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You either lack AGA or 020: no cookies for you......

You need 'ReqTools.library' to run Voices.

You need 'PowerPacker.library' to run Voices.

**** RAZTA LUGTER TEMMELIGT MEGET -> 'Men jeg er jo kun et stakkels under-får' ****Hmmm. I've detected a 68040 in your computer.
Normally that would make me overjoyous and say:
'WOW, I'd like that machine!'

For reasons UNKNOWN, my code SUCKS big time
on high performance machines .... ?

Anyway this means that VOICES may run a little
weird on your machine ( READ: the music and lacing
routines "pause" while typing an article ).

I sincerly offer my apologies for the 
inconvenience this may cause you...

If someone with A4000 coding knowledge feels that
he wants to help out, my address is in the mag

Razta is a boogiebob
$VER:Voices issue #5 (22/May-95)

Select Protracker module:


(Please make sure ALL disk activity
has ceased, before reentering Voices!)
Wake Up!

Please make sure ALL disk activity
has ceased, before reentering Voices!
Disk Ready !

Unkown ?
Couldn't open file!
Read Error!
Not enough chip-memory!
File was crypted!
Unkown ?
Unknown version of PowerPacker!
File was empty!
Not a Protracker module!
Error while loading PowerPacked file:

Cause of error:
Ohhh Noooo

Please wait while fetching:

En tung fyr! (Voices)

Min knaprutine lugter af tysk kode !




 by Razta

 Welcome to the fifth issue of VOICES,
"the only diskmag about Sci-Fi and
Cyberpunk on amiga".

 This has been a VERY delayed issue.
After the fourth issue we decided to take a
month off the mag and release it on the 1. of
April instead of the 1. of March.  This pro-
ved to be a fatal mistake, since it put all
the mag-work right smack dab on top of my
exams.  But what the hey.

 This time we have some nice short stories,
some of them were leeched on the net and some
of them written by ourselves.  We also have an
entire section devoted to Bird's beloved
Madonna book:  SEX.

 We would also like to welcome Henning Brau,
alias RokDaZone, to Voices.  This is the first
issue we feature his Lunatics Ball.
So reader:  prepare yourself for some real
sarcastic articles.

 Besides that, I'm sad to say this issue is
a fairly thin one.  We haven't got a lot of
support lately from non-Edge'ers.  We hope
this will change for issue #6 !!!  By the way
the next issue will be completely recoded from
scratch.  It will be multi tasking / multi
loading, which means you won't need 1.8 mb of
free mem.  It will also support XPK depacking.

 Another thing...  Please notice that the next
issue of Voices won't be released under the
Edge label...  We are changing name AGAIN
 ( this is getting tedious !).
 We haven't decided what it's going to be yet
so just be on the look out for a name change
intro ( or just call our boards!  ).

 Ohh, and the last word from me (Razta) must surely
go to SONIK, for continuing their Fish'n'Chips
 I totally agree with Murks opinion about
chipmusic ( see FnC #4 ), and it must be said
that you do preserve the legend of chip music.
You guys are by no doubt the best protracker
chipsters on the Amiga, especially Stargazer!
                                                         -Razta OUT

                           God is still alive...

                   Luckily he's got alzheimers!


Main Editor:
 Bird / Edge

Co Editor:
 Razta / Edge

Coding by:
 Razta / Edge

 Pris / Edge

 Pride / Stellar

 Trickster / Edge
 Illusion / Edge
 Razta / Edge
 Bird / Edge

 Bird / Edge
 Razta / Edge
 Kefner / Edge

Music by:
 RokDaZone / Infect
 ( "Electick Voices" )
 Trickster / Edge
 ( "Terrestrial" )

Article Writers:
 Bird / Edge
 RokDaZone / Infect
 Razta / Edge
 Scarface / Edge
 G.zer@ / Zekt
 Drain / Oblivion
 Utah / Edge


 ( a note from the coder )

 [ Key ] means keyboard shortcut.

 Search - [ S ]
  Prompts the search requester.
 Continue - [ C ]
  Continues search.

 Left / Right Arrow - [ ARROWS ]
  Changes page.
 Up / Down Arrow - [ ARROWS ]
  Changes article in titlebar.
 Box between arrows - [ RETURN ]
  Selects article in titlebar.

 Quit - [ ESCAPE ]
  Blows up the "Odense City" area.
 1 / 2 - [ BACKSPACE ]
  Changes the current tune.
 1 / 2 - [ DELETE ]
  Select your own music.
 On / Off - [ M ]
  Turns the music on or off.

 Bug report or improvement ideas should be
mailed to:

       Razta of Edge       
    Lasse Hansen    
     c/o Ib Faarhaeng     
     Filosofhaven 9,     
     5000 Odense     

 How to support

 How to support
 by Razta

 If you want to support Voices with your work,
you should know these things:

Articles - We'll pretty much accept anything,
as long as you don't write boring texts about
the scene or hate-mail. Prefered subject are
Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk.  WE LOVE CONTRO-
VERSIAL OPINIONS, so give it a try...
 All ascii characters are allowed.

Clipart - Should be in 28 b/w shades and drawn
in Hires Interlace.  Width is max 304 pixels and
height is max 378 lines.

Title Pictures - Hmmm. No restrictions!

Music - Should be made in Protracker or MED.
It must be 4 channel music.  All effect
commands and CIA timing is allowed.  If your
music is in another format, you MUST send the
replay along with the it ( or at least the
program its made in, so I can resource the
replay!  ).

 All contributions should be mailed to the
Main-Ed ( Bird ) or posted on one of our
boards world wide.

Deadline for issue #6 is the 14. of July 1995.



 We need some new TALENTED members.  If
you think that a group which is bound
together by friendship is the place for
you to be, then don't hesitate writing a
letter to BIRD or call one of our boards

International traders / couriers:  You'll receive
a disable at the specific boards you shall
be calling!  Countries involved are: Sweden /
Holland / Norway / Denmark.

 We also need swappers, GOOD coders and
TALENTED gfx artists.

 So write a letter to:
 Bird of EDGE
 Kaare Hansen 
 Rodegaardsvej 79,
 DK-5000 Odense C

 Coder address:

 Razta of EDGE
 Lasse Jari Hansen 
 Filosofhaven 9,
 DK-5000 Odense C

 Or call one of these and leave a
message to the sysop!

.:Sticky-Fingers +31-713-208-78:.
.:Premium +46-243-876-45:.
.:Mental-Insanity +45-659-435-72:.
.:Bumble-Bee-Land +47-667-947-89:.
.:Electrick-Kafe +45-ASK-BIRD!!:.

 The Making of...

 The Making of...
 By Bird and Razta of EDGE

 Everytime we (the staff) finish an
issue of VOICES we start on the next
one.  We begin by writing about the
last issue, excusing and correcting
all kind of things.  A bit LAME you
might say, but that's the way we like
to do it. (Hmmmm, is that so? -CoEd)
 Then there is a couple of weeks where
we write A LOT (and after that we
concentrate on organizing EDGE and
getting other people to write for
VOICES).  We know that 90 percent of
the articles are written by Bird, but
since we don't want to commercialize
VOICES and ourselves, we will leave it
this way or until someone (YOU!)
starts writing some more.  We ask some
of our friends to write for VOICES and
if they don't then there's is nothing
to do, but we think that the old
cliche is true:  "A diskmag worth
reading is worth supporting".  We're
not the ones to tell you whether
VOICES is a good diskmag or not, but
please support it if you like it.

 Let's go on.
 (Hmm...I think I left the topic.)

 After some relaxing weeks with only
writing letters and spreading VOICES,
we start discussing how we can make
VOICES better.  With graphics and
design.  Although we're always in need
of graphics we somehow manage to get
through.  Razta starts debugging his
VOICES code and improving it -
ofcourse - and then we talk about
new features which we could include.
Then (again) there's a bit quiet in the
VOICES staff.
 Razta and I decided from the start
that VOICES should be out every second
month, but this has somehow proved a
bit optimistic.  At the end we always
manage to keep the deadline, but this
time (issue #5) we decided that we
needed a little break.  So we
delibrately delayed VOICES a month!
Again I'm moving away from what this
article is all about.  Let me see
where did I come from?  Oh yes!  One
thing we never worry about is the
music, simply because we have some
very good EDGE members and friends
who have something we can use!!
 We are now close to the deadline and
the support for VOICES were as always
not very good, but still we think it's
good enough to release!  One week
before deadline we work our butts of.
Editing and finding small errors in
the code etc.  Almost everytime we
have finished an issue we drink
whiskey and beer!  Well I think that
Razta has to add something to this
article, because I think I'm missing
something.  So let's hear some words
from Razta....

 Hmmmm...  Well the development of
VOICES has changed a bit since the first
time !  The mag has been totally re-coded
3 times (bad planning), and one more
re-code is imminent to make it multi-
 Bird pretty much said it all, except that
each time we work on VOICES we meet at his
/ my place with our computers.  We listen
to synth-pop from the '80s, industrial, DM
and watch some Cyber/Sci-Fi movies to get
into the mood.  Recently our work has been
SERIOUSLY disturbed by Bird trading all
the time (and me watching him!!).

 This time I REALLY look forward to the
usual whiskey celebration after the mag is

 Voices #4

 By Bird of EDGE

 Pris was mentioned as the only clip
art artist.  She didn't draw one
single clip art!  The clip art were
done by :
 Illusion of EDGE
 Razta and Bird of EDGE
 Silicon of Passion

 In the Marlon story it said:  "by
BIRD of NOISE", but this is NOT true.
It should have been BIRD of EDGE!!
Again a STUPID mistake from the

 In the Tv-channel logos article there
was a FATAL escape commando error.
This will NEVER happen again.
 ( at least we hope so!  -the Eds )

 MAJOR BUG:  In the menu, the "current
article" highlight was placed a line
too high!

 This was the list of KNOWN errors!


 Freedom of speech

 Freedom of speech
 by Razta

 Right now people are trying to take
away your freedom of speech, read on:

 The greeks of ancient times discovered the
greatest math.  They invented things like
democracy, psycology, philosofy, physics and
even astronomy.  Building upon their ruins,
the romans expanded even futher into the realm
of mechanics.  They created, although not
democratic, a solid society with a strong
infrastructure connecting most of Europe with
the countries around the Mediterranean.
They even built the first primitive steam

And then came christianity!

 Christianity has always treated Man like a
sick child:  not able to make sensible
decisions on its own.
 They discarded all of the above mentioned
information, except the few parts that fit
into their scheme.  All through the "dark"
Middle Ages The Church oppresed people with
religion.  They saw to it, that all what
remained of the old greek knowledge was
destroyed.  If you tried to oppose The Church
by means of words or actions, all of you
work...  even YOU were burned on a large
public fire.
 The Church leeched on people for centuries
while hiding the greatest of knowledge from
 As time advanced people slowly rebelled
against the oppression, and The Church lost
most of its' grip on people, or so it seems!
( I'll get back to that in an article about
religion!  )

 Seeking a safe society with the right to have
an opinion and to speak it out aloud, people
"created" the world we live in today.  We now
live in a free world, we (almost) have all the
rights a man could possibly want regarding
freedom of speech and the spreading of
knowledge.  Or do we...?
 People in the American government are working
on several plans to CENSOR our communication!

 Right now the American government is suing a
programmer for writing and releasing an
encryption program called PGP ( Pretty Good
Privacy ), because in America it's illegal to
export encryption routines.  They are even
trying to outlaw the use of encryption - well
except of their own of course.
 Sometime last year the Clipper chip was
released.  It is a communication encrytion
chip designed so that two keys exist for
every chip.  The telco has one of the keys,
the other the government keeps for security...
if they should ever need to tap your commu-
nication!  Today the Clipper is only installed
in some hardware, but they are working on
making it a mandatory part of EVERY telephone
and computer/modem of the future!

 They are also working on the Communications
Decency Act of 1995 (Senate Bill S.  314).
The bill is meant to censor all forms of
E-Mails and bulletins for nasty words and
pornographic pictures.

 Combined, these two things will give the
Americans TOTAL control with communication in
and out of the states, and also the nets that
are placed there ( eg.  I-Net )!

 Except if you do something, NOW!

 If you have online access you should really
try to find out more about the bill.  Try this
Web address:

 or in the newsgroup:

 Please consider the implications these things
are going to have for the electronic world.
Right now the world is being wired for global
access of information, are you going to let
anyone CENSOR it?

 If you live in the US, don't buy ANY hardware
containing the Clipper chip; everybody else
should BAN the bill!

