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embassy presents
U merry christmas intro U

release date: 23.12.1994

>right mouse button pauses the text<

code :


ray-trace graphics :

humanoid U



hi u all... it's humanoid here...
as you might have quessed U

i made this lousy
christmas intro in two days with a
hurry so you won't see any fancy
effects this time  U  too bad...

okay. let's get into business

first some info about our boards
and then some greets etc.


> shoikan grove <
embassy distribution and support site
sysop: crom
1345 megs online!
2 nodes: U !
-> node 1: +358-0-522710/usr hst 16.8k
-> node 2: +358-0-522705/usr hst 16.8k
call for the latest warez!

> fireline <
embassy hq and distribution site
some specs about this...
sysop: bunny
cosysops: beetle. zeus U
totally cool staff !
-> node 1: +358-0-3514398/well 28.8k
call for the latest warez! U

> mighty depression <
embassy hq! and distribution site
sysop: zac
"the original" U

-> node 1: +358-0-8523816/usr hst 16.8k
call now !


okay.. it's time for my greets...
special greets goes to > kone <!
and man-machine... still alive?
overflow. domination. cinetic...

now some personal greets: U
artisti. seeker. calypso.
oakgrove. wolfchen. lakris.
lagers. oldhair. etc. etc.

hi it's bass-cadet typing.
hellos to all
members of embassy. techno'c. oder.
devil. the one and only. xyborg.
tjm!. strobo. dj zip. t lommi.
lurppa. jvcorp. kone. copter. jmp.
i'm looking for a good 16-bit
soundboard supporting
 multichannel tracker for
if you know one. contact me!

hullo... it's sly here.
boy! i can't think much to say right
now.. hmm.. let's see.. i think i'm
going to code some sort of new year
intro. if i've just got enough time..
we are also going to release a demo
at assembly '95. last time it was
quite positive that the organisers
had decided to use an a1200 with some
fast memory. hope they won't change
that next year..

let's do some greeting now shall we..
hello to these guys!

zeus of domination
xtc and starman of overdose
dual. dartslinger and seeker of

and again i must say i am quite
pleased that my school is soon
going to be over. no more than
a couple of months of that lousy
studying. well actually that's when
the hard work just begins..
hmm... quess that's about it....

merry christmas everybody!!

plasm goes off -->

hello it's plasm here. we haven't
seen lately have we?
little information from me:
angel's eye is probably closed
forever   ehh...enough information U
now that nothing comes into my mind i
will send my greetings to following

grand zumba:
-how's your games progressing?
-coding something?
-saw you in autumn in sörkkä U
-what's was that business thing?
and to
people in embassy i haven't seen
since ass'94

well my head's empty so no more
greetings are send.
are you still waiting to see my
well you won't see them U
maybe sometime in future if i
manage to do some picture
enough good to show in some
demo or intro.

merry christmas to all and 
the best new year ever!

plasm goes party hardy ! U

official embassy memberlist
goes like this:
bass-cadet - gfx + music
beetle - swapper
bunny - sysop
core - exsysop
fren - gfx
humanoid - code
jj - gfx
mexx - code
plasm - gfx
sly - code
temen - music
zac - sysop

and subgroub members are:

cyklone. cubik. psyko. bure
thats it...

okay humanoid here again... hmh
it seems to be the end of this
scrolly. well some last words
now. U
okay.. my next production will
most likely be... an intro !
wow.. or the demo i'am
currently working on.. hmh
hmh.. well see you soon...

I restarts I

Embassy presents : MERRY Crhistmas-Intro
Cody & Raytrace by HmD, Music -=TeMeN=-