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hello guys! you are watching another demo by .energy.. i hope you like it!!!  o.k. and now i (antibyte) want to send a little fucking to wutz, because of his laziness. i think his girl-friend is to blame for that. she must have turned off his multi-tasking and she takes too much of his raster-time. but besides she is really ugly!  now let us stop this bullshit (hey, this was no bullshit, it is the truth ya know !!!)     ............. hey guys, you can contact our mega-swapper jason.....        jason postfach (no number)   8330 feldbach    austria                        watch out for more intros+demos from energy.              . by antibyte of energy ..........      energy austria   Z.         bye...       Zd            

++ Other text

Benergy!  WD.    Cwelcome to Ba coSol new demo Bfrom  C     J   energy!  CX1D.  this wonderful mTasterpiece was coded by:     J       antibyte! D.SC    the tremendous logo was done by:J    iluvatar! D.C      Tand the incredible music by:J    backlash! D.C       now a little note: Bx15 crew Cis dead !! butS antibyte and wutz of x15 crew joined the world-famous Benergy Caustria.  the otheTrs of x15 crew started a new lamer-group called B#skyfox# (hi there, suckers !!!)C...  o.k. now let#s speak about lamSers and losers. i think there is a big difference between those two types of people. at first there are two kinds of Tlamers: 1.) the lamer, who thinks that he is a great guy (but he isn#t). 2.) the lamer, who is really mega-stupid and a dull bullfrog. (but this people are really poor, #coz they are stupid born and they can#t do anything against their stupidness).  and now the Slosers: they may not be silly, but their prToblem is: they always try to make something good, but in the end they fail. (but nevertheless they have tried !!!).        stop - now it#s backlash#s turn !!! hi daryll ! have you solved the riddle of the replayroutine from the noisetracker ? i hope you#ll find it out ! #cause songwriting your own would be very difficult for an anti-musician !!! so fuck off #n die !!!     hi heSre is larry! best regards to all of you ! (???)          yep! now let#s start with the greetings (a-z order. press right rat-button to stop the scroll.): accession, accuTmulators, acl, acme factories, addicts, alive, alpha connection, alpha flight (apology), amnesia, animate, arcadia (hi nimitz! thanx for your chewingS-gums !!!), avalanche, black monks (hi joas!), bloodsuckers, brainstormers, bounty, cave, celtic, complex, cop, deadzone, defcon one, digitech, dominators, doublTe density crew, druids, dueco, eclipse, escape, excel u.k., exxos, fatal error, flash prod., fraxion (hi guardian! very special greetings to you.), freestyle u.k. (hiS bigal! thanx for hot stuff.), guards of doom, headwave, humanoids (hey, his name is wutz and not nuk! but never mind.) , indy, italian baTd boys, jungle command, kefrens, lazer, m.a.d. (hi djiin !! nice sex demo. i wonder, who was the modell. maybe it was you ???), maffia, moshers, mythos, neutron dance, no limits, northstar, organic (hi biotron! send soon.), phaze 101, phoenixS, piranhas and aces, poison, pure metal coders, rebels, sargon, savage (hi saigon! thanx for ya -savage kugelschrTeiber-), score, scream (new zealand !!!), softsonix force, softspirits, special brothers (send soon.), subway (hi edi and mathew !), supplex, sSupreme, suxxess, team-x, tecit, titanics, top swap, tsk and alcatraz (hi ray jackson and jsr!), vision, visual arts, woTrkers and all other friends and contacts.    no let#s turn over to the fuckings. we send dirty fuckings to:  B rac C(o.k. Swatch this lamers: you are a bunch of silly, bug-frog looking suckers !!! so please fuck off and die twice.)    so, Tthis was it for today. now read the sin-scrolly! see you in our next demo.....      SBG nothing more to say now!!!HC   J  X     bye...  D.T                      B