 Mitnick, an update

 Kevin Mitnick
 - The update.
 by Razta

 In Voices #1 we had a review of the book:
"Cyberpunk", by Katie Hafner and John
Markoff.  It told three seperate stories
of three legendary people:  Robert Morris,
Pengo & Kevin Mitnick.

 Robert Morris' father was a security
expert at the Bell labs, and already as a
teenager Robert helped them find flaws in
their systems.  He spent most of his time
studying the Unix software at MIT and
found lots of holes in it.  He then wrote
a virus that took advantage of them, and
almost crippled the Internet! ( by accident!  )
 Robert was prosecuted but not sentenced,
and ended up being employed by some big
top-of-the-line corporation.

 Pengo started fooling around on the nets
with his C-64.  He became a member of the
Berlin ( then ) hacker "group" Chaos
Computer Club.  Together they broke into
several large american corporations...
including NASA!  Wanting bigger and faster
machines, He was finally lured into
selling some of the information they had
obtained, to KGB agents stationed in
 When the big bust came, Pengo rattled on
all of his friends and went away "pretty"
clean.  He then started a legitimate
programming firm on his own, washing his
 He has since then been busted several

 And then we have Kevin Mitnick...

 Being a serious phonephreak since the mid
'70s, Kevin quickly became interested the
new media...  computers.  In the rising
world of nets & boards he used his know-
ledge of telephones to gain free access
everywhere.  He hacked his way through the
'80s, only being busted for small time
stuff ( like breaking into university
systems ).
 In the late '80s Kevin actually managed
to break into DIGITAL and steal the source
code for a (yet) unreleased version of the
Unix operative system!

 He was busted because he had treated his
"best" friend like shit, and that had made
the guy turn Kevin in.

 At age 19 Kevin first broke into
Government computers.
 At age 21 he broke into U.S. Air Defense
Computer Systems.
 At age 22-31 he actually broke into
Credit card databanks, Calling Card
Databanks, Government Security Computers,
Digital...    The list goes on!
 After getting a serious sentence, he went
straight...  or so it seemed:

 The follwing text was originally printed
in The New York Times, Thursday , February
16 th , 1995.  (Typed by Cyber Crimes)

 FBI nabs most-wanted criminal computer

 After a search of more than 2 years, FBI
agents finally captured the 31 year old
computer expert accused of a long string
of crimes that includes the theft of
thousands of data files and no less than
20,000 credit card numbers computer
systems around the U.S.
 The arrest early wednesday of Kevin
Mitnick, one of the most wanted computer
criminals, followed a 24-hour stakeout of
a Raleigh apartment building.
 A convicted computer felon on the run
from the federal law since November 1992,
Mitnick has used his sophisticated skills
over the years to worm his way into many
of the telephone and cellular telephone
networks and vandalize government, cor-
porate and University computer systems.
Most recently he had become a suspect in a
rash of break-ins on the global Internet
computer network.

 "He was clearly the most wanted computer
hacker in the world," said Kent Walker, an
assistant U.S.  Attorney in S.F.  who
helped coordinate the investigation.  " He
allegedly had access to trade secrets
worth billions of dollars.  He was a very
big threat !"

 But Officials say Mitnick's confidence in
his hacking skills may have been his un-
doing.  On Christmas, He broke into the
home computer of computer security Expert,
Tsutomu Shimomura, a researcher at the
federally financed San Diego supercomputer

 Shimomura then made a crusade of tracking
down the intruder, an obsession that led
to Wednesdays arrest.

 Mitnick, already wanted in California for
a federal parole violation was charged
wednesday with illegal use of a telephone
access device and computer fraud.  He
could face upto 35 years in prison.

 The Co-Ed of Voices sincerly sends his
warmest regards to Kevin and hope that
he'll somehow get away!
 Allthough he has commited several
"crimes", they are on the interlectual
frontier of which I believe people hasn't
quite grasped the idea of yet.

 Information Wants To Be Free !

 When Your Girlfriend

 When Your Girlfriend
 By G.zer@ of Zekt

...  says she forgot to tell you that
she got infected with Herpes two years
ago ...  IT MAKES YOU WONDER if she
often gets carried away in love OR -if
she also forgot to tell the truth
concerning her HIV- test last

...  wants to join the army and in her
sparetime fix your broken motorcycle
....  IT MAKES YOU WONDER if you're
just being an old, narrow minded fool
OR - if she's ever feeling trapped in
a womans body ......

...  can be heard five tables away on
the local coffee shop ...  IT MAKES
YOU WONDER if she wants to be doing
stand up comedy OR - if she, as usual
can't hold her liquor ......

...  all the time says "Hi" to guys
you don't know ...  IT MAKES YOU
WONDER if she's a famous popstar in
disguise OR -if she's just been
fucking everybody in sight ......

...  can be described as above ...
YOU KNOW you should make conver-
sation to the pretty girl sitting
next to you in the bus!


 Vacation by Air
 By Scarface of EDGE

 Everybody has been on an airplane one
time or another, and most of you will
recollect or find similar experiences
with the ones I'm about to tell you.

 Let me begin with what we all do
daily...  waking up!  You're up and
running at about 5am (where as the
plane doesn't leave for another 6
hours!), you keep going over and over
the stuff you might have forgotten to
pack (and lets face it, you ALWAYS
forget something).  Once again you
read your ticket, and those crap
folders you receive from the airline
company, just to make sure that you're
not late.  You're then stuck for
another 3 hours checking if the gas,
light and electricity is correctly
cut-off before the taxi arrives.  Ahh,
the taxi!  The most luxurious way to
travel in normal life, but when it
comes to taking the special
'airport-taxi' then we're all sadly

 You get in the cab expecting that
you're the only passenger when all of
a sudden the driver says that he has
to pick up some more people!  And it's
always like those movies in which you
are stuck with some sad bastards!!
Sometimes you come riding into a
street when all of a sudden you see a
whole bunch of people standing there
to say goodbye to someone who's going
on vacation to some distant place.
Now that's not so bad, infact it's
kinda nice!  But as soon as the taxi
starts driving again, you're stuck
there with a grumpy driver, a lunatic
of a person next to you and yourself!

 And then it happens...  total
silence!!  Nobody is in the mood to
say something, so you sit there just
waiting for the person next to you to
start an interesting conversation...
And then he does, and you just wished
that you had never thought of it!  The
man goes on and on about how great it
is to take a holiday and where he's
going now and where he's been!  So
because you don't want to hear anymore
crap you slowly put on your walkman
and fall gently to sleep.

 You wake up and find yourself at the
airport.  You try and find one of
those trollies and you're always stuck
with the one onwhich the weels don't
seem to work as they should!  After a
while you get so frustrated that you
kick the bloody thing a few times and
then you try to take one from some
stupid tourist.
 It's now about an hour orso before
departure and you think you have
enough time to visit some of the
tax-free shops (and when you're at
Schiphol, you need atleast 3 hours to
see them all!).  But before that you
need to check in and go through
 Checking-in is something you should
experience!  You're always attended by
some 'in-training' person, and you're
always standing next to the check-in
point of some organized travel group
with people who are always shouting to
 Normally it takes ages before you're
past the check-in because the person
infront of you can't find his or her
ticket but once you're through you
have to go to the passport - checking
- point (hell, I dunno what it's
called!).  You KNOW that nothing is
going to happen, but you're always
tense because you always see a person
being taken away by the airport police
just after he'd passed the check
point!  (or does this just happen with

 At last!!  You're in the tax-free
area!!!!  Yeah!!  First stop...
liquor & tabacco!  Then you're off to
the bookshop to buy a mag which you
can read on the plane.  You realize
that you have enough time to spare, so
you go and 'hang-out' (ohyes, I'm
cool!  :^)
 Now, on Schiphol (the main Dutch
airport) they have loadsa different
departments and shops so you can
infact spend a whole day there, and
last summer they've opened a
golf-course, so I can realy recomment
that to everybody who's not into
computers!  But for those of you who
are (and I guess that's everybody!) go
to the childrens playcenter (in the
new wing) and don't pay any attention
to the people who think you're crazy
to go there because they got some
really whiked arcades and other game
shit!  After spending some time there
you decide that you really should be
going to your departure-gate, your
flight is afterall 'boarding' for
about half an hour!

 And then it happens!  You realize
that you are on the complete wrong end
of the airport!  You look at your
ticket and it says:  gate C-32, and
you're somewhere at gate F-12!
 Why am I never departing at Gate
1???????  Why always on some distant
terminal wing where it looks like I'm
the only one??

 Well atleast I made it...  although,
there is still one obstacle I should
be going through:  The X-Ray machine
and the 'tunnel - that - goes - beep -
when - you - have - something -
illegal - on - you' machine!  This is
the part I hate!  The bloody machine
always beeps or brakes down!  So I
have to go through it over and over
again, because there aren't any male
airport police present, only females
who look like males!  So they aren't
allowed to search me (although one
time in Norway I wish that female did!
But that's another story).

 Phew, finally made it on board.  The
other passengers look at me with anger
in their eyes because I'm the one
(again) who'd delayed the flight!  (so
if you're on a plane and the
stewardess says that they're waiting
for another passenger and then after
30 minutes a guy comes walking in all
relaxed with a huge smile, then you
know it's me!)

 I struggle to my seat, which ofcourse
is right between two ugly looking
people and a mile away from that nice
looking girl in first-class, I come to
a rest in my chair...
 Despite looking ugly, I asked the guy
in the seat next to the window if we
could switch places.  At first he
declined but after bribing him with a
glass of scotch he acknowledged my
 In the mean time, the fat woman
infront of me had put her seat way
back, so I'm forced to sit on my
legs...  what else can go wrong?

 We are ready for take-off and slowly
the plane increases speed.  After a
couple of minutes the no-smoke sign
goes off and I light a cigarette.  As
usual the food & drink carrage starts
at the other end of the plane, so I
have to wait untill the last minutes
in air before I can get my food and
order my drinks.
 I start to glance through that
airline magazine and the 'what - to -
do - when - plane - is - going - to -
crash' piece of plastic when I start
to wonder if all stewardesses have a
fruitfull sex-life (because that's
what they say you know!).  And I came
to the conclusion that they were
probably talking about other ones
because the ones I'm watching are, I
think, not so happy being a
stewardess!  Let alone, dealing with
people like me!  hehe

 Not liking what I saw I decided to
listen to some music.  I plugged my
headphone in the socket on my seat and
started switching the different
channels...  after some time I found a
nice relaxing channel and I started to
doze off.  When all of a sudden I
heard the bloody pilot through my
headphones talking about how high we
were flying and how warm it was in my
destinated holiday paradise!

 I was too tired to argue with
anybody, so I played a tape from my
walkman.  I couldn't hear shit because
of those pops in your ears but I
wasn't going to let that put me down,
so I pulled some stupid faces to get
rid of it.

 Again after a while I started to
wonder about strange things like how
big is the universe and what was that
terrible smell coming from next to me.
I just couldn't take it anymore...  I
wanted to go home and sit infront of
the telly watching some strange
foreign football match, I wanted to go
to the fridge and get a beer without
having to pay upfront for it and most
important, I wanted to go to a toilet
which is big enough to stand in!!  But
I was stuck, I was stuck in a big
metal object going, I don't know
howmany miles per hour!  And then it
occured to me.  I remembered that
there was a girl sitting in first
class who looked mighty nice and
alone!  So I got up, kicked on the
legs from the people sitting next to
me and then asking them nicely to
stand up, and I started my journey to

 I had to hit some people with my
elbows, because there heads were in
the way, and then after some minutes I
bumbed into the food & drink carrage.
Jesus, I thought, it's either giving
my body some necessary fluids to keep
me alive, or going to do something
which IS my life!  Hard decision to
make...  so one second later I went on
to first-class.

 I could see her blond hairs a mile
away.  Slowly but surely I reached my
target.  I was now about a meter away
from her when I saw a guy standing up
to kiss her.  Naturely I thought that
it was her father but after a couple
of seconds I realized that it was a
very long and strange kiss to give to
your daughter!
 Heartbroken and depressed I decided
to go back to the comfort of my very
own seat when I noticed that besides
missing out on a could-be beatiful
date with a gorgeous female, that I
had also missed the bloody food!
Hungry and urging for a drink I laid
back into my seat, still not sitting
comfortable because the fat lady
infront had fallen a sleep and all her
300 kilo's were pushing against my

 The captain finally said those six
words which we all like hear:
"Cabin-crew, please go to your places"
(or something like that.  Heck, who
can really understand them euh?!).

