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Sonic Storm!





Art Of Undulation

Aurora Borealis

Beyond The Galaxy

Music Non Stop

Odal Retroflex

Sonic Slice

Main Scroll

Neutrino Scroll

Fash Scroll


Art Of Undulation

Playing Time:  2:48

208320  Bytes

Aurora Borealis

Playing Time:  2:35

176450  Bytes

Beyond The Galaxy

Playing Time:  3:55

122738  Bytes

Music Non Stop

Playing Time:  6:39

231702  Bytes

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Odal Retroflex

Playing Time:  3:06

236002  Bytes

Sonic Slice

Playing Time:  4:20

83872  Bytes

            Welcome to a new last minute production from emotion called sonic storm...      This MusicDisk was coded during a week at Fash place in Gothenburg.  Thanx to Color and Martin Rebas For Some graphic support.                               
            This is neutrino's scroller...  I Just wanna say some words to the following persons...     Rhymer - How is it going with the gad project.     Yoki - I'll pick up the AGA stuff some time.    Zero - How is it going with the lists.. hehe..   Power Brain - Why didn't ya drop in for a beer when you was around dude...    Scan - I just Love the demo Idea...   Hennessy - Only 6 Weeks to go ehh...    Amihawk - Loading Bombs... what ae hell...   Corel - keep calling man, and it's sheep too...    Zalo - thanx for the graphics, to bad I didn't use it..  Good luck with your musicdisk...    Kid Kurry - Nice Chats...    Rex - how about optimizing your code a bit...    Vacum - I'll come over to fish some day...    Martin Rebas - Floating Point Unit Makes It Much Easier..   Jez - living in Skoevde.. it's expencive..    Noo - Got into the university yet..    Krax - Got Ure new Hd yet..    Lance - Cheating Rulez..    Groo - AGA is nice, Isn't it..    Gunnar - DAT Rulez..   F.A. - Give Me a ring someday..    Zorlac - So Ya finally managed to write SWEDEN on the card, ehh..    Color - Thanx For the intro Gfx and the nice chats..    Disc - Nice Chats.. Good Luck With Yar Computo...    Toresson - So ya got into Elektro..    Niklas - Thanx for letting me borrow yar A1200 to find the nasty bug, A4000 040 Rulez..    Zwinx - Thanx for the aga documentation..                            For some bulltalk with the coder of this musicdisk, just pick up the phone and dial.. +46 - 304 - 52 140..                 Wrap.          
            this is fash's scroller...    first of all some information about the modules.  'art of undulation' was originally composed for the music-compo in gothenburg tcc '93. this is a cut down version for the musicdisk.  'beyond the galaxy' was created in two days for about two weeks ago and is inspired from different tunes by laser dance.  'music non stop' is originally made by one of my favourite groups, kraftwerk it is the new mix version of music non stop  'odal retroflex' is the oldest of the tunes on the musicdisk and 'Sonic Slice' is the newest one. All Samples for it was sampled from my new Ensonic Sq1+...     hope you enjoy 'em all... for some greetings:     celadorn - hmm,  kas - haven't heard from you for a long time,  vacum - how's it going with your music..,  sirion - haven't quit computing at all i hope,  seahawk - made any new routines     ..also some greets to all members of ex. emotion, to all my other pals and to hennessy.         ---- by the way, if you want to contact me 4 anything concerning music or anything else.. ---- just write to        johan persson        basunv. 21        435 41  molnlycke        sweden                     at last, some thanks to: kraftwerk, commodore, erik van vliet, coca cola and the inventor of pacman...           so, i guess this is the end...             always remember... amiga rulez!                          
            All coding by Neutrino,    All Tunes by Fash,    Introduction graphics by Color...   SonicStorm Picture was raytrayced by Martin Rebas...   All other graphics was drawn By neutrino and Fash..