc. brigade     chromance     cyberiad     advance     countach     intuition     triumph      ... and to all other cool dudes out there!  creditz for this intro: intro coded by antibyte, grafix: mc merlin, font: cascade, sound: arcane.     signing off: jason.     ---------------------------------------------------------------------