 Hmmm, it looks like this article is
becoming bigger and (better?) bigger,
so I won't bug you with the annoying
stuff which WILL happen to you when
you are at a foreign and unfamiliar
airport!!  Who knows...  maybe a
follow-up will appear in the next
issue, but untill then I'll leave you
with this:  Do NOT go on holiday by
air, unless you're either completly
drunk or you can't really give a damn.

 MainEd says:  A follow up please.
Amusing little story(?).  More!

 On Air

 On Air
 By Bird of EDGE

 Your favourite editor is back with
another crap article!  I don't know if
you can call this an article, anyway
enjoy and have FUN!!

 Music . Off
 Video . Set
 _Showing "Mad Max 2"
 Cig . Lit
 Coffee . WAITING!!

 Let me start this time "On Air" by
saying :  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

 Coffee . READY!

 It's good to be back in my chair and
entertaining all the dear readers,
from this issue on I've decided not to
write as much as I normally do.  Maybe
that's something you've all looked
forward to.  I don't care!
 I'm out of here!!!  "I wonder how the
coffee tastes?", Bird thought and
tasted the damn thing!  "Huu!  A bit
hot and strong!  FINE!", Bird said and
saved "On Air".

 Music . Set
 Cig . OFF!

 Hi there!  I've changed my handle to
UNCLE Bird!  You know why?  Because I
became an Uncle the 9th of January!
Congratulations dear Bird!  But you
can still call me Bird!  Bye!  Off to
new heights!

 Music . Set
 Milk . Set
 Cig . OFF!
 I don't know what to write!  The same
goes for my articles!  I'm completely
empty and I hate it!!  Another good
reason for continuing "On Air" is that
I can write what ever I want!!  So
what I will say now is what I think
and feel...


 Maybe you've heard about the problems
that SPEEDY and I've had the past 4
years??  Not??  Well we are not best
friends!!  Anyway I've said what I
want.  I will shake my head and DIE!!

 Tv . Set
 Beer . Set

 Last time I wrote about SPEEDY!!
That pathetic LAMER.  (Capital
letters?).  Well I think that the
worst thing that the scene has ever
experienced is SPEEDY.  how can it be
that such a little boy gets so much
attention??  I don't know!!

 Cig . Lit

 Yes!  A cigarette is lit and I'm
still "ON AIR".  VOICES a diskmag
worth reading!  At least I think so
and that's why we make it!!  Well off
to write some really NICE articles and

 Cig . Lit
 Coffee . On!

 Hi there dudes after a minor break
I'm back!  A minor??  I don't think
so!  I've just bought myself a modem
and I've set up my own PRIVATE BBS
called ELECTRICK KAFE!  Great name,
great Board!!  If any of you out there
are interested in getting the number
then write me a letter and tell me why
I should give you axx!!  Well, more
serious crap to come.  Bye!

 Water . Set
 Cig . Lit
 Video . On!
 _Showing "Solar Crisis"

 Hmm...Actually I'm not seeing any
movie, but it's running in the living
room, so you could say that it's on.
Well what can I write about???  bam
bam bam!  I know!  VOICES!  Why not?
Since you're reading it you're also
allowed to hear about it, he he!  I
guess I will make an article out of it
instead!  see ya....

 Music . Off
 Cig . Lit (2 secs.!)
 Coffee . On!

 It's another FINE day in Denmark!
Hannah is playing card and I've
neglected VOICES too much!  Reason?
I've bought A LOT of Hardware
equipment!  Hehe!  Among the new
HARDWARE is a FINE modem...  YES!  AT
 We are in need of a coder and a gfx
artiste!!  PLEASE contact ME if you
think YOU are GOOD enough!

 G.Zer@ says:  DEATH >B4< Democracy!!

 Ahhhh...  Anarchy??  Wasn't it a
"FAMOUS" Amiga Group?  (Bird is
EMPTY!).  Am I?  Ok time to stop...
C U !  =)

 Music . Off
 Cig . Lit
 RUM . ON!

 DA SYSOP iz DRUNK!  Better stop...

 Music . On
 Cig . Lit

 I'm cleaning the house right now(?)
or I was supposed to clean it!  Read
the article called "Inside My Head".
My head is spinning!  I wasn't THAT
drunk yesterday.  ELECTRICK KAFE
greets to:  G.Zer@ - Daffy - Black
Virus - Pride (pibe!) - Utah - Dizy -
Scarface - YOU(?) - Pris - Zolar and
the rest of you ELECTRICK KAFE users!!
hmm...  sounds like I'm running out of
words this time (AGAIN!).  C U!  =)

 Music . On
 Cig . Lit

 HEHE!......  hmm EDGE REWLZ!!!!!

 Music . On
 Cig . Lit!

Continues in the next article...

 On Air ( Continued )


 I guess I better quit smoking,
because everytime I start writing I
lit a cigarette.  Not healthy!  What
is the meaning with this shitty
article?  To let Uncle Bird write
whatever he wants.  Razta was supposed
to write the editorial and the
epilogue, but since hes on some trip
with his school I don't think he can
do it!  So I'll better start writing
it.  Stay Heavy!

 Music . On
 Coffee . On
 Cig . OFF!

 I haven't quit smoking!  I guess that
most of you A1200 owners with 4mb
fastmem have seen the releases from
The Gathering '95.  And I hope that
you agree with me when I say that most
of the compo releases were PURE shit.
Ofcourse there was some WINNERS
among the different releases, but
you know what I mean.

Cig. Lit!

 HaHa!  Back after a short break!!
I didn't finish talking about The
Gathering '95.  If You look at the
Graphics compo, there were A LOT of
releases but only 10% of them are
worth looking at.  STOP!  No more
about The Gathering!  "Looking Out The
Dirty Old Window" - Kim Wilde.  1981

 Well this must be -The End- ???


 Ok.  I will say:  Goodbye and think
about the future, what it can bring
you and what you can give the future.
C U !

 Inside My Head

 Inside My Head
 By Bird of EDGE

 Is it computer fantasy?  Living on


 Do we create a fantasy world called
the scene to escape real life?  This
is a common question asked in diskmags
and often it's written in a good
understandable language, but there is
no depth in the question if the
question is written just as simple as
I did before.  The tendency in the
scene is to do EVERYTHING as fast as
possible.  The answer to the question
often ends up asking a new question.
We shouldn't analyze the scene while
having in our heads that it's a
culture FAR AWAY from real life.
 I think that many of US sceners use
computers in real life too.  Work or
school.  Some even use the Scene to
make money.  Crackers, (Hackers?), PD
companies, groups (making demos) and
people selling hardware equipment.  I
can see NOTHING wrong in this.  The
scene for me isn't just a second life
to me it's a part of my life.  I use
things from the scene in real life
just as much as I include things from
real life in the Scene.
 Some people even speak/write about
the Scene as if it's a fantasy?  I
can't see the fantasy in the Scene!
Can you?  hmm...  Some people get it
ALL wrong, but again people are
allowed to think what they want!


 Fortune Cookies

 Fortune Cookies
 by Drain of Oblivion

  I think that everybody has heard
about the fortune cookies sometimes
during their life, so now I will
enrich you with the ability of making
your own fortune cookies.
  As gastronomi affects both the
believing and the nonbelieving, the
fortune cookie is one of the most
spread prophecy remedies.  Even though
few takes it seriously, you seldom
leave a chinese restaurant without
having read the destiny note in the
prescribed desert.  The humble cookie
has its aristocratic roots in the old
chinas upper class where it was a cute
pastime to write small prophecy notes
and sticking them into small tea
cookies.  People competed in writing
the best prophecy note.
  The modern fortune cookie comes more
from California than from China, even
though the chinese fortune cookies
might be an idol.  Los Angeles and San
Fransisco both claim to be the
inventor (a fixed trial in 1983
decided in San Fransisco's favor), and
several chinese amaricans claim to be
it's creator.  Anyway, the cookies
appeared in California around 1900,
and immidiately gained enormous
popularity.  The messages in the
fortune cookies range from the banal
messages like "you will get rich" to
aphorisms like "a good name is better
than gold" and messages like that.
They can also be political or social.
The late Lyndon B.  Johnson used the
cookies to promote his political
  Here follows a recipe for you to
make your own cookies, and you can
also try your luck in writing
philosophical little notes to put in

 2 eggs
 1/2 cup of sugar
 1 teaspoonfull of vanillaessence
    or almondessence
 1/4 cup of vegetable oil
 1/2 cup of corn flour
 1/4 cup of water

whisk the eggs in an electric mixer.
Add the sugar and whisk again until
the consistency is thick and foaming.
Add the essece, and fold in the oil.
In another bowl, water and a little of
the eggmass is mixed with the flour.
Stir until it is soft, and it is mixed
with the rest of the eggmass.
  Heat up a baking plate till about
150 degrees, and place spoonfulls of
the dough, and spread it with the back
of the spoon till they have a diameter
of about 10 cm.  Let them bake for 2-3
minutes on each side, or until the
cookies are golden.  Now place the
prophecy note on the middle of the
cookie and fold it to half the size.
Now you take the two ends, and presses
them towards each other behind the
folded line.

Bon appetit...  (P.S.  Any consumation
is at own risk!!!!!)

 My Table

 My Table
 By Bird of EDGE

 A cd-player hidden under an envelope,
a diskdrive hidden under an address, a
clock radio hidden under a disk box
and ofcourse my little black book with
A LOT of addresses.
 Disks with backups of my texts and
Pris's graphics in the right corner.
To the lef of my monitor there's a
candle, an orange candle which is
almost burned out.  Used stamps and
used envelopes.  Disks all oveer the

 Sometimes this changes.  I get enough
and starts cleaning it up.

 Much better, now it looks quite ok.
It took me less than 5 minutes to make
my table look presentable.  I can move
my mouse and I can see the different
things, GREAT!

 If I should chose between a messy
table or a clean one I would
definately chose the messy one!  Why?
Because It's much easier to find the
different things.  When I'm searching
for some computer things I know that
it's on the table and not in any

 A real computer table looks like

 2 old coffee cups.
 LOTS of disks.
 2 ashtrays (not empty!).
 Envelopes and stamps (used and not
 Books (your favourite ones).
 So don't clean up your computer

Short Stories:

 Alice in Wonderland

 Alice's Adventures in
 Down the Rabbit-Hole

 by Lewis Carroll

  Alice was beginning to get very tired of
sitting by her sister on the bank, and of
having nothing to do:  once or twice she
had peeped into the book her sister was
reading, but it had no pictures or conver-
sations in it, `and what is the use of a
book,' thought Alice `without pictures or

  So she was considering in her own mind
(as well as she could, for the hot day
made her feel very sleepy and stupid),
whether the pleasure of making a daisy-
chain would be worth the trouble of get-
ting up and picking the daisies, when sud-
denly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran
close by her.

  There was nothing so VERY remarkable in
that; nor did Alice think it so VERY much
out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to
itself, `Oh dear!  Oh dear!  I shall be
late!' (when she thought it over after-
wards, it occurred to her that she ought
to have wondered at this, but at the time
it all seemed quite natural); but when the
Rabbit actually TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS
WAISTCOAT POCKET, and looked at it, and
then hurried on, Alice started to her
feet, for it flashed across her mind that
she had never before seen a rabbit with
either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to
take out of it, and burning with curio-
sity, she ran across the field after it,
and fortunately was just in time to see it
pop down a large rabbit-hole under the

  In another moment down went Alice after
it, never once considering how in the
world she was to get out again.

  The rabbit-hole went straight on like a
tunnel for some way, and then dipped sud-
denly down, so suddenly that Alice had not
a moment to think about stopping herself
before she found herself falling down a
very deep well.

  Either the well was very deep, or she
fell very slowly, for she had plenty of
time as she went down to look about her
and to wonder what was going to happen
next.  First, she tried to look down and
make out what she was coming to, but it
was too dark to see anything; then she
looked at the sides of the well, and
noticed that they were filled with cup-
boards and book-shelves; here and there
she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs.
She took down a jar from one of the
shelves as she passed; it was labelled
`ORANGE MARMALADE', but to her great
disappointment it was empty:  she did not
like to drop the jar for fear of killing
somebody, so managed to put it into one of
the cupboards as she fell past it.

  `Well!' thought Alice to herself, `after
such a fall as this, I shall think nothing
of tumbling down stairs!  How brave
they'll all think me at home!  Why, I
wouldn't say anything about it, even if I
fell off the top of the house!' (Which was
very likely true.)

