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Eon presents their new music - series called :      Stereo Sounds     Use pointer on open - close to change music     
Use forward and backward winding     Press play while the music is playing to pause music, or stop it by using stop 
button     You also have a volum control     Remember:   this is only a program for you to enjoy some coool muzzak 
HAVE FUN !!!             This is afcuz Penny of Eon writing sum bullshit ......... Ok .. here's sum greetz ....... 
in A - Z order:    - Academy - Adept - Amaze - Celeste - Cream - Cycron - Euphoria - Exit - Exult - Foundation - 
Frantic - Gnosis - Hypnosis - Ice - Network - New Wave - Rebels - Sanity - Silents - TDC RAF - Violence ....... Now 
I think you wanna know when this was released .... Well the date was ment to be 30-06-91, but there was a little bug 
in the trackloader, so we had to fix it when we came home ... And if you remember, that was the date of the AMEGA 
party held in Porsgrunn-Norway ......    Ok now I think it's time for sum party regards ..... Ok,well I donno if I 
bother to write all the names, but atleast sum of the guys I had the pleasure to meet a this party ... So sum HIYA's 
to the following cool dudes .... Hello Rocket of Hypnosis ... verry nice to meet u here ... White Hot of Network .. 
same to u ... Drumtex of Exit .. Thnx for lending me your modul disk .. Sum the tunes were GREAT!! ... Ice .. it's been 
quite a time now hasn't it ?? .. Hmmmmmm .. well I guess I have to entertain u a bit .... Pick up a good n' nice magazine, 
read it and just enjoy the great tunes       Now sum greetees from Viper (the allmighty bughunter)     Zeb of Crusaders 
... Dr.Awesome .... Gunders ... Vidar Skjefta ... Joda down under (Australia) ... Falch of Triumph ... Azix (kinda' 
freelancer) ... Doc.Mental (thnx for the selector!!!!!!) ... And to those I (Viper) met at the party ........... Gotta 
Fly now .. So cya somwhere else .................... Now the scroll will restart .. (I hope!!)