  Down, down, down.  Would the fall NEVER
come to an end!  `I wonder how many miles
I've fallen by this time?' she said aloud.
`I must be getting somewhere near the
centre of the earth.  Let me see:  that
would be four thousand miles down, I
think--' (for, you see, Alice had learnt
several things of this sort in her lessons
in the schoolroom, and though this was not
a VERY good opportunity for showing off
her knowledge, as there was no one to
listen to her, still it was good practice
to say it over) `--yes, that's about the
right distance--but then I wonder what
Latitude or Longitude I've got to?' (Alice
had no idea what Latitude was, or Longi-
tude either, but thought they were nice
grand words to say.)

  Presently she began again.  `I wonder if
I shall fall right THROUGH the earth!  How
funny it'll seem to come out among the
people that walk with their heads down-
ward!  The Antipathies, I think--' (she
was rather glad there WAS no one liste-
ning, this time, as it didn't sound at all
the right word) `--but I shall have to ask
them what the name of the country is, you
know.  Please, Ma'am, is this New Zealand
or Australia?' (and she tried to curtsey
as she spoke--fancy CURTSEYING as you're
falling through the air!  Do you think you
could manage it?) `And what an ignorant
little girl she'll think me for asking!
No, it'll never do to ask:  perhaps I
shall see it written up somewhere.'

  Down, down, down.  There was nothing
else to do, so Alice soon began talking
again.  `Dinah'll miss me very much to-
night, I should think!' (Dinah was the
cat.) `I hope they'll remember her saucer
of milk at tea-time.  Dinah my dear!  I
wish you were down here with me!  There
are no mice in the air, I'm afraid, but
you might catch a bat, and that's very
like a mouse, you know.  But do cats eat
bats, I wonder?' And here Alice began to
get rather sleepy, and went on saying to
herself, in a dreamy sort of way, `Do cats
eat bats?  Do cats eat bats?' and some-
times, `Do bats eat cats?' for, you see,
as she couldn't answer either question, it
didn't much matter which way she put it.
She felt that she was dozing off, and had
just begun to dream that she was walking
hand in hand with Dinah, and saying to her
very earnestly, `Now, Dinah, tell me the
truth:  did you ever eat a bat?' when
suddenly, thump!  thump!  down she came
upon a heap of sticks and dry leaves, and
the fall was over.

  Alice was not a bit hurt, and she jumped
up on to her feet in a moment:  she looked
up, but it was all dark overhead; before
her was another long passage, and the
White Rabbit was still in sight, hurrying
down it.  There was not a moment to be
lost:  away went Alice like the wind, and
was just in time to hear it say, as it
turned a corner, `Oh my ears and whiskers,
how late it's getting!' She was close
behind it when she turned the corner, but
the Rabbit was no longer to be seen:  she
found herself in a long, low hall, which
was lit up by a row of lamps hanging from
the roof.

Continues in the next article...

 Alice in Wonderland ( Continued )


  There were doors all round the hall, but
they were all locked; and when Alice had
been all the way down one side and up the
other, trying every door, she walked sadly
down the middle, wondering how she was
ever to get out again.

  Suddenly she came upon a little three-
legged table, all made of solid glass;
there was nothing on it except a tiny
golden key, and Alice's first thought was
that it might belong to one of the doors
of the hall; but, alas!  either the locks
were too large, or the key was too small,
but at any rate it would not open any of
them.  However, on the second time round,
she came upon a low curtain she had not
noticed before, and behind it was a little
door about fifteen inches high:  she tried
the little golden key in the lock, and to
her great delight it fitted!

  Alice opened the door and found that it
led into a small passage, not much larger
than a rat-hole:  she knelt down and
looked along the passage into the love-
liest garden you ever saw.  How she longed
to get out of that dark hall, and wander
about among those beds of bright flowers
and those cool fountains, but she could
not even get her head though the doorway;
`and even if my head would go through,'
thought poor Alice, `it would be of very
little use without my shoulders.  Oh, how
I wish I could shut up like a telescope!
I think I could, if I only know how to
begin.' For, you see, so many out-of-
the-way things had happened lately, that
Alice had begun to think that very few
things indeed were really impossible.

  There seemed to be no use in waiting by
the little door, so she went back to the
table, half hoping she might find another
key on it, or at any rate a book of rules
for shutting people up like telescopes:
this time she found a little bottle on it,
(`which certainly was not here before,'
said Alice,) and round the neck of the
bottle was a paper label, with the words
`DRINK ME' beautifully printed on it in
large letters.

  It was all very well to say `Drink me,'
but the wise little Alice was not going to
do THAT in a hurry.  `No, I'll look
first,' she said, `and see whether it's
marked "poison" or not'; for she had read
several nice little histories about
children who had got burnt, and eaten up
by wild beasts and other unpleasant
things, all because they WOULD not
remember the simple rules their friends
had taught them:  such as, that a red-hot
poker will burn you if you hold it too
long; and that if you cut your finger VERY
deeply with a knife, it usually bleeds;
and she had never forgotten that, if you
drink much from a bottle marked `poison,'
it is almost certain to disagree with you,
sooner or later.

  However, this bottle was NOT marked
`poison,' so Alice ventured to taste it,
and finding it very nice, (it had, in
fact, a sort of mixed flavour of cherry-
tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey,
toffee, and hot buttered toast,) she very
soon finished it off.

  `What a curious feeling!' said Alice; `I
must be shutting up like a telescope.'

  And so it was indeed:  she was now only
ten inches high, and her face brightened
up at the thought that she was now the
right size for going through the little
door into that lovely garden.  First,
however, she waited for a few minutes to
see if she was going to shrink any
further:  she felt a little nervous about
this; `for it might end, you know,' said
Alice to herself, `in my going out al-
together, like a candle.  I wonder what I
should be like then?' And she tried to
fancy what the flame of a candle is like
after the candle is blown out, for she
could not remember ever having seen such a

  After a while, finding that nothing more
happened, she decided on going into the
garden at once; but, alas for poor Alice!
when she got to the door, she found she
had forgotten the little golden key, and
when she went back to the table for it,
she found she could not possibly reach it:
she could see it quite plainly through the
glass, and she tried her best to climb up
one of the legs of the table, but it was
too slippery; and when she had tired her-
self out with trying, the poor little
thing sat down and cried.

  `Come, there's no use in crying like
that!' said Alice to herself, rather
sharply; `I advise you to leave off this
minute!' She generally gave herself very
good advice, (though she very seldom
followed it), and sometimes she scolded
herself so severely as to bring tears into
her eyes; and once she remembered trying
to box her own ears for having cheated
herself in a game of croquet she was
playing against herself, for this curious
child was very fond of pretending to be
two people.  `But it's no use now,'
thought poor Alice, `to pretend to be two
people!  Why, there's hardly enough of me
left to make ONE respectable person!'

  Soon her eye fell on a little glass box
that was lying under the table:  she
opened it, and found in it a very small
cake, on which the words `EAT ME' were
beautifully marked in currants.  `Well,
I'll eat it,' said Alice, `and if it makes
me grow larger, I can reach the key; and
if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep
under the door; so either way I'll get
into the garden, and I don't care which

  She ate a little bit, and said anxiously
to herself, `Which way?  Which way?',
holding her hand on the top of her head to
feel which way it was growing, and she was
quite surprised to find that she remained
the same size:  to be sure, this generally
happens when one eats cake, but Alice had
got so much into the way of expecting
nothing but out-of-the-way things to
happen, that it seemed quite dull and
stupid for life to go on in the common

  So she set to work, and very soon
finished off the cake.

Alice's exiting adventures continue
in VOICES #6 with chapter 2:
The Pool of Tears

 I'm So Scared

 I'm So Scared
 By Bird of EDGE

 Lina looked down the road and the
only thing she saw was the garbage
which had been there for weeks.  She
felt alone.
 The streets of Arkran were dark and
dusty, the only thing she could hear
was the garbage floating around.  It
doesn't have to be like this.  If we
could only change the past.
 Lina's parents popped into her mind -
again.  Since they left her it had
never been the same.  "You're always
on my mind", Lina thought as she
started to cry.  "Why does it have to
end like this?  Why?", Lina screamed
in hope of somebody hearing her.  Lina
had no hope left, but then again had
she ever had any hope?
 Arkran was a town with more than 1
mill.  citizens.  A city full of
activity, a city with green trees and
people every where.  Lina didn't know
if she was the only one left.  "Maybe
I'm the one who's dead and not the
others.", Lina thought as she went
home.  Home?  A big house without
parents, water, warmth and
electricity.  A home filled with
memories and nothing else.
 "A day ago it wasn't like this", Lina
said.  "I want it all back!  I want my
parents and friends back!  I want you
ALL back!", Lina mumbled as she fell
asleep in her parents bed.

 The day after.

 I Saw

 I Saw...
 By Bird of EDGE

 I watched it happen. 
 I could have done something. 
 I was a part of it.
 I Saw A Skyscraper.

 No one noticed.
 No one cared about it.
 No one believed it would happen.

 I Saw People doing Nothing.

 It was meant to be like this.
 It didn't care about humans.
 It laughed at us.

 I Saw It Getting Closer.

 They were few.
 They tried.
 They failed.

 I Saw Them Fighting.

 Is it the future?
 Is it now?
 Is about you and me?

 I Saw It Happen.

 Futuristic little poem by Bird,
analyze it and send the result to the
VOiCES staff.  If you analyze it
CORRECTLY you'll receive a
little bonus package!

 Marlon 4

 By Bird of Edge

Continued from VOICES#4...

 In a future far away from now and in
a solar system not known to mankind.
Out in space in a Galaxy called

 Marlon had left Tombo and was now
alone.  he knew that he had to find
Master Llewellyn, but where?  Manoo
was a HUGE planet and it would take
ages to search the whole planet.

 Marlon couldn't wait to get to Manoo.
He knew that something or someone was
waiting for him.  He and Tombo talked
about several things during the flight
to Manoo.  He couldn't understand Why
a Nexus had to be called a Nexus and
not by it's name.  Tombo was a young
generation Nexus, he was programmed to
be reliable and non violent.

 "Tombo can I use your terminal?  I
want to explore the different worlds
on the net.", Marlon said to Tombo.
"Sure thing kid, but remember don't be
logged on the for too long.", Tombo
said.  "Is there a time limti on the
Net?", Marlon asked.  "No, but a lot
of Cyber Cowboys becomes virtual after
being wired to the Net for some time.
Their minds only exist when they are
wired to the Net.", Tombo answered.

 _Access granted!  You're free to use
  the Net on Level 1.
 _Mind readings on!
 "No way!", said Marlon.
 _Mind readings off!
 "Thank you dear!", said Marlon.

 "It's time to travel." Marlon thought
as he pulled down a menu.  "Let's see
what they got here".

  Level 1

  1.Enter Systems.
  4.Fun - 2000 credits.

 _Level 1 - "You've chosen Systems".

 "Let me see the stats for Manoo",
  Marlon said.

 _Decrypting and Decrunching
 _"You may now enter Manoo".

 Marlon travelled to far places.
Places were he has never been.  He saw
things he has never seen.  but somehow
it was all very familiar, it was like
something he had experienced in an
earlier life.

 _Logging off!

 "We are now entering the Manoo
system.  Please fasten your
seatbelts.", Tombo said with a big
smile on his face.

 Marlon and Tombo left the Orob
together.  Marlon started to
remembering things he didn't know of.
"It must be that blocker chip, which
Iram removed.  Maybe I'm a Manoo
knight", He thought.
 Tombo and Marlon decided to split up.
Marlon payed Tombo the rest of the
credits.  "Remember my number when
you're going home.", Tombo said.
"Ofcorse, but I don't know when I'm
going home.", He answered and left

 Marlon left the space station and
went downtown.

 "It's time to search for my old
master - Master Llewellyn."

 To be continued...

 Death Beneath the Snow

 Death Beneath the Snow
 by Brian Boskind
 (typed by Drain of Oblivion)

 ( I believe that this is a text from
the book about the TV series Lost in
Space -CoEd )

  The Jupiter 2 had just come out of a
very close encounter with a black
hole.  It had escaped the
gravitational pull well enough, but
had to do some tricky maneuvering
arond the space debris that was being
pulled in.  John Robinson was at the
viewport with a microphone in his hand
talking to his son will and Don West,
navigator.  Both of them had just been
lowered out of the ship in the Space
  "Will," John said, "Can you or Don
see anything caught in the gyro case?"
  Will looked out of the Pod's
viewports towards the object of his
fathers concern.  It was the large
circle of rotating lights at the
bottom of the Jupiter 2.  As well as
serving as the landing lights, this
was the housing of the gyro
stabilizers and the artificial gravity
generator.  Hooked on the small
window-like openings of the gyro cage
was a large hunk of twisted metal.
  "Yes," Will replied.  "Some kind of
metal debris.  I'm getting a strong
magnetic reading; no wonder the gyros
are acting crazy."
  "Don, do you think you can get at it
with the laser?" John asked.
  Don took another look at the debris.
"Yes," he said, "most of it is hanging
off of the gyro case."
  Don let Will take over the steering
controls and began to work the laser
controls.  The small automatic laser
on top of the Pod began to click into
  "You better hurry up, Don." John
said over the radio, "I'm doing
everything I can to keep us from
rolling.  The gravity from that planet
we're drifting toward isn't helping,
  "I'm starting now, John," Don said.
As Will held the Pod in position, Don
let loose three short bursts from the
laser.  The debris disintegrated as
the strands of energy hit.
  "That's got it, dad," Will said.
"How are the stabilizers responding?"
  "They're better," John said, "but
there must be some damage inside
caused by the initial impact.  I still
don't have total control of the
  At that moment, the Jupiter 2 tilted
on its axis.  Don made a quick control
maneuver to keep the Pod from being
scraped by the Jupiter.
  "I don't want to risk trying to
repair it in space." John said, "I'd
like you and WIll to do a quick survey
of the planet to see if we can make a
  "Will do," Don said.  The Pod began
its descent towards the planet.
  Dr.  Smith was sneaking food from
the ship's galley when the Jupiter
violently tilted again.  He sprawled
on the floor, spilling the food he was
  "Oh dear," he exclaimed, "how is
anybody expected to eat with this
silly ship rolling and tilting?"
  Judy and Penny, secretly watching
the event, convulsed in silent
  The Pod entered the atmosphere of
the planet.  Don, after checking the
temperature and atmospheric readings
taken by the sensors, contacted the
  "The atmosphere's breathable, John,"
Don said, "but it's very cold and
stormy.  The average planetary
temperature is minus twenty degrees
  "Well, it's not pleasant, but it
will serve for what we have to do,"
John replied.
  Penny entered the upper deck with a
cup of coffee for her father.  "Do you
think that will give us much trouble
in the landing?" she asked.
  "I hope not," he replied.  "Those
stabilizers have to be fixed."
  "Don," he said, bringing his
attention back to the microphone, "how
do the surface conditions look?"
  "You could probably land, but I
wouldn't use the landing gear," Don
replied, "I don't think the Jupiter
will tip over, but that wind would
make the Jupiter unstable enough to
make repair quite difficult."
  "All right, Don, I want you and Will
to land in the safest place you can.
It would be too dangerous for you to
manouver the Pod back in with the way
the stabilizers are now.  We'll follow
your signal and catch up with you as
soon as we can.  There should be some
cold weather gear stored in there..."
  "You and Will be careful now,"
Maureen Robinson interrupted.  "We
wouldn't want you to catch a cold or
  "All right, we will" Don said.
  "See you two down there," John said
"This is Jupiter 2 signing off."
  With that, the Pod began it's
descent, leaving the rest of the
Robinsons to contend with landing the
  With the rest of the crew members
strapped in below deck, John and
Maureen struggled to maintain control
of the ship.  John set a course for
the Pod's landing site as Maureen kept
the ship stabilized.

Continues in the next article...

 Death Beneath the Snow ( continued )


  The last view anyone below deck saw
before the window panels closed, was
of a white, cruel looking landscape
growing larger as the Jupiter 2
descended.  The damaged stabilize
stabilizers and the high winds made
the Jupiter 2 rock and sway as it flew
through the sky.
  "Oh, I don't know how we make it
through these landings," Dr.  Smith
  "Try not to think about it, Dr.
Smith," The robot said from his
magnetic lock "It seems worse than it
  "You're a big help," Dr.  Smith
  "We're going to be a bit off
course." John said.  He switched on
the lower deck intercom, "Hold on down
there, this is going to be a little
rough." He switched on the ship's
forcefield as a shochbuffer.
  Almost invisible in the swirling
snow, the Jupiter 2 hit the snowy
ground and skidded a great distance
before coming to a stop.
  When he opened his eyes, the first
thing Dr.  Smith did was check for
broken bones.  The other crew members
were busily checking the ship for
  John and Maureen attempted to
contact the space Pod as Dr.  Smith,
Penny and Judy came up on the ship's
elevator.  The ship's viewscreen
showed the stormy surface of the
planet, though the heavy snow
prevented very clear vision.
  "Jupiter 2 to space Pod; Space Pod
do you read me?  This is the Jupiter
2" John said over the radio.  He
turned to Maureen, at his side, "It's
no use, they must have left the ship."
  "Do you think anything happende to
them?" Maureen asked.
  "Well, I still pick up a signal," he
replied.  "So they must be fairly
close.  We'll assemble the Chariot and
look for them."
  The Chariot was made for easy
assembly, but it still took over five
hours to assemble it, due to the
weather.  John and Maureen set off,
leaving Judy, Penny and Dr.  Smith to
guard the Jupiter 2.
  Only a few minutes into their
journey, the robot raised his bubble
and began to wave his arms.
  "Warning.  Sensors detect alien life
forms.  To the right.  About 100

Continues in another issue...


 Sound Equipment II

 Sound Equipment
 By Bird of EDGE
(Part II)

 I've used all the synths mentioned
during a period of 3 years.  I even
worked for a German studio -
programming synths!

 Wordlist and Score

 1-2 points - LOUSY!
 3-4 points - Improvements please!
 5-6 points - Quite ok.
 7-8 points - Cool!
 9 points - THE BEST!

 Kawai K4 
 (Keyboard version) 

 A nice synth with limited functions,
but the soundlib for this little baby
is HUGE and the sounds for K4 is in a
way good!!
 A good buy, very cheap!  A good
starter synth!
 - 5 points -

 Kawai Fs-630 
 (Keyboard version) 

 A LAME keyboard.  Even for a keyboard
this little thing is bad.  The only
thing funny about this keyboard is
that it have some funny "Nintendo"
sounds!  Plastic!!
 Don't go near this one you'll regret
it for the rest of your life!!
 - 1 point -

 Yamaha Psr-500 
 (Keyboard version) 

 A funny Keyboard with some nice
features.  This is the only Keyboard
I've ever worked with for more than 1
hour.  Some nice sounds and a nice
demo tune and nothing else.  very bad
 Don't buy keyboards!
 - 3 points -

 Roland A-80 
 (Keyboard version?) 

 Roland A-80 is a motherkeyboard and
it's FANTASTIC if you're running a
midi studio.  I've not used "on
stage", but I've heard that it is also
great for live performance with
several sound modules hooked.
 The price for this outstanding mother
keyboard varies A LOT!
 - 7 points -

 Roland Sc-55 
 (Module version) 

 A little box with A LOT of L.A.
samples and they are NOT impressive.
But If if you like the Roland sound
then it's maybe quite ok.  Used A LOT
in small midi studios.  Only with
software it's possible to edit the
 I think that this one is too
expensive!  Because the only thing it
offers you is boring Roland sounds!
 - 3 points -

 Ensoniq  SQ1
 (Keyboard version) 

 An oldie!  but still going strong!!
there's A LOT of features on this
synth.  The sounds are great!  A bit
oldfashioned.  Not much too say.
Trickster has one!!
 It's nearly impossible to find one at
a reasonable price!
 - 7 points -

 Emulator Performa
 (Module version) 

 A little black nox with three buttons
and nothing more!  This is a piano
module I think that it's quite good,
especially if you take the price in
consideration.  Only midichannel,
sound and transpose buttons.  no edit
 This piano module cost almost
 - 8 points -

 I hope some of you synth interested
people out there liked this little
thing.  if anyone of you have
something to add then write me a
letter or an article!!

 About music, comment

 About Music
 by Drain of Oblivion

 Written in regards to the article
written by Scarface of Edge in Voices

  First of all, let me start by saying
that reading your article in issue 4
was great fun.  Mostly because I've
been exactly like you once.  Why on
earth is it necessary to keep going on
and on about which musicstyles are the
better ones.  What gain have you from
telling the world that you listen to
different kinds of music, like saying
"Hey man, dig Pink Floyd or fuck your
techno music".  Well excuse me, I
think this discussion is totally
meaningless.  To raise the confusion
let me tell you that in this article
you will find no names mentioned of
any bands I listen to, because I find
that musictaste is a very individual
question, and I see no point in
telling people what kind of music they
should listen to.
  When everything has been said about
that, I think it's important that when
you select music, go for what you
think is good, not what style of music
you usually listens to.  You will
find, that the day you start listening
to music that you like, instead of
listening to music you know will
impress other people, and when you are
able to accept other people for what
kind of music they like, the sun will
start shining.  For the sake of
argument, lets say you meet a good
friend you haven't seen for a long
time.  If he/she says that the music
style ruling his/hers life is the
music you despies the most, does that
make your friend a bad person?  No, I
don't think so, so lets just stop
telling people what styles of music
are the better ones.

 Dna Music

 DNA Music?
 By Bird of EDGE

 Again some help from various
magazines and people.  DNA is a weird

 DNA stands for (hang on!)
deoxyribonucleic acid.  A DNA molecule
looks like a long twisted ladder or
zipper.  And there are not two DNA
molecules in the world which are the
same.  This means that registration of
people is now possible and the system
which they can develop is
international, because the only thing
they need is the same software and
NOTHING ELSE!!  Frightful thought!!!

 In the past few years, molecular
biologists have discovered that a
major fraction of DNA is composed of
repeating sequences.  Dr.David Deamer,
a molecular cell biologist at UC Davis
and Riley McLaughlin, a sythesist,
have developed a system for
translating these sequences into
music.  By assigning musical notes to
each of the four bases, they have
found that various DNA templates
resound with the cosmic boogie of the
human biocomputer.
 What is the sound of the genetic
code?  That depends on the source of
the DNA.  A bacterail clone features a
simple five bass beat.  A human DNA
consist of 300 base sequences which
creates a melody in waltz signature.

Lunatics Ball:

 Religion = Topic ?

 Religion In The Scene
 By RokDaZone / INFECT


 Again, it's the cafeteria inside the
messercenter in Herning.  Slowly, the
cameras focus scrolls through the room
until it halts at a desk around in the
middle of the room.  Three lads are
sitting there with coffee and
cigarettes into deep discussions.
They are quite known faces in the
scene - we will keep anonymity here as
the topic might be a little too
private to have their names printed.
 As the camera zooms in closer, the
discussion gets understandable...

 RokDaZone / Infect:  "...  Religion
is of no real importance in this
modern world, we call civilisated..."

 Hydra / Andromeda:  "Ehrm, RokDee, I
thought you wanted to keep anonymity?"

 RokdaZone / Infect, 21 years of age,
born:  020573 in Oldenburg/Germany,
1.91 metres at 83 kg weight:  "Why,
yes of course.  What is your problem?"

 Hydra / Andromeda:  "Well, why the
heck do you then give our name and all
your private data here?"

 RokDaZone / Infect, current adress
"Oops, just forgot about that...  has
something to do with my exhibitonist
veins.  I am sorry."

(* Some slight changes in the
subtitles *)

 1st totally unknown person:  "As I
just said, I think that religion is of
no real importance in this modern
world that we call civilisated.  Some
people need it as excuse to blame
higher beings for their own mistakes."

 3rd totally unknown person:  "That's
only true for such outdated religions
like the Christian church.  I am
Buddhist and consider myself to have
found the right way."

 2nd totally unknown person (never
said it was Hydra, really!):  "You
can't say that Christanity is
outdated.  It's just suffering of its
own dogma's which make the original
spirit behind it uncompatile to
nowadays world."

 1st anonym(!) person:  "Do you
consider yourself to be practicising

 2nd anonym(!) person:  "Naaaw, not
really.  I believe in the being of
something higher but not exactly in
the ideas of the classical church."

 3rd anonym(!) person:  "Religions are
based on believes that's their
problem.  Buddhism isn't based on
believes - no one believes into the
person of Buddha.  It's an explanation
on how to find inner peace.  It's not
dogmatic - there has never been a war
in the name of Buddhism!"

 1st anonym(!) person:  "So, you say
that Buddhism is the right way?"

 3rd anonym(!) person:  "Yes!"

 1st anonym(!) person:  "As you are
Buddhist, you are indicating that your
way is the right way - how can you say
that Buddhism isn't dogmatic then?"

 3rd anonym(!) person:  "That's
something else..."

 2nd anonym(!) person:  "Religions are
more than simple believes, they are

 1st anonym(!) person:  "They ain't,
they are just excuses...  Excuse me,
haven't I said that before?"

 2nd anonym(!) person:  "I believe
 3rd anonym(!) person:  "I go to get a
new coffee."
 2nd anonym(!) person:  "Me too..."
 1st anonym(!) person:  "How much is

(* Somehow I have made a delayed cut
in here... *)

Continues in next article...

 Religion = Topic ? ( Continued )


 No make this to your mind:  The
biggest annual event for sceners is
taking place.  Multiple people to
meet, multiple release to be hunted
and copied and those dudes discuss
religion!  Nerds?  Maybe...
 It poses one before the question, if
the scene is autarc from any
non-anarchic influences (as it claims
to be) or if worldly topics like
religion have their impact on what we
watch almost each day?

 Factual is, the scene has faced MANY
religiously inspired demos.  Some are
just kidding, some might be meant just
the way they are.  Still they all have
one thing in common:  They simply show
the religious ideas of the producers.

For instance:
 If coder A makes fun of a hinduistic
guru, he tells us, the viewers, that
he in no way accepts religious sects
or fanatics of that level.  His
attitude is to let the the guru appear
ridiculous as from his point of view,
the guru IS ridiculous.
 If coder B uses the medium demo to
publish the "wise words" of the very
same guru, he tells the viewers that
he has accepted that human as prophet
for something/-one bigger-than-life.
His attitude is to spread out the
guru's words as from his point of
view, the guru speaks truth.

 Another topic - which is far more
interesting but can't discussed fully
here - is the Satanism.  Although it
calls itself an anti-religion, it is
bound to the very same structures of
religion all the other worldreligions
are.  Means:  It is in fact a religion
that denies to be one.  Compare the
art of Dada, which actually claims to
be anti-art with the main-goal of
destroying art.  So if satanists
symbols appear in a demo, it mostly
doesn't mean that the producer is a
satanist, but he gets inspired by the
anti-religion - is inspired by
religion in the end.
 Let us take THE DARK DEMON for
instance.  Their whole image is built
upon Satanism/Gothic-attitudes etc.
If they really all believe in this, I
doubt.  Factual however, we face a
group here, which tries to project
themselves over religion.  So, isn't
religion a topic for Scenologists?

 Remember the Latin spell I put in
front of this article?  It says:
"Jubilate, all people, jubilate praise
in all lands."

 It's a verse from the bible (old
testament), written approx.  3000
years ago in hebraic.  Is this common
to you?  Maybe if I add following
lines?  "Happy nation, living in a
happy nation.  Where the people
understand And dream of the perfect

 Yes, the ancient Latin verse is
nothing but the beginning chorus from
ACE OF BASE's "Happy Nation".  So, if
even popstars use the bible to win
listeners over religious mysticism,
there can't be no question that this
topic is interesting for marketing
reasons concerning demos.


 Sleeping Inside

 Sleeping Inside...
 By Dope / Spaceballs

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 Every morning, my alarm goes off...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 My arm wakes up, and turns it off...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 I go right to the toilet, wakening my

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 From there to the kitchen, opening my

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 While eating, my mouth wakes up...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 and when it doesn't, the teethbrush
 will do...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 From then on, straight to school,
 work or whatever...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 Reaching my destination, about whole
 my body is active...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 But somehow, my mind stays in bed...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 It tells me 'I don't want to do
 anything for today'...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 Turning itself round once more...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 It's like it's an endless sleep into

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 Trying to find out what it's like to
 do so...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 It takes away my inspiration...

 Every morning, my alarm goes off...
 I wish I knew a way to wake my

 War of the Worlds II

 War of the Worlds
 By RokDaZone / INFECT

 No one of the invaders would have
believed, as they took their first
steps on the surface of this remote
forbidding planet, that every single
movement of them was being watched.

 Every twitching of their shoulders,
as they tried to fix their weapon -
held there by a thin belt of elastic
metal - back onto it; every heavy
breath as they greedely sucked in the
warm wet air of the small world after
breathing the unnaturally dry
helium-oxide mixture out of the tanks
while their 5 month lasting travel;
yes, even every single blink of their
eyes was being studied, scrutinized,

 The planet, they were just standing
on was nothing more than a too big
grown asteroid, circulating around a
sun, three times larger than the one
human beings are used to know.  It was
a savaged planet.  Nothing but red
unearthly weeds as far as the eye
manages to cut a zone of view through
the mists of an extremly high
atmospheric humidity, caused by the
steaming hot seas of fire, bursting
through the planets surface.  Endless
monotony, seldomly broken only by
scurrilious grown tree-like shapes of
stone, grewn like stalagtites in
cavern under the ground of our blue

 It has been a pretty sensation, when
scientists found a planet, structured
earth-like in an outer spiral arm of
our galaxy.  Until that time, mankind
speculated EARTH.2 to be in another
galaxy and therefore tried to search
it by radioscoping into the darkness
of nothing - without success.  All
answers they got have been their own
rays when mirrored hitting another
deserted dead asteroid, star or
seldomly a planet of ice or fire.
Only a small group of young scientists
- outsiders - kept on searching our
own galaxy, although techniques of
these days, almost 800 years after the
first satellites were sent out to
explore the space, allowed it to reach
the first three galaxies of...  let us
call it what it is...  of eternity.
Only eighthundred years after a
breaking-through scientist called
Albert Einstein told the world that
there can nothing be faster than
light.  About 300000 km/sec that is.

 Hawkins of the same century managed
to come closer to the truth, but never
was able to explain or even discover
the major mistake, every scientist of
that millemnium made:  Never say

 Speaking astronomically, to Einstein
and all the others it was enough to
prove that black holes existed, but
they never even thought of using them
as matter of transportation.  Black
holes always have been looked upon as
endless tubes, hoses - they are not,
because they have no depth.  One can
not fly through or around them,
because although they seem to be
endless, they are not.  As a result of
the fact that they have no beginning.
Sending a material particle into it
will zoom this piece almost
immediately but timelessly into the
hyperspace.  Well, what use is in
doing this when knowing that the
particular material waste is sucked
into an eternal timespiral - with no
way out?  A oneway to present so to
say, when there's no past and no
 For centuries, scientists of mankind
tried to explore black holes and to
find access to hyperspace - with the
only effect of knowing to have sent a
quarter million tons of waste and
about 1500 ants, snails, birds, dogs
and other living forms into a
everlasting picosecond in the name of
humanity and mankind - poor brutes!

 Anyway, technical explaination with
terms of scientific vocabulary
nonsense are utterly uninteresting and
of no further interest here, so let me
cut a long story short by telling you
that someday a halfmad mate tried to
quit with the probleme he was trying
to solve for 27 years by creating his
own black hole.  I guess ALL his
problemes have been solved afterwards,
but at least the poor fellow had some
innovative new insights and so his
insignias will live forth in
remembrance of a martyr for science -
although nearly anyone can even
remember the last name of this suicide
candidate nowadays.  Nonetheless...

 As he stood there on the surface of
this red planet - which had nothing in
common with the Mars but the colour -
he wondered.  There were no noices.
Nothing.  Everything tranquilly calm.
To him, this was no well sign.  He
expected the heavy hammering from the
 He, that was Grand Senior Commander
Everall Anthony Wallis, member of the
Extraterrestial Protection Force
(E.T.P.F.), husband and father of two
children, they had seen only three
times in their lifes.  The E.T.P.F.
had been build rather representative
than prophylactic as no one really
thought of the possibility that there
could be forces of any kind out in the
endless blue depth that could be
harmful to mankind.  Yet it was a
matter of calming down people's
worries, when it was brought to life
almost twohundred years ago.

Continues in next article...

 War of the Worlds II ( Continued )


 The world on which surface he was
moving, had been quite a
disappointment to scientists when it
was studied after discovery.  The
scientists wanted to find answers on
questions concerning evolution being
unanswered up till know, but all they
found was a dead rotten planet.  Dead,
as the red weed that gave the
characteristic colour to this world,
killed every attempt of live to evolve

 At least, this seemed a good place to
get rid off waste.  Dangerous toxic
waste for which no one knew where to
stay with it from the chemical and
biological factories and the prisons
on our blue planet.  Someday a plan
eveolved to bring all sentenced to
death prisoners of our jails to this
planet and with them all the dangerous
and deadly waste, men produced.  It
was called a movement of humanity to
let them live here and giving them an
exercise instead of injecting poison
into their veins or bringing their
blood boiling by electricity.  In
fact, this wasn't mercyful.  What they
spent here wasn't worth to be called a
 In order to keep alive, they had to
struggle against the waste that
arrived here every year, had to find
ways to protect themselves by weak
protection-suits whilst handling the
toxic garbage.  They dug mines in
which they filled the waste.

 Every year a new load of waste.
 Every year a new mine.
 Every year several hundreds new
prisoners of a slow death.
 Every year at least 20 murdered by
intoxication or contamination directly
 after the new load was brought.
 Every year a couple of hundreds of
the slowly suffered to death.
 Every year people tried to smugglen
themselves onto the ships back to
earth - no one ever managed to set a
foot on its metal.  The
E.T.P.F.-guards were trained and had
lose fingers when it came to
 Once, the imprisoned tried to storm
one of the ships.  They almost managed
to, but the other ships immediately
opened fire and destroyed that other
ship, its unlucky crew and the rebels.

 Who was brought here had nothing to
struggle for except his own naked
life.  Women and men both
sterilisated.  In a world where 8 men
outnumber one woman there is no space
for real relation.  Each woman had to
get used to the fact that she got
raped at least five times a week.
Many chose the early death by
swallowing the waste voluntarily.

 On earth they called it a wink of
humanity to give them a chance...

 Wallis turned towards his compagnons
and waved them to move on forwards.
Ten months ago, the last cargo - this
time biochemical waste and radioactive
plutonium remains - had been
"delivered".  Shortly afterwards, the
contact between the earth and the
people on this world broke down.
Nothing uncommon so no one really
worried.  Three months later, there
still was no contact and most
worrysome:  The satellites around the
planet showed no sign of new mines or
other work.  Instead sensores showed
strange figures of the red weeds
growth.  Two months later, public
opinion polls showed that people
demanded a petition to be sent out to
the planet to check what was up -
people still believed in the lullaby
of a humane solution for the criminal
problem.  Two months ago, the
expedition under Wallis' command
finally launched.

 The fire of the seas kept on
exploding into the sky, yet it was the
only noice they heard.  Slowly, they
neared the base which was supposed to
lay behind the very next dune.

 Terrified and paralysed, the men
stood still at the hills highest
point.  Where they expected the base's
metal and glass shapes, there was
nothing than a heaving mass of the red
weed.  Steaming and moving it filled
the whole valley, oppressing
everything.  The base itself wasn't
any longer visible as it also was
covered by this sea of vegetation,
grown so unnaturally.

 "How to explain this to the
eggheads?" This was the very last
thought rushing throught Wallis' mind
befoer hearing the desperate outcry.

 Everything happened within a few
seconds.  The small troup of soldiers
found itself surrounded by the red
weed with the empty circle in the
middle getting smaller by
milliseconds.The very moment that one
of the younger men lost his nerves and
allowing his weapon to spit out rows
and rows into the steaming warm
masses, he already foulnd his feet
covered by the ghostly foe.  Few
seconds later, his knees then his
hipps, his breast, his shoulders got
overcrowded by the mass.  His cries
and the ones of the others soon got
swallowed by the deading density of
the heaving mass.

 Wallis desperately fought to get to
the surface of this surreal sea but
didn't manage to.  Instead he felt how
the weed crept into his ears, nose,
mouth, anus, eyes - yes, every single
pore of his body.  Febrile
micro-tentacles searched there ways
thourgh his cells and knoted
themselves to the ends of his nerves.
Strange enough, Wallis felt no pain,
just panic.  Also this fear got calmed
as he felt how more and more his mind
got overwhelmed by a much more
enormous consciousness.  The
consciousness of all the imprisoned on
this world.  Whilst his body started
to melt to become further microbic
particles of this energy-filled
superorganism, his individuality got
part of one being that crawled towards
the spaceships - filled by the will of
a couple of hundreds of doomed humans:

 The Road Bar

 The Road Bar
 By RokDaZone / INFECT

 An old bar stood by the road as if it
were trying to hitch a ride to a more
prosperous area.  Its decrepit
structure still defied compliance with
the desert landscape, but it already
resembled a heap of sun-dried
wreckage.  The doorway shed light on a
still life with an oblivious bartender
and dust-covered patches of withered
fungus.  The last guest passed away
under the spigot.

 A slow afternoon, though not quite
uneventful since a fly just started
buzzing around.  After a while, the
buzz grew louder and gave the
bartender a long-forgotten feeling.
He was thrilled.  The sound kept
growing louder.  Obviously, it was not
an insect and before the bartender
could ponder what it was, the sound
waxed into an incoming roar.  An
unlikely thought crept into the
bartender's mind.  It couldn't be a...
The sound ceased right in front of the
door and a shadow fell inside.  A
customer made his entrance.

 He stopped in the doorway to scan the
room and sauntered to the bar.  The
word service flashed through the
bartender's mind.  He tried to get up
from his chair, but the stranger had
already reached for a glass.  The
bartender wanted to point to a clean
one, but cobwebs trapped his hand.
The stranger's eyes met the eyes of
the regular who seemed dead just a
moment ago.  The latter tried to free
the tap from his lips.  To no avail.
The stranger set down his glass and
reached for a bottle of whiskey.  He
brought it to his lips, but the
content had evaporated.

 The stranger turned around and headed
for the door.  The bartender exerted
all his remaining strength to get up
and fetch something to drink, but
realized his stock was empty and
collapsed back in his chair.  The
sound of starting engine turned into a
steady roar that faded into distance.
The dust started settling.

     Jesus Christ of Voodoo Software     

    Jesus appears courtesy of    
    LUNATICS BALL 95    
        (just to have that pointed out!)        

 Infect Announces

 The Holy Infect Announces
 By The Forces Of INFECT

 The holy INFECT hereby announces the
forthcoming points:

1.) We are elite.
 We have been brought to see the light
of the world to enlighten ourselves by
the suffering of the gathered crowd.
Godlike our star rises, there is no
way to stop the INFECtion.  We come to
conquer the world and to bring you
peace of insanity.  There is no
medicine against - INFECT.

2.) We see no need in diskstealing.
 INFECT was the first and only group
to have collected EVERY release at the
PARTY IV.  We have gotten ourselves
nearly 100MB on our harddisk.  People
came to our place to collect new stuff
and to sunbath themselves in our light
- Alas!  How good we are able to
understand you...  Greetings therefore
to the dude who left thirty disks at
our desk with the demand that we
should copy the demos to them without
being able to offer anything to us in
exchange.  Mate, come to understand:
- You can't demand from gods.  - We
really want to copy your disks as we
just love the FFF-movement
(harharhar).  We simply don't know
when we will come to copy them.  - To
bad really, we don't have your adress.
We also wouldn't spend money on
postage.  But be sure you are invited
to catch them at some INFECT-member's
home.  We still don't know when they
will be finished and who will do the
job, but we are young - what is a
decade in man's live anyway?

3.) We are the first group to employ
 Nowadays unemployment rates
undernetah the younger generation has
pittied our hearts deeply so we
decided to give young upstreaming
losers a chance.  In January, INFECT
as the world's first group has
employed an apprentice.  The young
mate has to show engagement on all
levels to become elite.  The
apprenticeship time lasts until late
March.  During this period, he has to
manage to get 80 contacts out of
nothing.  He also gets lessons in takt
and serving the elite.  This means
that he has to serve each full
INFECT-member = Serving the breakfast
at 8:00 O'clock in the morning (Well,
RokDee has to get up at 6:00 o'clock -
he's working (harharhar)), with 4
minutes eggs and freshly pressed
orang-juice.  In the evning the dinner
has to be served at 19:00 o'clock and
the rooms of each member has to be
cleaned up and new condoms to be
bought...  with the INFECT-members
living from Oldenburg in up North and
REVAL in Rudolphzell low down south of
Germany not an easy task, but who said
apprentices times ain't rough?

4.) We appreciate gifts.
 Many thanks to people who send us
disks as gift.  Especially RokDaZone
gets multiple of these gifts.  He is
enlightend by this but begs you next
time to write clearly on the envelope
that these are gifts as he is quite
confused to get demands for articles
or songs when there are no
back-adresses in the letter.

5.) FDJ lebt!
 As long as the AUFSCHWUNG
OST-initiative is active (RECALL and
ESKIMOS thy herby be gratefully
greeted), there will always be a place
for the Free German Workingclass

 The TERROR continues soon...

 More Chickens

 Some More Chickens
 In The Scene
 By RokDaZone / INFECT

 So, again I am sitting in front of my
tiny monitor being bored by everything
going on here and have to write some
decent articles.  I mean the problem
is not to write articles, but to make
fillers not to appear as what they
are:  Fillers.  So-what articles are
hard to do when one has to tarn them
as serious writings.
 Ok, of course it is a little easier
to write them when one can rely on
ones name.  Or would you ever accuse
MACNO to write So-what articles?  I
would, but that's because I am an
arrogant asshole.

 Sometimes it's getting even easier
when a certain maineditor gives the
topics he wants to have fillers -
pardon - articles written about.  This
time my favourite VOICES-editor wanted
to have something about girls in the
scene...  Phenomenal!  What to write
about it?

What about this?
 "One of the most interesting aspects
of this years party was undoubtfully
that much more women showed of.  It
seems like the figures of active girls
in the scene rise by the year!"
 Blablabla...  Nonsense, but people
love to read that.  Factual is:
 1.) I personally only know about
three active femal scenemembers being
at one of the Parties:  Phoenix /
HERESY, Christine de la Queen / SPOON
and Pris / EDGE (cheers!).  All the
other girlies there seemed to be
simply girlfriends of sceners, tarned
as "mascots" of a group.
 2.) Would you let your girlfriend go
to a party abroad for several days
when it is known that these parties
turn out to be orgiastic?  Well, the
copyparties ain't orgiastic, of
course, but they are said to be.  This
means:  Most girls at the party must
have been "watchdogs"...

 Hmmm, I also could do some more
controversial stuff:
 "I don't like to see women floating
the scene.  They can't code as they
can't think logical, they don't know a
shit about computers and they destroy
friendship.  Women have three knobs on
their forehead:  'Cooking', 'Sex' and
'Off'!  It's better we leave it that
 I would love to write that, but there
is always danger that my girlfriend
scrolls through the diskmag I am
publishing this in so I better leave
that (Real machoism lives!).  When
writing that women destroy the
friendship in the scene, I strangly
feel like a envious gay who fears to
loose his audience, so I'd better stop
this kind of nonsense.

 Aaaah, I've got THE idea!  Take that
(not the group, fool.  I mean the
 "It was one day when I (Cheese /
Braintumor) and Axis / Braintumor
where driving with the train from one
unimportant place to another.  We were
chatting about the AMIGA and suddenly
an absolutely smashing blonde ripped
off her clothings from her perfect
body and with an excited:  "I love the
AMIGA!", she threw herself onto us.
Whilst taking her, we came to know her
better.  Her name was Pissy and she
owned an A4000/040 with 060 card on
400GigaHz plus 7 monitors and 28
floppies.  She wanted to be member of
Braintumor so we could start a great
mag which only gets attention because
we have a female member that writes
for us.  In fact there has never been
a Pissy as we would never get a
girlfriend for being utter nerds and
no real girl would simply talk to some
idiots like us just because we were
talking about a computer, but we
thought we could appear clever
afterwards, when stating that we
therefore invented the girls - in -
the - bloody - scene - discussion!"

 One look at CED's status line:  Ah,
almost 4000 bytes - That's it, a new
filler is born.  It is always nice to
take the alltime-favourite "So-what
article" topics like "Girls in the
scene" to get more articles, eh?



 By Bird of EDGE

 There is always room for a CyberPunk
article in VOICES, in fact that's why
we started this magazine and it has
for sure developed A LOT since our
first issue!  Well, back to the CP
 The last two years has been ABOUT CP
in the scene, but what about "real"
life?  Well the situation in "real"
life is not much different from the
scene cyberpunk philosophy.  We in the
Scene are in fact more close to CP
than people from the "real" life.  WE
use the computer to reach some goals,
WE use the computer as a daily tool,
WE live together with our computers
and not to forget WE respect computers
and their abilities to create things
which we couldn't do without one!!
Well it''s a matter of bringing
technology into your daily life and
use it to the limits, often your
imagination is the limit.

 Electro Time

 Electro Time
 By Bird of EDGE

 Your CyberED is back with another
convincing article on the subject
CyberPunk!  People have asked whether
I was a CyberPunk or not and to give
you all an answer:  "I'm NOT a
CyberPunker!".  Quite simple!  Eh?
The discussion on whether you can call
yourself a CyberPunker or not will
NEVER get to an end because there will
always be some fanatic guys/girls who
will claim that they ARE Cyberpunks
and there will be a group of people
saying that CyberPunk has never
existed or that CyberPunk will never
be realized (It's all fiction).  I've
never taken side in this discussion,
( hmmm. -CoEd ) because I don't know
what to believe.  I think that
everyone should have their own opinion
and believe in what they want.  I've
decided to define CyberPunk a bit
different and call it "Electro Time"
because it's much easier for me to
believe in something which I can
control!  I can't control the
development in CyberPunk, politics
etc.and I don't want to.  I agree in
some of the things in CyberPunk then I
add it to my own "culture" Electro
Time and vice versa.
 All the problems with CyberPunk has
in my opinion really been a problem of
definition.  I don't understand why
certain people and medias ALWAYS talk
about CyberPunk when they know
absolutely NOTHING about it.  If one
decides to argue against CyberPunk they
should know something about it.

 Another Bird finest (I don't think
so! -MEd).  Give us some articles
about CyberPunk so that we can have a
debate about it.


 Internet Pests
 By Alan Dykes,
 Typed by Scarface of EDGE

 (Note:  this was directly quoted from
Alan Dykes' column in CU Amiga)

 I can't do anything these days
without hearing 'The Internet' being
mentioned by someone or other.  On the
street, in pubs and restaurants, on
trains and planes, in my own home on
the radio and television and, of
course, the national newspapers.
 'The Internet' is bandied about like
some magical solution to the worlds
problems.  It casts a spell on the
audience and bestows great importance
on he who has just mentioned it.  It
implies that the speaker is not only
up to date with current trends and
technology but also has some deep,
mystic knowledge which most of the
population will never, ever grasp.
 Let's get things straight.  The
Internet cannot hope to solve world
famine.  It can not and will not
improve the lives of the homeless
children who are being shot by hired
guns on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.
You will never be able to contact God
on the Internet and it will never
prevent a nuclear war.  In fact if a
nuclear war actually happened, even a
limited one, the whole Internet would
become useless as global communication
is thrown into electromagnetic
turmoil.  Of course the Internet
itself, the physical backbone of the
system that is, has been designed to
survive this eventuality, but you can
be sure that BT (British Telecomm -ed)
won't be sending engineers round to
your house too quickly.  And so comms
would become once more an abbreviation
for sitting around a camp fire in the
midst of winter (nuclear) talking
about the weather.  Unless we have
lost the use of our voices altogether
by that stage.
 If you stretched the reasoning of
some Internet prophets far enough, we
could all be communicating online in
the not too distant future, making our
vocal chords redundant in much the
same way as standing up and halting
our consumption of grass and shrubs
has made the appendix little more than
a useless and painful reminder of our
past.  Don't get me wrong, the
Internet is a brilliant innovation.
Anything which allows me to contact
the USA, Australia, Hong Kong or
Bognor Regis in moments and then
download software, graphics files,
text, music or whatever I like, gets
full marks in my book.  But it has
become an 'information superhighway'
or 'infobahn' in more ways than are
immediately obvious from association
with these two overused and cliched
phrases.  It has sprouted and grown in
much the same way as its concrete
counterparts, and is as difficult to
police effectively.  Viruses and
hackers (and their effects) could be
viewed in the same light as
earthquakes and terrorists.  But for
me the most annoying similarity is
with some of the users, not the thing
itself.  There are slow users and fast
users.  People using it for pleasure,
profit and theft.  People with fast
modems and slow modems, with all sorts
of different models of computers.  And
there are 'show offs'.  The people who
come up behind you at 100mph on the
road, flashing their lights, honking
their horns, with their bored out V8
engines, massive egos and unrivalled
knowledge of everything on planet
earth.  And they're on the bloody
Internet.  They've even invented their
own language!  I'm sorry, but although
I use the Internet I do not want to be
referred to as an infonaut or
cybernaut.  I do not 'surf the world
wide web', I surf in the Irish sea.  I
don't use the 'information super
highway', I'm not breaking any
'electronic frontiers', I'm not part
of any 'digital revolution', and I
sure as hell don't use 'cyberspeak'.
It might sound boring but I 'leave
messages' in other people's mail
boxes.  My Amiga is connected to the
rest of the world through a 'phone
socket' and I generally use 'English',
though anyone who has seen me typing
fast might doubt it.
 Go on-line, you won't regret it.
There really is a whole wide world out
there to explore, but beware of road
hogs, flash gits, prophets and
geniuses along the way.  Be especially
wary of anyone remotely connected with
self promotion or profit making via
the Internet:  those selling server
space, bulletin board access, comms
packages, modems, hard drives,
magazines, their personal knowledge of
the mystic 'net etc.  You need advice
and equipment but don't be forced into
anything because it is overhyped and
heavily marketed.  The basic concept
is still simple.  Vested interests and
major corporations have ruined many
things in the name of profit, and
while everything is either free or
relatively inexpensive now you can be
sure that, like satellite and cable
TV, it will become expensive in the
long term.  A century ago, we are led
to believe, Levis jeans used to
genuine workwear, cheap and
functional.  Now they're an expensive,
branded lifestyle accessory.

 What change does the Internet stand?

 Life In General

 Life In General
 Utah Of EDGE

 Hey what do you all think about life
today, hey what do you think of todays
sexlife that we young people live, hey
what about the nuclear power plant
that can explode next minute, hey what
about the disease AIDS that'll maybe
kill mankind, hey what about etc etc
etc etc etc.

 This is all things that we all
sometimes lay our minds on, maybe some
of us also are doing something about
the things that we hate.  Why do we
actully live, is it because we are
going to suffer for something that we
have done in a future life, NAHH, we
all live without a reason and that is
a fact, if you think something else I
just say, PROVE IT.

 When I am writing this it comes to my
mind that I listen to Iron Madien and
they are singing, "Infinite Dreams".
Yeah, maybe that is what it is all
about, the dream thing I mean.  Maybe
we are all living in someone elses big
dream and then he wakes up and WE DIE.
Huuuh, what am I writing for I maybe
die in five minutes.  Fuck this is
becoming deep.

 Ok, now to some more actully serious
problems, the big companys are taking
over the world whith there lame PC's.
DARN I hate that computer or what it
is.  As you know (or you are stupid)
Amiga is no longer under developing
and that is a shame.  What can we do
to stop some of the companies to get
so big then, destroy the market with
PIRACY.  Now dont go and do this on
the Amiga market.  As you have read
all over the board system they are
saying that, "A game worth playing is
a game worth buying" and THAT is a
thruth, the exception is the PC
market.  DESTROY IT.

 OK, after you have read this I would
not blame you if you thought I am a
complete idiot, maybe I am or maybe
not.  Think of all the things i have
written and you will find a red line
through it.

 Have a good life, and mess it up
real good...

 Move On

 Move On
 By Bird of EDGE

 Computers all over the place.
Computer / Techno nerds controling
them or vice versa??

 If I think of the future I can see
nothing positive about it, unless WE
do something about it now.  What?
Almost every home here in Denmark is
now equiped with a computer, mostly PC
(Idiots!?).  People are fascinated by
the things which a computer can do,
the stunning gfx and the 16bit cd
quality sound.  It's impressing no
doubt about that, but what about
"real" life then?  The difference
between physical existence and virtual
existence is no longer as big as it
was just 5 years ago.  Tell me
something I don't know!  In a couple
of years (5-10-15?) we will have
reached a point where computers have
replaced A LOT of the daily things we
do physicaly.

 I have lately dropped 70 percent of
my mail contacts, simply because it's
too slow!  This is only the ones I
swap with, because it's MUCH faster to
get the newest releases by modem.  It
must be VERY expensive then!  I admit
that mail swapping is cheaper than
getting stuff via modem, but for how
long will it be cheaper to send stuff
via mail?  The Danish phonecompany
called "Teledanmark" will in 1996-97
lose ther monopoly and foreign
phonecompanys can sell their services
to the people.  This means that the
prices will drop A LOT!!
 So I think you will see more and more
people use the computer / phone to
communicate with.

 I don't have ANYTHING against a
technological society, but if people
don't know what they use why they use
it I would rather be without a
computer than be linked to one and it
controls me.  If WE don't get aware of
what consequences a technological
society with computers (corporations?)
controling the human (nature?) can do
then we better start preparing us for
a world with technology on one side
and nature on the other.

 "Move On"

 Electronic Mail

 Electronic Mail
 By Bird of EDGE

 It seems like I'm taking up some
really uninteresting things, but If
you don't know what the basic things
in CyberPunk consist of then you're
completely lost when trying to figure
out what CP/CyberSpace is all about!

 On The Phone...

 ELECTRONIC MAIL is called "e-mail" for
short and it's now one of the most
popular methods communication.  To
use e-mail you need a modem and then
you need access to the NET.  Some ways
to get access to the NET are by:

 1) Working for a company which
maintains a computer network of it's
 2) Being a member of some commercial
computer network like Internet,
Fidonet etc.
 3) Using a local BBS that has access
to the other Nets.
 4)University computers have access to
one or more Nets.

 There is ofcourse other ways, but
these are the most common ones.

 You hook your modem to your computer.
Then you use some communication
software to make your computer dial up
the number and the easiest way is to
call a BBS which you use to get access
to the NET.
 When you've entered the NET you
simply write the address of the the
person you want to contact. And then
you write the message.  Example.

 You write a message to Anne Kanne and
it looks something like this.

 The NET then moves the message to a
place where she can get it and when
Anne logs on she will se something

 "Mail for you from
 (or something similar!).

 She can now read my message and then
send a message back to me.  All this
sounds like a big transfer, but it
often only takes a couple of minutes
(it all depends on the size of your
data!).  So instead of waiting for a
returning message from Anne I log off,
and later I check back.

 Sending a message to one person or
twenty persons is equally easy!
Instead of using paper and stamps you
use e-mail, it's practically the same.


 By Bird of EDGE

 Today, people are using their
computers to travel the globe.
Technically it''s simple.  A small
cheap box called a modem makes it
possible.  It converts your computer's
digital signals into audiable pulses
that can zip through the phone system.
With a modem you're able to commu-
nicate with other persons all over the
 A modem allows you to hook up with an
international web of networks bulletin
board systems (BBSs).  These networks
and BBSs are virtual communities,
electronic meeting places for all
modem owners.
 What happens on a BBSs?  you dial a
number via your computer.  You read
the electronic mail, join conferences,
chat with other people.  It's like
entering a home, not one BBS looks the
 Today there are more than 30.000
BBSs.  Huge "electronic highways"
allow data to flow between systems.



 Introduction To SEX
 By Bird of EDGE

 FOOLED YOU!!!  Ok this little column
is in fact NOT About SEX, but then
again maybe it is.  In 1992 Madonna
released a book with NICE pictures
called "SEX".  The book is rare, but
we've all seen the pictures.  What
people who haven't seen the book don't
know, is that there is text in the
book too.  I'm the lucky owner of
Madonnas book "SEX" and I will now
give you the opportunity to read what
the texts are about.  This means that
this little SEX column is NOT written
by me.  It's typed in by me, but the
words are taken from Madonnas book
entitled "SEX".

 There are different kinds of texts in
this book.  There's some interviews
between a person called Dita and a
doctor.  Dita is some kind of a main
character in this book.  She also
write letters to her boyfriend Johnny.

 If anyone of you ever get the chance
to read the book then do it, because
the pictures and the text is AWESOME.
Madonnas writes:  "Any similarity
between characters and events depicted
in this book and real persons and
events is not only pure coincidental,
it's ridiculous.  Nothing in this book
is true.  I made it all up!".

 I decided only to type in the best
texts.  You can find the rest of the
texts by Madonna in VOICES issue #6.


 Typed by Bird of EDGE


 "Do you feel that it is possible to
experience pleasure and pain at the
same time?".


 "Sure!  That's what ass fucking is
all about.  It's the must pleasureable
way to get fucked and it hurts the
most too.  All your nerve endings are
in your ass, but if you're not
excited, or if you're not doing it the
right things can go really wrong!

 I Dont See...

 I Don't See..
 Typed by Bird of EDGE

 I don't see how a guy looking at a
naked girl in a magazine is degrading
to women.  Everyone has their
sexuality.  It's how you treat people
in everyday life that counts, not what
turns you on in your fantasy.  If all
a person ever did was get off on porno
movies I would say they are probably
dysfunctional sexually, but I don't
think it's unhealthy to be interested
in that or get off on that.  i'm not
interested in porno movies because
everybody is ugly and faking it it's
just silly.  They make me laugh, they
don't turn me on.  A movie like "In
The Realm Of Senses" turns me on
because it's real.  I've been told
there are some good Traci Lords movies
but I've never seen them.  I wouldn't
want to watch a snuff movie.  I
wouldn't want to watch anyone get
really hurt, male or female.  But
generally I don't think pornography
degrades women.  The women who are
doing it want to do it.  No one is
holding a gun to their head.  i don't
get that whole thing.  I love looking
at "Playboy" magazine because women
look great naked.


 Typed by Bird of EDGE

 We could use the cage.
 I got a lof rope.
 I'm not full of rage -
 I'm full of hope.
 I'll light the candles,
 burn them till they're
 nice and soft and when
 they start to drip
 I'm gonna get you off.
 This is not a crime
 and you're not on trial.
 bend over baby I'm gonna
 make you smile.

 There is something comforting
 about being tied up.
 Like when you were a baby
 and your mother strapped
 you in the car seat.
 She wanted you to be safe.
 It was an act of LOVE.

 Only the one who hurts you
 can comfort you.
 Only the one who inflicts
 the pain can take it AWAY!

 I don't think you know what
 pain is.
 I don't think you've gone
 that way.
 I could bring you so much
 I'll come to you when you say.
 I'm not gonna hurt you,

 I wouldn't want a penis.
 It would be like having a
 third leg.
 It seems like a contraption
 that would get in the way.
 I think I have a dick
 in my brain.
 I don't need to have one
 between my legs.


 Dita Says
 Typed by Bird of EDGE

 My name is Dita.

 I'll be your mistress tonight.

 I'll be your loved one, darling.

 Turn out the light.

 I'll be your sorceress,
 your heart's magician.

 I'm not a witch.

 I'm a love technician.

 I'll be your guiding light.

 in your darkest hour.

 I'm gonna change your life.

 I'm like a poison flower
 Give it up.
 Do as I say.
 Give it up and let me have my way.

 I'll give you love.

 I'll hit you like a truck.

 I'll give you love...



 Typed by Bird of EDGE

 Some people want to be punished.
Some women want to be slapped around.
Some men do too.  I think for the most
part if women are in an abusive
relationship and they suppose some
people might think that's an
irresponsible statement.  I'm sure
there are a lot of women in abusive
relationships who don't want to be,
who are trapped economically; they
have all these kids and they have to
deal with it.  But I have friends who
have money and are educated and they
stay in abusive relationships, so they
must be getting something out of it.
The difference between abuse and S & M
is the issue of responsibilty.

 I talked to a dominatrix once and she
said the definition of S & M was that
you let someone hurt you who you know
never would hurt you.  It's always a
mutual choice.  You have an unstated
agreement between you that this is the
dialogue you have, an unconscius
agreement.  I don't even think S & M
is about sex.  I think it's about
power.  S & M can involve sex, but it
doesn't have to.  It's a head trip.

Sex with...

 Sex With
 Typed By Bird of EDGE

 Sex with the young can be fun if
you're in the mood.  If you're feeling
impatient or you feel like you want
someone else to take charge, do not
have sex with someone inexperienced.
But it can be really arousing.  One of
the best experiences I ever had was
with a teenage boy.  I think he was
Puerto Rican.  he was uncircumcised.
He lived in my building and he used to
come over to my apartment all the time
and just watch me put on my makeup and
get ready to go out.  He hung around
me all the time.  He never went to
school, so istarted giving him reading
assignments.  I'd have him read out
loud.  Like Henry Miller's "The Tropic
Of Cancer" or something really
arousing.  Whenever he got ready to
leave he'd kisse me goodbye, but the
kisses started getting more and more
daring on his part I just went with
it.  Then one dayhis parents kicked
him out of his apartment and he wanted
to know if he could spend the night at
my house.  I told him he could but I
only had one bed.  So we both got in
it and I couldn't sleep, so I had sex
with him and it was really awesome
because he was so young and so in
wonderment of it all.  He was
fearless.  He would do anything.  He
wasn't very big.  He was just a baby.
See I'm not a size queen.  but it was
excellent.  He went down on me and I
think I had an orgasm in two seconds.
I was so turned on; it was probably
the most erotic sex I ever had.  But
he gave me crabs.  That's what you
get.  So you win some and you lose